Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hunting and Gathering…


I’ve decided that instead of saying that I’m going “thrifting,”  I’m now going to be calling it, ” hunting and gathering.”  I have more than a few friends who just don’t understand why I like to frequent yard and rummage sales. They think that “thrifting” sounds like I am out scrounging!  LOL   So hunting and gathering it is…   Do ya think it gives what we do a little more class?  Or does it sound as if I’m a pioneer woman who needs to go out looking for food for my family?   *grin*

I have failed to post any of my gathered finds from the past few weeks. I really haven’t been out much- it’s been so hot, plus I’ve had other projects going on. But while reorganizing some shelves in the kitchen and in the entertainment center today, I figured it would be a good time show off some of the things that I have “hunted and gathered” recently. The husband and I traveled to Tipton, Indiana earlier in the month to shop at the Horton’s French Flea Market, but I really only bought a few things. Mostly, I walked around in awe of all the gorgeous displays at this wonderful sale. I didn’t purchase too many things at the outing we Buckeye Bloggers had in Tipp City a few weeks ago, either. I think on that day, I was too busy chatting to do much serious shopping! 



This reclaimed wood shelf from 2-Day Designs was in one of the guest rooms up until last week. I brought it downstairs , put it in the kitchen,  and filled it with white tea pots, creamers, and my new measuring cups.



shelf 2






liquid measure

This liquid measuring cup caught my eye when I saw it in one of the booths at the flea market.  It’s really not practical- you can’t really measure anything because there aren’t any markings on the inside of the cup.I have Pyrex measuring cups for that-  this one is just for display. When I was little, we used to say, “It’s for pretty…”


nested measuring cups

These nested measuring cups coordinate with the liquid measure real well even though they were bought at another booth.  I like that they have little pouring spouts.





measuring cups 2







These porcelain fruits came from my favorite shop in Waynesville, The Peddler Shop. They fit perfectly in this bowl. I set it out on the table to photograph them, since the shelf was too dark to see them very well.



measuring cups






silver  cloche holder

I found this piece of silver in Jean’s booth at Past Perfect Vintage Home and Garden,  my favorite shop in Tipp City. When I bought it, I really hoped that it would be the right size as a base for one of my cloches…..



cloche and base

Sure enough, my cloche fit perfectly inside it!



cloche, bottles, birds, hand

I didn’t want to leave the cloche empty, so I placed a cherub that I found at a yard sale around the corner from me last week. Bought it for 50¢, then painted it to  look like stone. It was originally pink. Eewww…..



camera bag

The owner of Past Perfect added this old leather camera bag as a freebie to my purchases. He was planning on tossing it out because of a broken strap. I just doubled it onto itself, and one would never know that it was broken!



old camera

I added to my small camera collection with this Kodak Duraflex.  It came from Jean’s booth, as well.


small spools

These miniature spools were another find in Jean’s booth. She has some of the most interesting objects!  They’re only about 4 inches long and I paid $1.29 for each one.




spool cloche

I have this really bizarre bell cloche that distorts anything inside of it, but it was the perfect size to cover the spools.




coffee bean  bag

I’m thinking that this coffee bean burlap sack would be perfect to cover an old footstool. I found this one for a very reasonable price in Donna’s booth at Horton’s.

Well, guess the hunting and gathering will have to begin once again this week. I need my fix again!  


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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Look At My Collection of Blue and White

This is the strangest thing- I compiled two previous posts about my blue and white collection to publish this today. Some crazy glitch happened in Live Writer and it didn’t originally post with today’s date. Instead, since one of these posts was from January, Writer over-rode the original post for that day and published this!  So I went into Blogger to change it there. When I played with the post there, it ended up posting  with today’s date but didn’t update in Google Reader!!    And then Blogger went and changed my font size and I can’t change it back!     aagghh….   Oh well- The post from that date is in here and that’s all that counts, I guess.  Weird!!!

Some of you have already seen my collection of blue and white transferware and stoneware, but I wanted to share this compilation of two of my previous posts at Privet and Holly, where Suzanne is hosting a Collection Show and Tell Party.  I hope that those of you who have seen them aren’t too bored and I certainly hope that anyone who is new to Sullivan and Murphy will let me know what you think of my burgeoning collection.

holly and privet
                                                                                                                              click on the button to visit Privet and Holly

Although my collection is not large, by any means, I love how it adds a touch of warmth  to the black hutch in my kitchen. Normally, the hutch is always filled with some of the everyday white dishes and the occasional pop of seasonal color.  Since I’ve begun to collect blue and white plates, I thought adding them to the traditional white decor would be a nice change. This is what the kitchen hutch looks like when dressed in blue and white.

Now, I know I don’t have much of a collection of blue/white, but it’s a start. Most of the blue and white plates I have were found at yard sales, as were most of the white accessory pieces.   

village plate 
I bought this platter at an antique mall in Lebanon, Ohio last year. What drew me to it was the thatched roof on the cottage on the right.

floral plate 
This delicately decorated porcelain plate was one of two that I found at a garage sale for a dollar. That’s both of them for a dollar!

