Sunday, May 27, 2012

More Vintage Marketplace

springfield flea market

It seems as if it’s only been a few days since the Springfield Antique and Vintage Marketplace show, when in reality, it has actually been a week!  As promised, I’m back to show you a few more photos of the show. In my last post, I neglected to mention a few people that I’d seen and visited with- aahh, what was I thinking? Guess the fact that I couldn’t find their photos contributed to that faux pas. So without further ado, here are Nicki, Jean, Teri, Debra, and Carrie…..  



 I had been commenting on Nicki Winkle’s blog for some time before meeting her in person at the Horton’s French Flea Market in Indiana last summer. She sold me a pair of  urns for a very good price last week and once I faux-paint them to make them “olden,” I’ll fill them with colorful blooms and set them on the back patio where we’ve put down nine cubic yards of mulch. We probably have six more to go. Yikes! Have I mentioned that my fingernails are black and they need a good scrubbing with peroxide and baking soda to get them clean? That was a trick an old high school friend sent me on Facebook the other day. It really works! 





 jean s.

 Jean Schuessler is a pal that I met a few years ago in her booth at Past Perfect, my favorite little shop up in Tipp City.  Seems that she had read my blog and recognized my profile photo! Jean, who is an Annie Sloan stockist in the Tipp City/Troy area, was at the Vintage Market promoting Annie’s paint products.  I’ve got to get her working on her blog-  I’m sure that she would have lots of painted treasures to show us!






I met Teri Logan a few years ago when shopping her consignment store, Alley Cat Chic. Teri is the Dayton area stockist for Annie Sloan Paint and her booth space at the Vintage Market was stuffed to the gills with gorgeous painted pieces.






Debra Campbell is the owner of Wall Artistry, Ohio’s exclusive distributor of Annie Sloan products, and she is an accomplished decorative painter. She had a good contingent of stockists working her booth and selling products last week. Debra and I met last year when I bought my first can of Annie’s paint from her.



gathered comforts, shannon

And although I don’t have a picture of Shannon from the Gathered Comforts booth, I want to send out a shout-out to her! I met her and her sister, Julie, a couple of years ago at the Springfield Extravaganza. She is such a sweetie and has such a fun, southern drawl. So good to see you again, Shannon.  Love your memo board!





junque magnet

And last, but not least, is my friend Carrie Murphy from Junque Magnet. Carrie lives just a short trip down the road from me in Lebanon, Ohio and she is a junquer extraordinaire!  Her son was her side-kick for this sale and he was such a polite young man. So glad you sold all your big items!  Now get on out and find some more great junque!

All right, now that I have redeemed myself for not including these girls in my last post, here are some more pictures of the show~


painted furniture

Painted furniture was everywhere! These pieces were in the Alley Cat Chic booth.





I saw this birdhouse on one of my forays to the back of the fairgrounds.



license plate art

These guitars were crafted from old license plates and barbed wire. Aren’t they too fun?





katie's booth

I met a new friend at this booth. Katie is a fellow Ohioan who owns a store in Columbus called SoBo Style. I bought one of her birch bark “vases.”




sue whitney

One ring-y ding-y, two ring-y ding-y……     Sue Whitney was attempting a call on this $4.00 toy phone. Check out the “Minnie Pearl-esque tag” on her necklace!



ammo box, shoes

Put on your fancy boots, load up your rifle with ammo from the box, and you’re ready for the flea market!



coffee table

This table was just one of many industrial pieces in the JunkMarket booth.




chests, lamp, map

More industrial furniture and lighting in Sue Whitney’s booth.




dresser and stove

Shabby chic pieces abounded in this booth in the one of the Vintage Marketplace tents.



gauges, table, lighting

Gauges can make fun statements as tabletop accessories AND as lamps!




Wheels, cogs, metal, and wood……   This table and accessories attracted a lot of attention in the JunkMarket booth.



nostalgia's cottage

Nostalgia’s Cottage booth space was where I spent my time on Saturday, working with Kathy, Terri, and Susan. What a fun bunch of girls!





jewelry, clothing, artwork

In addition to selling their “found” objects, all three girls are talented artists who create jewelry, clothing items, and artwork.





wine cork pulling2

At the blogger’s party on Friday, there was no corkscrew to open the wine, so Lanette Lorsung and I made do with a few things from the toolbox to get that cork out. She inserted a screw well into the cork and I held the bottle as she pulled the cork out with a pair of pliers. You have to get inventive if you want to drink your vino! 

