Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Cloches

telescope cloche2

There are only a few cloches on display this fall season. My favorite is the large one that is on the round table in the great room. It’s filled with an old microscope that I found in my friend Jean’s booth up in Tipp City. She always has so many fun finds.  She is working on creating her own blog and hopes to have it up and running soon. I’ll keep you apprised.


telescope cloche

You can’t just stick a microscope in a cloche and expect it to stand on its own, so I started thinking….. You use it to see things up close, so why not view vintage pictures under the magnifiers? 


telescope cloche3

I found some great old photographs in an envelope while at a sale during the summer. There were tons of them inside and they were only $5! Although the collection consisted mostly of children’s photos, there were some pictures of adults, as well. One of them is a dated photo of a Union soldier during the Civil War!


telescope cloche4

Just look at those somber faces….  I don’t think photographers ever wanted their clients to smile in those days.




candle, wire cloche

The metal and wire cloche is extremely simply- one tall candle fits perfectly inside. And to bring in a bit of the Halloween holiday, I hung a glittered silhouette of a black cat on the knob.  The two demi-johns were finds at the Rural Society Antique Show a couple of weeks ago.


candle, wire cloche2





mini cloches

These miniature cloches are on display on the baker’s rack.  Look at how teeny tiny they are!  I originally bought them to use in my fairy garden but thought they’d be perfect to show off a buckeye nut and a small putka pod.


mini cloches 2

The buckeye is inside the cloche on the left. Some of you may recall that the buckeye is the official nut for the state of Ohio. They’re inedible but the candy buckeyes certainly are delicious. Have you ever had any of those? I think our local candy maker, Esther Price Candies, makes the best commercial ones. Must be the delicious chocolate they’re known for that makes them so tasty….   The smaller cloche encloses what many of you would call a mini pumpkin. It is, however, a putka pod, but it really DOES look like a little pumpkin, doesn’t it?


slinky cloche 2

This bell jar distorts everything that I put underneath it. I recently found this old Slinky toy at a barn sale and thought it might make a good snake, perfect for the Halloween theme. A little lame, perhaps, but it’s cool all the same! Do you remember Slinky?  As a kid, I used to love the way it traveled down the stairs.


slinky cloche








I couldn’t close before letting you see who came to visit me for Halloween.  It’s yukky Mr. Rat trying to steal a piece of cheese from my trap!









This scary fellow came to me earlier in the season from a vintage sale at the home of a friend in St. Paris, Ohio.  I would certainly hate to have the real kind anywhere NEAR my house! 


I’m sitting here waiting for Beggar’s Night to come to a close. I’ve had so few Trick or Treaters tonight- every year the number dwindles even further. But I continue to buy at least 10 large bags of candy, just in case I’m hit with an onslaught of kids. In the past, the junior high kids came out in droves. But this year I think I’ve only had four kids from that age group. Even the little kids aren’t coming out!  I love to play my frightful Halloween CD out in the garden, turn on the flashing strobe light, and hand out candy. But what’s the fun if the neighborhood kids don’t come out anymore? Last year I said that I wasn’t going to do it anymore, but I gave it one more chance. With only five more minutes of “official” trick or treating time, I’ve handed out candy to a whopping 30 kids!  I have way too many bags of goodies left and guess who will get into them over the course of the next few weeks? It doesn’t do any good to freeze it, I can eat frozen candy without any reservation at all….       Hope you had  a Happy Halloween!




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Thursday, October 27, 2011

We Have a Winner!



Pam from Frippery is the winner of the canvas print give-away from UPrinting. Pam is a fellow Buckyeye Blogger and friend and I’m sure that she will be using one of her gorgeous photos to create her print. Here’s a picture I took of her at the Rural Society Antique Show two weeks ago, where she was a vendor. She’s an artist and a vintage collector, like me. The collector part, anyway. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body!



                                                                                                                                                Kathy and Pam



My thanks go out to UPrinting for sponsoring this give-away and I want to thank all of you for signing up. Hope you’re enjoying great fall weather. It started raining today, but I have hopes that the sun will make an appearance and tomorrow will be glorious!  I can hope, anyway……..


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Night Views of the Backyard



Took a few pictures of the backyard all lit up last week. It is such a treat to walk outside and see the yard’s transformation.


