Monday, April 23, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend at the Furniture Market

We actually accomplished quite a bit in only a few days during this whirlwind weekend at the furniture market.  It was a quick seven-hour drive down to High Point, so we had plenty of time to hit the showrooms downtown, as well as a few within the main building on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, many of them were still being set up, so we weren’t able to shop. Most of the showrooms  were still under construction-everyone must have worked through the night to be ready for the official market opening on Saturday. We ended up just walking the corridors to see what inspiration we could find. After all, seeing the new trends is half the fun when you attend this show.

It was anticipated that this year’s spring market was going to be a busy one, but we really didn’t see much evidence of that- only a few showrooms were truly bustling with activity. I think that many retailers don’t like to leave their businesses and attend market over the weekend, since that is when they get the most sales traffic. Maybe attendance will be picking up during the week.

These are just a few shots of what we saw as we tried to navigate through Market Square. It wasn’t easy- the hallways were strewn with cardboard boxes and packing materials and you couldn’t get into the actual showrooms to take pictures. We left after only a short while but went back the next day when everyone was open.


I found one showroom on the outskirts of the building that had loads of wine bottles and wrapped demi-johns. Oh how I wanted them all! But at a wholesale cost of $145 to $200 apiece, it just wasn’t going to happen! For me, the thrill of the hunt is finding much less expensive ones at antique shows and flea markets. I’ll be looking for some for myself at the Springfield Extravaganza next month.


demi johns

These demi-johns were ginourmous.  This number 27 jug was the only numbered one in the lot.


faux bois table

The lodge look was the featured element in this showroom. Instead of wood, the company uses aluminum for the faux bois, so it is suitable for outdoor use. Here is a small chairside table and a table and chairs is in the photo below.


faux bois chairs 2

What a fun idea to paint an old aquarium and just set some cut logs inside! Just think of the many possibilities for display……


fishing kreels, paddles

How often do you see old fishing kreels when you’re out thrifting?  Just hang them on a pegboard along with some nets and some boat paddles and you have an instant wall vignette.


I’ll be posting some more photos over the course of the next few days. Today, I’m trying to organize all the paperwork from the trip and get some laundry done. I’m also nursing a wrenched back- I didn’t do anything strenuous to aggravate it this morning, so maybe I just slept in a strange position. I spent most of the morning propped up against some pillows with the Shiatsu massager! Ouch….   If I had a muscle relaxer I’m sure it would help, but good old Advil seems to be taking the edge off the pain. At least I still don’t have hives from a reaction to the shrimp I ate on Friday night. I was definitely not a pretty sight.  Instead, today I’m just walking stiff and crooked!  


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oooh, feel better, I know back pain can really make it difficult to do even the most ordinary everyday tasks, Sue.

Looks like Thursday won't be a go ~ the daughter and family are going away on Friday {I didn't realize this was the end of April already} and I get tomorrow and Thursday to see the baby before they leave. I'll give you a call - maybe we can shoot for Tuesday.

busanalayali said...

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NanaDiana said...

Sue- What great photos here. I love all the things you came across. That old aquarium is just great. I love the way people see things and use old things for new ideas.

Hope your back is better. We'd hate to have to start calling you the "crooked lady". xo Diana

Debby said...

Hmmmm, "Crooked Lady" could be a good name for you, kidding. Feel better and no more shrimp.

Balisha said...

You have joined me in the back troubles. It's keeping me from doing all I do in the garden.
I tossed one of those demi-johns when I moved here. Now I wish I had it. I didn't know it's value, but the man who bought it probably did :(
Feel better soon.

Salmagundi said...

I always enjoy your posts on your market trips - they are such a good source of trends. Not that I'm into trends very much, but I enjoy seeing what's out there. So is the lodge look coming back?? It never really left here in the Colorado mountains. Looking forward to future posts!!! Sally

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Ouch! Sorry about the back issue.:( Hope you are feeling much better
Have you had hives after eating shrimp before? Check with your doctor on that one.
Take care.

Miss Char said...

I hate back issues, hope yours is better soon. I'm surprised to see the lodge look coming back in again, thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see more.

PAT said...

I need to come back when Jim can have a look at the lodge look. So good to see it is alive and well. I saw some great inspiration, Sue!

Looking forward to more.

✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life said...

Hi Sue,

I'm so glad I did not miss this post. My son's lodge room will be in style. Sweet!


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Sue, I've been scrolling through all of these wonderful photos of market and thinking it's a good thing I don't go to market. I'd want to bring soooo many things home with me. You're right about that locker table. I bet we'll see some copies of that on blogs soon~so cute! I'm also thinking we'll be seeing painted aquariums holding all kinds of treasures. Great ideas you shared! I hope your weather warms up soon. It was a little cooler than normal here last week, but warmed up a lot today. laurie