Monday, April 30, 2012

Bright Colors and Simple Finishes As Inspiration


I’m back to show a little more inspiration from the furniture market last week. Some of you have asked what the color theme was this spring and basically it is just plain colorful!  Lots of tangerine, chartreuse, fuschia, turquoise…..    We weren’t in many furniture showrooms this trip, so I have very few pictures of any upholstered goods. But trust me, the Pantone colors were everywhere! 

bright colors


chartreuse sectional

This contemporary sectional was in the Basset showroom- what a great company with a quality product.  Just look at the gorgeous chartreuse accented with blue pillows.  Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but I really enjoyed seeing the bright color.


sectional 2




wall unit

I saw some wonderful case goods in the showroom, too. Here’s the piece I would love to have in my own study. Barrister bookshelves, drawers, and lots of cubbies supply needed storage. A pull-out drawer is the perfect place to do your paperwork or use your laptop. Note the built-in clock and the key holder.


farm table

The sales rep was very excited about the new finish in the line. This farm table is sporting it- it’s a look-alike chalk paint finish!


paint finish 1


This grouping in the line was not given the typical, flawless furniture finish; instead the finish was done to mimic a DIY paint job. You can see brush strokes and the uneven finish in the grooves. Do you think the company big whigs read blogs for inspiration?



paint finish 2



I’ll be back with more accessory photos tomorrow. I saw some great accent pieces made from reclaimed wood, as well as some cool lighting fixtures.  I’m off to pot some plants that I got at the nursery before they croak in the heat. Yes, we’re back up in the high 70’s again! But who knows what tomorrow will bring? Gotta get the work done while I can.



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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow….

cousin itt

While walking through the lobby of one of the outlying showrooms at market, we came upon  a replica of “Cousin Itt,” from the television show, The Addams Family. You remember him, don’t you? I couldn’t fathom why he was on display, so we stopped to read the poster that was next to him. Read the information below and find out why most of us are clean-shaven people!




Hair removal is obviously a very personal thing. I, for one, cannot go a day without shaving my legs. I just don’t feel clean if they’re not smooth.  Same thing goes for the armpits!  As for men, I prefer a smooth, clean-shaven face. Even the slightest bit of stubble is not conducive to kissing and snuggling, IMHO. I don’t like a hairy chest, either. Thank goodness my guy isn’t hairy. If he was, he’d be going to the esthetician for a wax job!  I watched Grey’s Anatomy last week and saw a clean-shaven Dr. McDreamy. I was rather surprised by the fact that I thought he actually looked better with a little scruffy facial hair growth, like he’s been sporting in previous seasons. But then, I’m not the one snuggling up to him!

So what’s your stance on keeping the hair off or on?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Accessories and More…


Our  trip to High Point was primarily to find some fresh, new accessories for the store.  Within the next month or so, many of the items we ordered will be shipped and we can place them throughout the showroom.  Using accessories to enhance the furniture in our stores alleviates the sterile and bland look of a showroom setting. It also allows customers to see what the furnishings could look like in an actual home environment.  I realize that many people like to purchase  their accent pieces in stores such as Home Goods, Marshalls, Ross, and Tuesday Morning because of the less expensive price points.  It’s not a bad thing- sometimes you can find a bargain. But often times, the merchandise is a “second” or a closeout from the manufacturer, so it can be difficult to find multiple numbers of an item. We make certain that the accessory lines we carry do not sell current merchandise to these types of retailers. Consumers have to be diligent in checking for quality and price when they shop at stores like this. Not everything is a bargain in these types of stores, just as not everything is a bargain in the big warehouse stores like Sam’s or Costco.  That information aside, I’m going to show you a few more items that I saw in some of the showrooms we shopped.  Photos were taken with the aging point and shoot I always haul to market, so they aren’t as clear as I’d like them to be.


metal stool or side table

Accessories mean much more than artwork and chotskies on a tabletop. We try to find fun occasional tables that are practical, as well as functional. This metal stool/side table is one example.  It has a hammered top and a metal strapping support system as its base.  The industrial look is still very hot in this spring market.