You can access the lower patio from the north side of the yard by way of stepping stones or by crossing the stone bridge. This is one massive piece of stone sitting on the steps!


looking north to bridge

We had the bridge lit from underneath so you can see the stream flowing underneath it.


looking west to woods

Knockout roses fill the area between the bridge and the small patio near the fence.



We have the option to control the spotlights on the two large sycamore trees, since they are both up-lit and down-lit. We turn off the down-lights when we’re using the fire-pit, since there’s more ambience that way.


small round patio

I love the look of the new cedar fence and would love to keep it this way, but we’re going to let it weather naturally so it will match the fence on the opposite side of the yard.


view towards lower patio

This is the view looking down onto the lower patio and fire-pit. I wish I could remember to take a picture of one of our blazing fires- we always seem to be too preoccupied when we’re down there.  



red maple

A small red maple tree was planted to replace the one that had to be removed to put in the retaining wall for the waterfall. It’ll take a while for it to fill out and give us some shade, but we get to enjoy its autumn color in the meantime.


nightview of waterfall wall

The culmination of the stream is this waterfall into a pond-less basin. The sound of the water splashing onto the rocks is just so soothing.


Just a reminder that there is still time to get in on the opportunity to win a rolled 16x20 canvas print, with your choice of artwork or photo. Click on the link below to visit that post and enter.  


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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Barn Sale Finds and a Give-away


The Rural Society sale in Mt. Vernon yielded me a few nice finds over the weekend, so I used some of them to put together another fall display.

wooden tray

I used the largest of my three wooden nesting trays to display two of my wrapped wine bottle purchases from the sale.  Then I just added in some small items to fill in.


spanish wine bottle

I’m glad that the label is still intact on this jug- it’s a Spanish wine imported by a distributor up in Cleveland. I still can’t believe that I found this demi-john at such a reasonable price. They sell for much more in the shops.


small bottle

A small wrapped bottle was tucked into the corner under a wooden bowl of stuffed ornaments.



I like these stuffed fabric pillow ornaments because they remind me of things that I should do and things for which I should be thankful.



I’ve been told that I use some unusual and unorthodox items in my vignettes. I guess this one is no different, then. This is an old tin funnel that was a yard sale find earlier in the season. 



Tucked in among the dried apples, nuts, artichokes, and pomegranates is this little rolled rosewood pumpkin. Some of you may remember that it was a find at the Country Living show last year.


wheat bundle 2

A bundle of wheat certainly says, “fall.”









The husband is no stranger to finding treasures. He found the wine basket shown above. It came complete with a cutting board and a wine bottle opener, but we added in everything else necessary for enjoying a glass of wine.  He thinks we should carry it down to the fire-pit and enjoy it tonight. Hah! Doesn’t he know that the wind is blowing and howling and the rain is coming down in sheets?!  I think we’ll be staying in. Nothing wrong with sitting in front of the television with some vino, is there?










cheese and crackers

Cheese, crackers, wine, and even a healthy apple all make for a great pre-game snack if we were to take this to a tailgate party.


OSU booster button

I think what caught his eye when he saw the basket was this vintage Ohio State booster button pinned to the side of it.  The Bucks are definitely having a an “off-season” ( to say the least!), but the husband is a fan all the same.


                                                                       Now on to the give-away! 

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UPrinting, a leading online printing company, is offering one lucky Sullivan and Murphy blog follower a 16” x 20” rolled canvas print in your choice of a personal photo or piece of artwork. Your canvas print is available with a 2-inch border or no border- completely ready for mounting in your favorite frame. In addition to this, they offer a 1-business day turnaround and free shipping!

These canvas prints are great for special day photos such as weddings, anniversaries, senior portraits, or new baby shots. You can even use a special architectural or landscape photo or have artwork made into this canvas print! The possibilities are endless, so visit UPrinting’s website to see what other products they offer, in addition to their canvas printingUPrinting is an eco friendly company that uses vegetable and soy based inks. They also offer paper options that contain up to 55% post-consumer recycled content. 

I want to have the photograph of the family homestead in Ireland made into a canvas print. I know it will look wonderful, framed and placed with other family memorabilia. 


                                                                              farranfore_knockaderry_ireland crop


~ You have the opportunity for three entries in the give-away. Please submit a separate comment for each entry.~

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