Well, there you have it. It was a fantastic three days at the fairgrounds and I’m already looking forward to the September show. I’m sure there will be even more vendors participating in the Vintage Marketplace since it was such a big hit!  Hope your holiday weekend is going well. As for me, tomorrow will bring another day of laying mulch on the hill. It’s amazing how dark mulch can make a yard look so neat and tidy. Too bad it’s such back-breaking work. I think I’m off to have a nice long soak and a little snooze….




 Monday Marketplace at Common Ground

 Knick of Time Tuesday at Knick of Time

Wow us Wednesday at Savvy Southern Style

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vintage Market & Extravaganza and Lots of Friends….


welcome to VM

It was one heckuva whirlwind time at the Springfield Extravaganza and Vintage Market last weekend! The fairgrounds are usually always hopping during this show, but with the addition of the Vintage Market,  the crowds came out in droves. I understood that first day attendance on Friday exceeded all past first day numbers!

Friday was spent shopping and meeting up with friends, Kathy and Debby. The husband and I arrived about 7:45 and we went right to the Vintage Marketplace tents. I was really anxious to see all of the vendors who traveled to Ohio for the inaugural Vintage Marketplace at the Springfield Extravaganza. My cell phone rang off the hook, so to speak, as I tried to navigate both Kathy and Debby to an appointed meeting place. My landmark of choice was a concession stand that looked like a giant ice cream cone!  Gotta love that fair food!



three ohio bloggers 2

Here we are standing in the Nostalgia’s Cottage booth, where I worked on Saturday with another blogging friend, Kathy Stantz. After introducing both girls to Kathy, we all had fun exploring her booth. Did you know that the both of them had the audacity to say that I am “bossy.”  I don’t know why…..    I just like to do things my way and give “direction” to others…..   Is that being “bossy?”  LOL 

Over the next few days, I was able to meet up with five other Ohio bloggers-  Carrie from Junque Magnet, Pam from Frippery, Jo from Jo’s Second Act, Angie from Lil Raggedy Angie, and Pam from House of Hawthornes.  No pics, though…. my camera got left in the car and I was too tired to run and get it. Did I mention that it was HOT? I got a great tan walking around the fairgrounds three days in a row!



the girls

Here are the girls from Nostalgia’s Cottage- Kathy, Susan, and Terri- all from Mansfield, Ohio. When the show closed down on Friday afternoon, we all went to the blogger’s party in the Junkmarket tent, where Sue Whitney was set up. We all had a blast eating snacks, drinking wine, and chatting with other other junkers. They are such a great bunch of gals and it was fun to work in the booth with them on Saturday! 



nostalgia's cottage booth

There was “junque” galore in Nostalgia’s booth. Most of the furniture was sold the first day and the girls’ crafted items sold extremely well, too.


jewelry, clothing, artwork





The Buckeye contingency was definitely the largest group there.  We had a great time entertaining the out-of-state girls who weren’t aware that Buckeyes spell out “O-H-I-O” when “Hang on Sloopy” is being played.  Just hum to yourself…..  “Hang on Sloopy, Sloopy hang on….  O-H-I-O!   It is an official song for The Ohio State University. Not Ohio State University, but rather,The Ohio State University.  Here we are spelling out “O-H-I-O.”  From left to right are:  Kathy Stantz, Zuni Corkerton, Debby Messner, and myself.  Do you see the O, the H, the I, and the last O?


buckeyes plus 2

It’s the four Buckeye Bloggers you saw before, plus two Minnesota girls and another Ohio blogger in front of us. On the left is senior editor at Junkmarket, Lanette Lorsung, Lisa from Urban Farmhouse , and the Queen of Junk herself- Sue Whitney.


tot 2

Theresa from Time Worn Interiors sponsored a give-away for several sets of  free admission tickets to the Extravaganza and Vintage Market and I won!  It was nice not having to pay the $12 Early Bird entry fee for the husband. I let him spend that money on my lunch, instead!


tot's booth 1                                tot's booth 3

Theresa had such wonderful items in her booth.  I sure do wish I had been loaded with the big bucks, because she had a couple of metal tables that were to die for!


