Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Furniture Market

.The furniture market was such a whirlwind trip last week  that I only manage to pull out my camera a few times. 

I had planned on showing you fun and inspirational things in the accessory lines, but hobbling around on sore feet, getting from one showroom to the next turned out to be the

 number one thing on my mind!  When your feet hurt, your entire body aches!

Come next year’s spring market-  I WILL be wearing comfy, flat shoes!


neutral with bold pattern

Most of the color schemes I saw for upholstery goods were neutrals. Off-whites and grays accented with colorful pillows and throws.

A lot of manufacturers used contrast welting for a more finished, tailored look.

I certainly loved this handsome blue trim and the Ikat print pillows on the sofa.


.black leafy fabric

I made myself at home in these extraordinarily comfortable chairs. Every time the rep would stop and give us a pitch, I’d find a comfortable place to sit down and rest my feet.

Why stand when I can take a load off?

I’m actually thinking of ordering one of these chairs as an accent chair for the newly furnished great room.


gray neutrals

Here’s another neutral sofa. It’s paired with a large checked chair and a brightly colored upholstered ottoman. 

Gray was still really a hot color!


flexsteel leather chair

This leather chair with nickel nail heads was just gorgeous. It could easily lend itself to a contemporary or a transitional room.


leather pattern

I liked the embossed pattern in the leather because it adds so much more interest than a plain finish.


contemporary lamp

This lamp just cracked me up! Although I like the base, the height of the shade is just a tad (?) too tall, wouldn’t you say?



metal topped table, colorful chairs

This showroom had some of the most colorful case goods. Check out the metal top and the ginormous legs on this table,

as well as that chippy white buffet.


wall of mirrors

I loved the statement these 15 mirrors made on this wall. It’s a look could easily be duplicated very frugally.


huge chandy 

Tara Shaw’s space was a feast for the eyes once again. The chandeliers were absolutely gorgeous, as was the entire line of furnishings.


circular staircase

And check out this circular staircase!  Yes…. it was a piece that could be ordered.


treadle base on cocktail table

Here’s a look that many of you will recognize. It’s a replication of a treadle base on an old style sewing machine.





,patterned chair

Wouldn’t the pattern on this chair make a great wall stencil?



I have a few more photos that still need to be edited. They’ll make part two of the market post soon.

Today will be my day to put my feet up and relax. I don’t know why I have such issues with my tootsies!

Two days ago, I stubbed my big toe on one of the flagstones in the backyard and it really got jammed up.

I immediately iced it, but the toe and the entire top of my foot swelled up and turned black and blue, nonetheless.

At least I didn’t get double whammied and have this happen to the foot that has multiple blisters on it from all that market walking!


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Barbara F. said...

Some very interesting pieces to see there, Sue. I smiled when I saw the table with those chunky legs, brought back memories of my mom's (via grandma's) dining room table and dusting those darn legs. What a job. xo

Debby said...

You might have broken your toe. Not much you can do about it anyway, but still not good.
What a mix of styles. I love those comfy chairs.
Rest that foot. we need to do some shopping when I get home.

Pam said...

I'm drawn to those chairs with the branchs on them too! And the yellow sofa that had the mirrors above it reminds me of something from the 60's. How fun that you get to see all that stuff and get ideas way before it makes it to the stores.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Beautiful pieces, Sue. I really like that black and white chair {the one you sat in} shown toward the beginning. I don't know if that pattern would get to me after awhile though.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

i would settle for either one of the sofas, but in a different neutral color. I do like the darker welting like that.
Sorry about your toe - sounds like it is broken. When I broke one several years ago, the whole top of my foot and on up my chin bruised.
Hope it feels better soon.

laurie said...

Sue, I think you definitely should order one of those chairs. They are beautiful, and if they are comfortable too, there's just no question about it. You have to have one. I enjoyed going to market with you. I especially enjoyed that I could go from the comfort of my chair. I'm so sympathizing with you about your feet. I broke my little toe 2 wks ago, & I'm still can't wear most of my shoes. The swelling is not going down, and my 45th H.S. class reunion is next weekend. I do not want to show up in house shoes. laurie

Jo said...

I like the chairs with the branches on them..also like the first living rm set...hmmm..I too have a love/hate relationship with my toes I have broke a few of them so many times they no longer bend..hopefully yours are on the mend

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I love the metal top dining table with the big legs! Very interesting! I relate to the tootsie pain....I am still not right with my foot and it is getting real OLD! Doc told me I have a chronic problem.....ya think???~xo, Patti

Pat said...

I love the metal topped table! Great looking furniture.

Polly said...

wow, that looks like fun! aside from the sore feet! i looooooove that chippy white buffet!!

Kathleen said...

Hope your tootsie feels better soon!

Nice chair, doesn't go with anything I have, but nice!

Tammy Partin Spangler said...

Love all the pics! The staircase and coffee table are my favorite! Thanks for the visit! I'm happy to know that my jug lamps are in style!

Olive Cooper said...

I like those chairs you like too. I hope you have rested those tired feet. Thanks for sharing your N.C. market trip with us. xo, olive

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Thanks for the's interesting to see the trends. Guess neutrals are here for a while longer. I like them and the way you can accents with changeable pillows. Linda

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

everything old is new again isn't it. I use an old treadle sewing machine base as a table for my new machine. Years ago I ordered our living room sofa in cream with navy blue welting and have never tired of it. So glad to see it's at the showrooms :) And I love that chair you might order....very pretty! xo Hope your foot is feeling better.

Mary Ellen said...

Ouch- sorry about the toe Sue!

My favorite is that gorgeous staircase!!!! Beautiful- I can so see that in my house to replace these awkward stairs we have!

A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

Hmm shoes... yes, I remember I once went garage saling in flip flips, not recommended.
On a side note, hubby said he was there today :)

Nadia Yaseen said...

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