Sunday, January 20, 2013

Icy Memories

January always seems to be a month filled with icy, cold weather. It also brings to mind some great childhood memories of my friends and myself skating on a pond kept frozen until April by the shadows of a tall rocky mountain located a few miles outside of the town where I grew up in northern New Mexico. 

skating pond at montezuma

Our little municipality had access to the mountains in under 15 minutes. I bet this might be surprising news to those of you who thought that New Mexico was just sand and desert! The northeastern part of the state gets to enjoy all four seasons.

We used to love to play “crack the whip” while skating on this frozen pond and we always knew to be especially careful not to get too close to the edge of the waterfall or risk going over. I think we were all pretty lucky that we never saw this happen-  it WAS a long drop! Although unseen in this old photograph, there is a wooded clearing in the mountain. It was here that we would climb up the snowy hillside and then slide down in old truck inner tubes. What fun! We  also built snow forts and held some serious snowball fights up on that hill! 



ice vignette

And while I no longer like to be outside in that kind of weather anymore, bringing a touch of it inside for my decorating doesn’t seem to bother me.The memory of those icy days inspired me to put together a winter vignette on the great room buffet.


architectural picture1

A black and white lithograph propped up against the wall became the backdrop for this cold weather inspired vignette. Several shades of gray are in two of the mats, along with the black middle mat; so the overall look is definitely neutral.



My vintage scale was placed off to one side of the tabletop and balanced on the other with a stack of Kraft paper-wrapped books and a crown-topped glass hurricane.  Icy snowball candle holders and glass ice cubes completed the look.


with cloche and moss ball

A large cloche tops the faux snow covered marble plate.  I used pearlized  tree ornaments in a silver goblet to represent snowballs- remember I told you that we used to throw them at each other way back when?  Glass ice cubes fill another piece of silver and a moss ball infuses just the right amount of color into the otherwise neutral vignette.


silver and ice



scale weight

Here’s a shot of the scale weight showing off its gorgeous rusty patina.


moss ball

These mossy pieces on this ball feel just as soft and cushion-y as they look.


penguin cloche




A white penguin feels right at home surrounded by blocks of ice- albeit glass, under the glass hurricane.


candle holders

I stacked some cubes in the background to represent the blocks of snow that we used to create the snow forts of my youth. The two glass candle holders look like icy snowballs to me. 


Many of the items I used to create this tabletop were thriftily purchased at vintage markets or on clearance at some of my favorite shops in the area. I’m not adverse to spending good money on pieces that I know are worth it, but it always gives me such a good feeling to know I bought something “on the cheap!” 

I think I’ve gotten back my mojo after having taken a few weeks away from my blog. I’m embroiled in several painting projects for myself and a client. It’s been nice not having to worry about “having to post,”  but I hope to be spending a bit more time with it now. Also hope to be visiting more, as well. Thanks go out to those of you who wrote asking if I was still alive and well!





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