I don’t want to make this a photo heavy post, so I’ll be back with more pictures later. I didn’t go overboard and buy a lot of things this time. I was very selective and only purchased things that I really loved. I was bummed that I didn’t get the potting bench that I wanted because I waited too long to get back to the booth, but the guy who made it said he’d be happy to custom make one for me. He’s local to the area, so it will be easy to pick it up once it’s done.  See ya soon!



If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to stop over to THIS POST to sign up for my current give-away. Print Runner is offering one lucky reader 250 customized business cards!   

Monday, May 21, 2012

Show Them Your Card!

How many times have you been in a conversation with someone-  whether a fellow blogger or a non-blogger -  and you’ve been asked for information about your blog?  Well, you know how it goes – you give people the name of your blog, and tell them what you like to write about, but you know that your information could be easily forgotten and that these people will never have the opportunity to check out your blog and get to know what you’re all about.  Wouldn’t it just be easier to just offer them a business card featuring a photo of some kind, along with your blog name and address, and any other information you’d like to share?

Well, my friends, you could do it so easily if you had business cards from PrintRunner, a California company that offers great value and full color printing at an affordable price!  I was recently contacted by PrintRunner and asked if I’d like to do a give-away for my readers. Well, of course, I readily agreed- why wouldn’t I want to offer you an opportunity to win business cards printed the way you’d like them?  And in addition to one of my lucky readers winning these cards, I’m happy to say that for hosting the give-away, PrintRunner will be also be awarding me the very same prize. Woo Hoo! No more scrambling for a piece of paper to write down my blog name and address to let everyone know what I do!  Instead, I’ll be handing out professional-looking business cards to tell them all about “Sullivan and Murphy.”

When you visit PrintRunner’s website, you’ll see that you certainly won’t be limited to using these cards to promote your blog.The company’s online design tool makes it easy for you to be able to design your cards for whatever use you’d like.  I have cards that I use for my decorating business, but I sure do think it will be nice for me to have a separate set of cards to help promote my blog.




Click on PrintRunner’s link or the photo above to see what the company has to offer its customers. Not only does the PrintRunner offer online business card printing, but it offers a complete line of online printing services.  If you look at the information above, you’ll see the many types of products can be custom printed by PrintRunner for its customers. I know that I’m interested in ordering several other products, in addition to receiving my free business cards.  I’ve already played around with the design tool and found that it will be so easy to customize these products.  Customers can even upload their own photos to further personalize their products!  And PrintRunner’s commitment to providing an excellent product, as well as great service, is noted in the company’s 100% guarantee; which makes for absolutely NO worries on your part.  

The prize includes 250 standard-sized, non-rounded corner business style cards (2” x 3.5”). The cards will be printed with 4/4 color on both sides of 14 pt. paper with UV coating on both sides.  Although the company doesn’t send the winner an actual proof of the card, the winner will be able to see exactly what the cards will look like by using the easy-to-use design tool.  Plus, once ordered, the cards will be ready to ship in 3 business days and standard shipping will be free.

 **** The give-away is open to U.S. residents, only- ages 18 years old and above. ****   

The give-away will be open until Monday,May 28 and I’ll announce the winner’s name on Tuesday morning, May 29. I’ll submit the winner’s information to PrintRunner and the prize will be awarded on May 31. Just make sure to tell me if you’ve recently won a prize from PrintRunner, since a prize-winner is only allowed to win once over a two-month time period.  PrintRunner is located on both Twitter and Facebook, so you can pop over there to follow, if you’d like. This is not a condition for the prize give-away.  I don’t tweet, but I did “like” them on Facebook.  Doing this will keep me apprised of any special sales the company has upcoming. Right now there are numerous offers and coupons, so check out what’s going on right now if you’re interested in any products the company has to offer! 