side table, surveyer legs

The legs forming the base of this table remind me of a surveyor’s tool. It’s a combination look of both rustic and industrial.


dice tables 1

The game room seemed to be a recurring theme in many of the furniture showrooms. We saw all varieties of gaming tables and the equipment used to play them.


gaming wheel clock

Speaking of games….. here’s a clock face that’s a reproduction of an old gaming wheel. I’ve been looking for a gaming wheel for years and actually saw one in the same showroom with the lodge accessories I posted about yesterday, but the cost was just too high. The showroom owner was a “picker” and had found it in one of his travels up north. I think I’ll eventually find a wheel at one of the barn sales I love to hit; it just may take some time.


gear clock

The industrial look once again…. this time in a set of clocks.  Set the time in your choice of time zones!


locker cabinet and fan

I loved this reproduction locker table. This look would be so easy to duplicate for the DIY-er. You build a small frame, set some lockers of top of it, add some casters, and you’re done.  The fan with the clock placed in the middle of the housing is a “cool” look. 



This stool comes in many different colors, but I’ll be using this greige color for my own great room. I ordered new furniture when we attended a small trade show recently. The fabric has been back-ordered, which gives me plenty of time to have the room painted. I have to hire it out- no way am I climbing up on scaffolding in this 20-foot high room!


Today is a much better day for my wrenched back- yippee! I’m going to attempt some painting today- or at least tape off the woodwork. I wish I had the steadiness of hand that good painters do. I tend to be a brush wobbler and end up with paint all over the place. Back again tomorrow with some more photos.




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Monday, April 23, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend at the Furniture Market

We actually accomplished quite a bit in only a few days during this whirlwind weekend at the furniture market.  It was a quick seven-hour drive down to High Point, so we had plenty of time to hit the showrooms downtown, as well as a few within the main building on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, many of them were still being set up, so we weren’t able to shop. Most of the showrooms  were still under construction-everyone must have worked through the night to be ready for the official market opening on Saturday. We ended up just walking the corridors to see what inspiration we could find. After all, seeing the new trends is half the fun when you attend this show.

It was anticipated that this year’s spring market was going to be a busy one, but we really didn’t see much evidence of that- only a few showrooms were truly bustling with activity. I think that many retailers don’t like to leave their businesses and attend market over the weekend, since that is when they get the most sales traffic. Maybe attendance will be picking up during the week.

These are just a few shots of what we saw as we tried to navigate through Market Square. It wasn’t easy- the hallways were strewn with cardboard boxes and packing materials and you couldn’t get into the actual showrooms to take pictures. We left after only a short while but went back the next day when everyone was open.


I found one showroom on the outskirts of the building that had loads of wine bottles and wrapped demi-johns. Oh how I wanted them all! But at a wholesale cost of $145 to $200 apiece, it just wasn’t going to happen! For me, the thrill of the hunt is finding much less expensive ones at antique shows and flea markets. I’ll be looking for some for myself at the Springfield Extravaganza next month.


demi johns

These demi-johns were ginourmous.  This number 27 jug was the only numbered one in the lot.


faux bois table

The lodge look was the featured element in this showroom. Instead of wood, the company uses aluminum for the faux bois, so it is suitable for outdoor use. Here is a small chairside table and a table and chairs is in the photo below.


faux bois chairs 2

What a fun idea to paint an old aquarium and just set some cut logs inside! Just think of the many possibilities for display……


fishing kreels, paddles

How often do you see old fishing kreels when you’re out thrifting?  Just hang them on a pegboard along with some nets and some boat paddles and you have an instant wall vignette.


