Monday, February 27, 2012

Weighing In On My New Scale

I have been wanting a vintage scale for the longest time but just haven’t had any luck finding one. That is, until the husband and I visited an antiques mall in Tipp City, Ohio  a couple of weeks ago. The beauty shown below was on display near the wrap desk and I didn’t even see it until I was almost ready to pay for my purchases. I barely hid my excitement, but I did stay cool and calm as I asked the cashier if it was from her booth. Oh, I already knew it was- I had already selected some things from her booth and they had the same booth number on the tags.

I walked back to her booth to pick up a few more items and as she was doing a little fluffing, I asked her if she would consider a lesser price on the scale. I really wasn’t sure that she would come down from the $95 price. She walked over to the wrap desk to get her calculator and then shot me back a price $71. I didn’t hesitate one bit as I told her I would take it!

The husband had to carry that heavy sucker out of the store and as he gingerly placed it on the back seat of the car he asked, “Now where are you going to put this, Sue? It’s not going into the garage like all the other stuff, is it?”  Ha ha… This man knows me well! But I knew exactly where it was going and I told him so. And now it’s holding court on top of the console in the foyer, all dolled up and looking good!



scale, weight

So often, when you can actually find these old scales, they are missing their weights. This one is complete, right down to the heavy plate. Now the plate has a crack through it and a previous owner attempted a fix but did a rather sloppy job of gluing; but I’ll take care of it when I get some free time. Right now, I’m in the middle of a painting job- walls AND a desk! This is the reasonI haven’t been around to blog at all these last few weeks.




foyer console

The plate side of the scale just called out to hold a cloche and some shells. I added a bit of greenery from the discount shelf at Wal Mart. That little plant was only $1.37 and it was healthy as could be!  The opposite side of the scale holds my old leather bound books tied up in waxed twine.




A knobby starfish and some pretty brown and cream shells add both smooth and rough texture to the vignette. A small brass key sits between them to add some visual metal interest. Do you see the crack in the platter? I keep telling myself that it just adds character for right now!



books wrapped in twine

These books show up in many of my vignettes. They just look so good wherever they get placed.



brown transferware platter

I finally was able to find some brown transferware when I was at the Springfield Extravaganza last summer. This platter is one of those pieces and is usually hanging in a wall grouping with the other four plates.  But we all appropriate from around the house, don’t we? The berry bundle is the one my friend Jean gave me in December. Jean is my stockist for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and she has a booth in Past Perfect, my favorite shop up in Tipp City.



layered frame and etching

The console is placed up against the stairway wall and the rails of the bannister don’t give me a place to hang anything. I usually have this Italian etching leaned up against them, but the small scale of it just didn’t work correctly with the height of the cloche on the scale. I needed more height so I initially tried a mirror behind the etching. It didn’t look right, but I think that this empty frame does the trick just fine.



frame and etching




Just look at the gorgeous patina on the scale’s weight. I get a little excited when I see stuff like this. Silly, perhaps, but it just makes me smile!


I’ll be busy working on my project for the rest of the week and then I start one for a new client, so I won’t be around much. I’m waiting for a package to arrive- I ordered something from a blogging friend last week. It should arrive today and I can’t wait to see it.  Hope to be showing it to you as soon as I can.


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Thursday, February 9, 2012

♥♥♥ Hearts and Flowers ❀ ✿ ❁

I don’t often style a special table- but I did have the makings for a Valentine’s Day table, so I started working on it last week after I finished the dreaded ironing chore. I started out with a striped heart that I purchased last month from my friend, Debbie, who owns The Peddler House in Waynesville, Ohio.  It was a Christmas ornament, but I knew it would be perfect for Cupid’s Day!


valentine heart





wire basket

I simply hung it from the handle of a French inspired wire basket that is one in a trio of baskets whose home is usually on top of my kitchen island. It’s filled with a silver baby cup, a  decorated glass bottle, and a small pot of ivy.



decorative bottle





striped heart2



cupids and bird

A ceramic bird and some some angelic cupids, all from The Dollar Tree,  share the table with some red and white rosebuds.



cupid on books

I used some old books tied up in waxed twine to lift one of the cupids. Can you tell that he is blowing a kiss?



twine tied books




books and roses

This is another view of the books and the cupids.



cupid and roses b&w

A second cupid sits on the white linen square and is surrounded by both white and red roses.




Do you have any idea what the rose is made from?



soap rose

Take a closer look……..      All right, I’ll just tell you…..  It’s a soap rose!   Can you guess where it came from?   The Dollar Tree!



glass heart and roses

Here’s a white rose as the background to a small glass heart.



books birds and roses





candle in silver

I an enamored with silver pieces and I often favor the tarnished look over a glistening shine. This small candy dish made the perfect candle holder for this red pillar.



crazed tureen

My favorite crazed tureen filled out some empty space on the table.



place setting 2

The table is set for the husband and myself. I used a square stoneware plate as a charger. It was purchased from Olde Time Pottery before our local store closed.I sure miss not having one anymore- ours was only a 10 minute drive away- now I have to drive an hour and a half to Columbus if I want to shop at one.

The white plate is from a set of Gibson dinnerware. I have 36 place settings & I use them when I host large parties. The clear acrylic flatware is from Target, as are the red and white contemporary salad plates. The plates were on clearance for 88¢, while I paid $2 apiece for the bowls.  So, as you can see, the place settings are definitely frugal. They’re simple and perfect for a nice lunch for the husband and myself. I’m going to leave the table set up until Valentine’s Day and we can just used the other side of the table when we sit down for our other meals until then.

I will confess that we often eat in front of the television in the sunroom. We are children of the 60’s and very addicted to television! Plus, I have found so many shows to DVR and watch when we do have free time to spend together.



table 2







blue hour3

The sun was just starting to go down when I took this first shot of the blue hour.



blue hour1

The blue hour is progressing…..



blue hour2

Romantic candlelight as the sun drops into the night.


Last night, the husband and I were talking about the first box of candy he gave me for Valentine’s Day when we were dating in college. He said that I hung onto that heart shaped box for a while. Now how does he remember that?  I have no recollection of it, at all. The only thing I can remember is that in that small college town, you had to buy boxes of candy in the drug store and cologne in the jewelry store!  Must have been some special stuff back in the “olden” days.  *grin*   Everything is so much more readily available these days. Although, the box of  milk chocolate turtles that I’m hoping the husband will give me on Cupid’s Day has to be purchased at the Esther Price Candy Store. It’s nothing short of decadent and oh so good.  Maybe someone reading this post will give him a little nudge……


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