Now leave me a comment saying you want to be entered in the give-away and your name will go in the hat. Good luck to you all!  I have lots to do today to try and get caught up after being gone to the Springfield Extravaganza and Vintage Marketplace Show for the past three days. Let me just say that it was a BLAST and I had such a good time meeting new friends and seeing old ones.   Photos to come soon!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Gearing up for a Sale in Springfield

It’s almost time for the Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market Extravaganza and the Vintage Marketplace this coming weekend!!   I know I’ll be there bright and early to shop on Friday morning. The husband is tagging right along, once again; but this time, we’ll be taking two separate cars because when he goes home, I’ll be staying on to participate in all the festivities that are planned for this special event.  On Saturday morning, when the sun rises,  I’ll be working in the Nostalgia’s Cottage booth with my friends, Kathy and Terri. They’ll be inside the Vintage Market tent, along with about 50 other select vendors. So stop over to see us!


I’m sharing the following information from Sue Whitney’s blog, Junkmarket Style. Now for those of you who don’t know who this lady is- let me tell ya- she is the nation’s industry leader in “junk” style.



What is “junk” style, you ask?  It’s the combination of roadside acquisitions, flea market finds, and antiquities all wrapped up in one very stylish, affordable, green, and user friendly lifestyle package. The world is ever changing…JUNKMARKET stays abreast of those changes and offers fresh, innovative, and approachable concepts for you and your home. Sue, the original JUNKMASTER, had a vision- to pursue her passion and share it with others. JUNKMARKET stays abreast of those changes and offers fresh, innovative, and approachable concepts for you and your home.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                          click to link to FB page


                                                                               Also making an appearance at this year’s spring show is Folk Magazine.


Folk Magazine is all about REAL AMERICAN LIVING-  the country, sweet tea, indie music, antiques, road trips, small towns, comfort, home, artists, locally grown and locally made, one-of-a-kind art, open spaces, photography, patriotism, simple living.... and the little things. FOLK Magazine will be joined by 15 plus specialty vendors and can be found in the FOLK barn all three days. 

                                                                                                                                                                vintage marketplace style 

                                                                                                                                                                                                              click button to link to vendor list


                                                                  Click the button or HERE to see a list of some of the featured vendors for the Vintage Market:

The Vintage Marketplace will be full of fine vendors oozing with style and offering up the finest vintage wares anywhere. Here are just a few of the girls whom I personally know- Alley Cat Chic,  Gathered Comforts, Vintage Farmhouse, Junque Magnet, Shambora Studio,  and Nostalgia's Cottage.  I’ve met these vendors at various shows throughout Ohio and Indiana and I am always amazed at the great stuff they bring to sell!

                                                                             So without further ado, here is the schedule of events for this weekend’s happenings-

Friday, May 18, 2012

7AM to Noon: Early Bird Shopping; Admission $12…good for all 3 days.

You know what they say…”The Early Bird Gets the Worm”! This is a great value for all you serious shoppers. See you at daybreak!


10:00AM to Noon: Painting Demo and Shop-Along with the Expert

A special deal for all early birds in the mood for some education…and a whole lot of fun! Join the folks from Annie Sloan Paints at the JMS & Friends Design Booth and watch and learn how to transform a vintage piece of furniture from beast to beauty. Immediately following, join the JUNKMASTER, Sue Whitney, in a crash shopping course. Wear you’re running shoes…she knows how to make her way around a market. This is not a museum tour with headphones, so be ready to rumble! You can expect prizes and giveaways…stay tuned for the nitty-gritty!


Noon to 6PM: Regular Shopping; Admission $7

Bring on the crowds and let the next wave of the party begin!


4:00 PM to 5:30 PM: Blogger and Friends Pot-Luck Party

Once again, make your way to the JMS and Friends Design Booth. JUNKMASTER, Sue Whitney along with Jon Jenkins, Lanette Lorsung, Amanda Ficek, and Kathy Stantz (local vendor and blogger) will be your expert panel and impart their collective wisdom in the art of having fun! Beverages will be provided by your hosts…but you have a job too…bring your own junk! What does this mean? This is what we like to call a “junkers’” pot-luck. Bring a munchable to pass in a creative container “a la junk.” You can drop your dish at the JMS booth when you get to the show or bring it with you when you come to the party. The table will be set by Sue Whitney and the merriment will commence at 4 P.M. Prizes will be awarded for the most creative containers!