Nothing fancy, just a simple floral and leaf pattern.

When I found this reticulated plate at a yard sale, it had a blue ribbon running through the cutwork around the edge. Bit that was a bit too frou-frou for me, so I took it out.

The bowl was a twenty-five cent find. Who wouldn’t buy it for that great price?

This is another large platter that I found while yard sale-sale-ing.

plate 3
I layered this faded blue plate in front of  a white platter. Although it is crazed, its pattern is just so sweet.  


And since the theme is blue AND white,  thought I’d show you some of the whites….
butter dish
The French Hen Farm sale back in December yielded this little butter dish. I believe I paid $4 for it.  I think it coordinates well the hobnail sugar and creamer below.

Both of these hobnail design pieces cost me a dollar apiece last spring.

sugar bowl2

Some of you may remember seeing this tureen. I really like the crackled finish on it, as well as the double lion heads on the handle.

I found this small tureen and plate at an estate sale a few years ago. 

I like the pin dot details on this creamer.  It came from the same sale where I found the hobnail pieces.


small pitcher 
Another classic small white pitcher.      


hutch collage                                             I



Picnik collage
I’ve recently added three more pieces to the blue transferware collection I have in my kitchen hutch.  The large blue plate and the two identical small plates on either side of it were purchased from Cindy, a fellow Ohio blogger.


I like the large floral pattern on this dinner plate. Lots of flowing vines…   There is  one small residual area of staining on the plate that I’m going to soak with hydrogen peroxide, then bake the plate in a low temperature oven. That added baking step always seems to remove the final bits of darkness in the stoneware.  I paid $10.00 for this beauty.

lg plate
The two small plates have a pretty lip around the edge and are more delicate in their design than the larger plate.  The two plates were $6.00 apiece.

Cindy pointed out this small $5.00 pitcher to me at the same booth where she bought some brown transferware  at  Scott’s Antique Market.  Its color is much more subdued than the blues in the other pieces.   I’ve displayed it with my other white pitcher collection on the small shelves on either side of the cabinets by the sink.

The piece has some small hairline cracks in it, but I liked it all the same.  I had some breakage when I was cleaning it up and a small chunk actually broke off, but a little dab of Gorilla instant glue made it look whole in no time flat. 


Hope you enjoyed seeing this for the first time, or even once again.  I’m always on the look-out for blue/whites, and when I find them, I do a little happy dance!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summertime Cloches


It’s time, once again, to show off our cloches at the Summer Cloche Party being held over at Marty’s.  Some of you may recall seeing this tray vignette on the great room cocktail table a few weeks ago. I used a glass tray and topped it with both a cupcake cloche and a dome. I turned the dome upside down, jammed a whole slew of corks into it, then turned it right side up. The cupcake cloche was simply filled with seashells.


corks and shells





This was the original tray vignette, with that lush variegated plant. Alas, I forgot to water it over the weekend and it baked in the hot summer sun! So, out came the set of binoculars to take its place.



I bought a bag full of corks at a recent yard sale, knowing that they’d come in handy for something!



cupcake cloche close-up







brass binoculars

The binoculars were a purchase from the Horton’s Flea Market Sale in Tipton, IN last week. I found them in Nicki’s booth and she generously discounted them, just for me! Thanks so much, Nicki! 


tray collage




clock cloche

The cabinet in the foyer was refreshed with this cloche featuring good ol’ Father Time objects.  The clock was a find at a church rummage sale for a mere dollar purchase. The other items inside the cloche include two pieces of jewelry and a magnet.



clock face bracelet

I found this wire bracelet in one of my favorite shops a few years ago. It’s fashioned with buttons and an old clock face.



clock face magnet

This clock face magnet has a porcelain-look face that gives it a nice, vintage feel.



watch pendant

My friend, Kathy, made this pendant out of one of the many old clock and watch parts that she found while out junking. She is such a great re-purposer and talented artist. 


clock collage





silver cloche 1

This cloche is on the sofa table in the great room. I thought I needed a little touch of bling, so I brought out some shiny and some tarnished pieces of silver.


butter pats

I stacked six butter pats and topped them with an errant Christmas ornament that I found in a drawer. Apparently, it got missed when I put away the holiday decorations!


hydrangeas in creamer

I had some dried hydrangeas left over from last year’s crop. That sounds funny- I know vegetables can be classified as a crop, but can flowers be  a crop, as well?  Anyway, I cut the stem down and set the bloom into a very tarnished creamer.


shakers 2

This set of salt and pepper shakers was moved from its home in the dining room and added to the display.


diamond necklace

As added bling, I wrapped my circle pendant around the cloche lid.  The circle is made up of diamond chips and when the light from the nearby lamp hits it, it really sparkles.


silver collage



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