I’ll be posting some more photos over the course of the next few days. Today, I’m trying to organize all the paperwork from the trip and get some laundry done. I’m also nursing a wrenched back- I didn’t do anything strenuous to aggravate it this morning, so maybe I just slept in a strange position. I spent most of the morning propped up against some pillows with the Shiatsu massager! Ouch….   If I had a muscle relaxer I’m sure it would help, but good old Advil seems to be taking the edge off the pain. At least I still don’t have hives from a reaction to the shrimp I ate on Friday night. I was definitely not a pretty sight.  Instead, today I’m just walking stiff and crooked!  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Busy and Off to the Market….

I’ve been absent from the blogging world for a few weeks- life is just busy and it’s going to get even busier. The garden and the lawn need constant attention, several decorating projects are in the works, and my own painting needs to be addressed….. Why does it seem that there is never enough time?!  I was lucky to get my taxes mailed out on April 14th!

I’m also getting ready to go to the International Home Furnishings Market in North Carolina this weekend! Can’t wait to see all the new introductions to the lines we carry, as well as to look for new companies that can serve our needs.  It’s so much fun to search the many buildings and showrooms for inspiration. Tiring, yes- but still a lot of fun!  The photos below were pulled from the market directory.



I’m liking the lamp- the industrial look is still a hot item for this market.





These two colors were high up on the Pantone color list.  So bright and happy!  Don’t you like the company name?




This company looks to have some cool pillows, so it’s definitely on my list as a must-see.  Interhall takes up the entire lower level of the main building and houses so many innovative companies. My plan is to see this floor on the first day, instead of waiting for the end of the trip, as I usually do. Never  hurts to change up a routine!




Even though we don’t carry the line, Tara Shaw’s space is another space I always stop to see.





 Market Square is always a great source for companies that carry accessories.



Well, I know the diet will surely get blown this weekend- nearly every showroom has food and drinks, including the hard stuff.  Many of the larger companies even serve a full breakfast and lunch.

There is even a complimentary Happy Hour in the hallways starting around 5 PM.  

We always schedule our lunchtime appointments around the companies who have the best food!  What does that say about our eating habits? There is one accessory company that hires a catering company from Texas for some good ol’ barbeque.  We’ll be eating lunch there on Saturday. LOL      See ya when I get back. Hope I don’t weigh in 10 pounds heavier when I return!






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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fun Easter Inspired Table…


Wow- I just realized that Easter is in a week and I’ve never finished putting out all of my decorations! The chocolate look-alike bunnies are still sitting on the sofa and the big moss bunny is up in the attic. Where did the time go? At least I knew where my set of bunny and duck plates were this year so I could set a fun Easter table.  Last year when I wanted to use them, they were nowhere to be found. After finding them in an obscure drawer in the entertainment center (huh?), I finally got organized and put them away with the rest of the holiday dishes.

easter inspired table






If I remember correctly, the plates came from Kroger. Who would think that a grocery store would have such cute accessories?



bunny plate

I simply placed the decorative plates on top of  everyday white plates found at Pier One a few years ago. The napkins were folded into a pocket, where I stashed the silverware. Nothing fancy, that’s for sure.




duck plate






glass                sherbet

                              I used some crystal highball glasses for serving juice and a vintage glass sherbet cup to fill with fruit.




Oh, but how the hyacinths smell so sweet and fragrant. Even the husband noticed them when he came into the room.




This small terrarium is my centerpiece; it’s filled with some reindeer moss and a few rocks.


terrarium 2

I inverted a small terracotta pot and placed the saucer on top to hold an eggshell planted with some ivy. 









This resin duck, found at a thrift store last year, is peering out from from his home within the glass walls of the terrarium.




I found these two chicks in Tipp City last month while on an outing with my friend, Kathy, from Creative Home Expressions.  We had a good laugh about the chicks’ eyes even before I bought them- you see, they looked like they were, in Kathy’s words- “on crack.”  They were really strange looking!  Kathy and I both agreed that they look much better with the dab of white paint I gave them for pupils.



egg holder 2

This deviled egg holder, with its bunny handle and polka dotted background is the perfect spot for my faux vanilla and chocolate eggs.


egg holder






easter table collage



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