6:30 PM to 8:30 PM: Barn Dance - Boot, Scoot, n’ Boogie!

Join Jon Jenkins and Sue Whitney for the first ever Boot, Scoot, n’ Boogie Barn Dance at Springfield Extravaganza.  Details are in the works….stay tuned as the saga unfolds. Just a heads up…cowboy/girl get-up is strongly encouraged, but not required! Prizes just may be involved- just saying….


Saturday, May 19, 2012

8AM to 5PM: Shopping

8AM to  the Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: Vintage Marketplace Treasure Hunt

From opening bell to discovery of the hidden treasure ….a Treasure Hunt will take place under the tents of Vintage Marketplace. You will uncover clues at each of the individual dealer booths…but you have to ask! A prize will be awarded to the lucky treasure hunter who is the first to find the“booty”. Consider that your first clue! Treasure maps can be picked up at the JUNKMARKET & Friends Design Booth upon arrival. Good luck to all!!


10:30AM to 11:30AM: Summer Entertaining with Sue… JUNKMARKET Style

Summertime is the perfect time to entertain your friends and families either indoors or out. Be our guests at the JUNKMARKET Style & Friends Design Booth for an interactive demonstration on how to set your summertime tables in three different ways. Katie Palmer of SoBo Style an Ohio local will be Sue’s featured guest. Watch and learn as table tops become works of art using something old, something new, something borrowed, and maybe even something blue…or green or orange or red. Only time will tell. Attend this presentation and you will become the host/hostess with the mostest.


1:30 – 2:30: Vintage Bingo

Please join your host of Vintage Marketplace, Jon Jenkins, Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style, and the folks of FOLK Magazine, in the FOLK barn for a folksy game of vintage Bingo. Now there’s a tongue twister. Enjoy a meet and greet, play the time honored game of Bingo, and maybe even win a prize. BINGO!!


4:00PM to 5:00PM: Stump the JUNKMASTER

Feel free to bring your finds of the day to the JUNKMARKET & Friends Design booth for some expert advice. Did you find something you just had to have, but not quite sure what to do with it?? We’d love to help you out with some creative solutions. First come, first served!!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

9:00AM: Final Shopping Day Begins

9:30AM: “Final Stretch” Prize Drawing

Kick start your day with Jon Jenkins of Vintage Marketplace, Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style, and a representative from FOLK Magazine before you’re off and shopping the final day! Coffee and donuts will be served and a drawing for the “Final Stretch” prize drawing will take place. Entries for the “Final Stretch” prize will be accepted throughout the show, but you must be present at the show on Sunday to win!! The festivities will be held at the JUNKMARKET & Friends Design Booth. Space and donuts are limited, so get there early!!!


4:00PM: Closing Bell




So that’s what is planned for this weekend….. doesn’t it sound like so much fun? I’m looking forward to meeting a few blogging friends that I still haven’t met in person. One of them is Theresa from Time Worn Interiors.  She has some good junk coming to Springfield!  Hope I’ll be able to see you at the show if you’ll be there. Please stop by Nostalgia’s Cottage booth space- if I’m not there on Friday, talk to Kathy and I’m sure she’ll be able to get ahold of me. I’ll be busy wandering the fairgrounds-  looking for the good stuff!   And maybe eating some fair food, too!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In the rural countryside…

sheep on a hillside

This is the scene we were greeted with after our 2 ½ hour drive drive to the Rural Society Antique and Garden show last Friday. It looks a wee bit like the Irish countryside, don’t you agree?  Although the day was overcast, the weather held and there was no rain! We encountered some sputters in a few places while en route, but Mother Nature must have just been having a little fit before she calmed down and made the day perfect.

