Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Fun

       We celebrated Halloween on Sunday since the official holiday falls on a weekday this year. We had a group over for an old fashioned meatloaf and mashed potatoes meal and a long night of sitting around the fire pit. A lot of wine was consumed and some people got a little rowdy! And no- not me!

I was the hostess with the most-est, making sure that everyone else’s glasses were full. I do believe we went through a dozen or so bottles! That and a big pile of wood. That fire was roaring!!

spider web table

The table was set very simply and included a “tablecloth” of black netting and cobwebs.



The candelabra was lit with orange tapers and cast an eerie glow to the room when it was fully dark.



All sorts of creepy crawlers surrounded the silver tray in the middle of the table. Here, we see a green creepy crawler being nibble up

by a giant sized spider. Not very appetizing to us, but to the spider, I’m sure it was a good meal!


crawling snakes

Several snakes entwined themselves around the base of the candle holder, but they were a quiet duo- they didn’t even hiss at anyone.


halloween friends





This fellow, although he met with a bad demise, certainly took good care of his teeth.

Not a cavity to be seen…….



Miniature bats burrowed into the netting and cobwebs.


evil rodent and raven

This raven seemed determined to snatch morsels of bread crumbs from the diners, while the red-eyed rat in the background went after the spider on the tray.


skeleton man

Keeping watch on us during the dinner hour were fluorescent skeletons on the chandelier.


mr. rat

I wouldn’t want to encounter this guy and the rest of his friends anywhere else in the house!


bakers rack

People were fascinated by all of the crows perched throughout the house.

The baker’s rack in the great room has a bird, bat, and witch theme going for it.


baker's rack vignette



.witches shoe

A careless witch left behind her pointy shoe as she attempted to fly off on her broom the night before the party.



Here’s the old witch stirring around in the kitchen.


rat and cheese

Perhaps it was this fellow who scared her as he darted in front of her on his way to what he thought was an appetizing meal of white cheddar cheese.

Do you think he ate it or did he get away?


witch potion bottles

I’m now wondering if that witch is setting up shop in our house in preparation of the witching hour tomorrow, because she also left behind her bottles of magical potions.


bat in a box

Bats have invaded our humble abode and are roosting in boxes and hanging everywhere.


crow keeping watch

Even the crows are keeping a watchful eye on those winged creatures of the night.



The fireplace is dressed very simply for fall and Halloween.



A smiling cat tassel hangs inside the lantern on the hearth.



He has a Cheshire cat appearance to him, don’t you think?


smiley cat

His cousin seems to have planted himself amongst  the potted plants.



crow with ribbon

This scavenger crow fancies himself quite dapper with his scarf and his jewelry.



fancy crow

He rests on top of a container of hedge apples on the mantel.


smiley spiders

And on a more whimsical note are these happy spiders hanging from the breakfast room chandelier.

They aren’t menacing or threatening in any way!



 The trick or treaters will be coming out within the hour. Our municipality hosts Beggar’s Night on untraditional dates!

I’m debating if I should get my makeup on and look like the picture below!

Or do you think I’ll scare the little buggers off?!  

vampire sue


Happy Halloween!!



                                                                                                            I just finished  treating the neighborhood beggars and wanted to show a few more pics.

ghostly door

Although it’s difficult to tell- there are ghost lights surrounding the doorway. I had a strobe light

flashing wildly and the kids loved it. Howling banshee sounds and

eerie organ music emanated from the upstairs windows

as the rain fell gently and the winds blew cold.




Jack came out to play in the form of a hanging lantern on a shepherd’s crook. 



witchy witch

I loved this silhouette of the witch in the birch tree along the walkway. One five year old said it was a little scary,

but since he was dressed as a knight in shining armor, he told his dad t hat he’d be brave!

Out of the mouths of babes!


nite vision

And here’s a night vision look at the table I re-set for tonight. Oops, I think a ghostly apparition may have moved the knife in the place setting a wee bit out of place.





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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Furniture Market

.The furniture market was such a whirlwind trip last week  that I only manage to pull out my camera a few times. 

I had planned on showing you fun and inspirational things in the accessory lines, but hobbling around on sore feet, getting from one showroom to the next turned out to be the

 number one thing on my mind!  When your feet hurt, your entire body aches!

Come next year’s spring market-  I WILL be wearing comfy, flat shoes!


neutral with bold pattern

Most of the color schemes I saw for upholstery goods were neutrals. Off-whites and grays accented with colorful pillows and throws.

A lot of manufacturers used contrast welting for a more finished, tailored look.

I certainly loved this handsome blue trim and the Ikat print pillows on the sofa.


.black leafy fabric

I made myself at home in these extraordinarily comfortable chairs. Every time the rep would stop and give us a pitch, I’d find a comfortable place to sit down and rest my feet.

Why stand when I can take a load off?

I’m actually thinking of ordering one of these chairs as an accent chair for the newly furnished great room.


gray neutrals

Here’s another neutral sofa. It’s paired with a large checked chair and a brightly colored upholstered ottoman. 

Gray was still really a hot color!


flexsteel leather chair

This leather chair with nickel nail heads was just gorgeous. It could easily lend itself to a contemporary or a transitional room.


leather pattern

I liked the embossed pattern in the leather because it adds so much more interest than a plain finish.


contemporary lamp

This lamp just cracked me up! Although I like the base, the height of the shade is just a tad (?) too tall, wouldn’t you say?



metal topped table, colorful chairs

This showroom had some of the most colorful case goods. Check out the metal top and the ginormous legs on this table,

as well as that chippy white buffet.


wall of mirrors

I loved the statement these 15 mirrors made on this wall. It’s a look could easily be duplicated very frugally.


huge chandy 

Tara Shaw’s space was a feast for the eyes once again. The chandeliers were absolutely gorgeous, as was the entire line of furnishings.


circular staircase

And check out this circular staircase!  Yes…. it was a piece that could be ordered.


treadle base on cocktail table

Here’s a look that many of you will recognize. It’s a replication of a treadle base on an old style sewing machine.





,patterned chair

Wouldn’t the pattern on this chair make a great wall stencil?



I have a few more photos that still need to be edited. They’ll make part two of the market post soon.

Today will be my day to put my feet up and relax. I don’t know why I have such issues with my tootsies!

Two days ago, I stubbed my big toe on one of the flagstones in the backyard and it really got jammed up.

I immediately iced it, but the toe and the entire top of my foot swelled up and turned black and blue, nonetheless.

At least I didn’t get double whammied and have this happen to the foot that has multiple blisters on it from all that market walking!


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