I was in need of some leg stretching and some walking through the barn and outbuildings after the car ride, so we started in the big barn where Page and Rusty had their treasures set  up. For those of you not familiar with this sale in central Ohio, the farm’s owner, Page Price, had a 10-page feature in last month’s issue of Country Living. Check out the magazine to see her lovely farm home.

mirrors, ladders,stuff

Lots of mirrors, silver, boxes, trays and just junque goodness.


fan chair

While very unique looking, I’m not so certain that this chair would be anywhere near comfortable! 









mantel, chalkboards

This was a simple, but elegant mantel. In the foreground, you can see vintage chalkboards and a baby bed.


twig table

I actually have a similar twig table that I need to bring down from the attic. Mine was a $3 find at a yard sale. Its former owner saw absolutely no value in it at all: thus, the very reasonable price!



lacquered chest

As we entered the barn, this red lacquered dresser was being tagged as “sold.”   Check out the humongous apothecary jar terrarium on the left.




balls in glass

A very simple way to display the many baseballs in your collection!




chippy chair

Outside the barn were lots of goodies very appropriate for a garden setting.




bird bath and statue





crusty gate

Before I got sidelined, I was looking at this old and chippy gate. But I walked away and forgot to come back to it. I’ll be looking for one on my yard sale outings in the upcoming weeks

colorful flowers

A local greenhouse set up under this tent and featured some gorgeous floral baskets.




lovely arrangements





lots of wicker






Here’s a nice bamboo set, perfect for a sunroom. I sure was coveting that sea fan!








demijohn and sign





Lots of healthy looking herbs….




antebellum farmhouse

This booth was loaded with great vintage goodies and its owner knew how to display them well.




pins, yardsticks








I LOVED this black cupboard and I’d like to have a similar one made for me. Just have to find a carpenter!


fun tent

This tent/booth had so much vintage that I had to go back for a second look.



rooating chicken

Here’s a close-up of the top of this gal’s tent. Kinda looks like a cousin of the chicken that I was chasing in the greenhouse dining tent!  LOL



painted basket


My bushel basket got a paint job just like this!



mini garden 2


This dealer had quite a few hypertufa  planting containers, but he was not a very friendly guy. I asked him if he could ever do a “bundled price” if I bought three or more planters. He promptly answered “NO!”  then walked away from me. As I walked through his booth area, I saw him ignoring other potential customers while he chatted with two of his helpers. Not the way to do business in MY world, buddy!  I decided not to even buy anything from him because of his attitude.  Isn’t it funny how some people can just turn you off?  However, because I really wanted a planter, I relented on our way out of the sale. I had to hunt for someone to take my money for the planter I had decided on (the dealer and his pals were still deep in private conversation once again) and even then, I wasn’t even thanked for my purchase. I wanted to take my money back and shove the planter into his hands at that point.  Don’t people realize that they have to appreciate their customers’ patronage?  This guy could never work for me- I want my customers to feel appreciated!  In my humble opinion, he was not the type of dealer who should have been at this show.



sale scene

This was probably the best priced booth at the show for the type of merchandise its owner had!  She had rocking chairs planted with flower containers for only $38! I wish I had bought one of her benches, but I got distracted again when I left the area to go chat with someone I saw!



cool table

I really liked this wood table. It would look great out in a covered porch where it was protected from the elements.












These are Page’s  lovely and peaceful garden areas directly off the side of her house.  People kept congregating at the table and benches nearby so they could relax and enjoy the the farm atmosphere.





outside the kitchen







more kitchen area garden





I hope you enjoyed the tour of the sale!  I attended her fall sale last year and came away with a multitude of things. This spring, I went with the intention of only buying garden accessories. While I didn’t purchase everything I wanted, the day was very enjoyable, as I enjoyed visiting with a few blogging friends. I’ll be seeing many of them in again soon; our part of Ohio has a couple of good sales coming up within the next few weeks, so I’ll be posting about them soon.

Regretfully, there are no photos of my pal, Debby and myself; I think she was too busy watching me chase a chicken around the greenhouse to take a picture!  But, here are my friends, Kathy and Terri. They’ll be at the Springfield Extravaganza/Vintage Market on May 18-20.  And guess who’ll be working in their booth?  Me!  

                                 We are going to have such a blast!  And I will NOT be wearing my specs for that show! I can’t wait to be back in my contact lenses once again-   Not having peripheral vision with my prescription is such a pain!

Notes to self- don’t sit on a rock wall downhill from your friends again- you look like a  midget!  Also, take the “good” camera with you next time!  Photos will be much better.

                                                                                                                                                            mt vernon






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