Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Road Trip to Horton’s Because There’s More than Corn in Indiana!



                                                               polariod french flea all photos courtesy of Donna

We’re off on another excursion to Indiana tomorrow- this time for the Horton’s Third Annual Flea Market and Artisan Fair in Tipton. I can’t wait to see what goodies will be waiting for me to see and possibly buy! I remembered seeing something about this show last year ant thought it looked really fun and interesting, but I couldn’t remember the link or the name of the store! Anyway…. while blog surfing last month, I came across Donna’s blog and turns out she is the one in charge of organizing the sale!  What serendipitous luck! I just knew a road trip would be in order!




2010 08 29_0353

Check out this cute small town storefront! think there will be over 20 vendors at the sale, including Horton’s, itself.  The store calls itself “an emporium of delights, filled with wonderments for your home or garden.” Not to mention that it’s the hardware store in town!





I think this charming booth belonged to Holly Beth!



Doesn’t this table look fresh and summery?



Colorful linens and flowers in this display.






I’m wondering if those speckled eggs just might be candles….




Doesn’t Horton’s look like a fun place to be this weekend?  I’m certainly glad that the husband likes to go on excursions like this. He tends to find things that I miss and he knows my taste very well!  And to think he used to say I was high maintenance and hard to buy for….. Now, all he has to do is find something vintage and interesting and he knows I’ll be happy.   I have to admit, though, that I’m probably  still high maintenance!!

Hope to come back with lots of pretties to show you and to enhance the summer décor both inside and out!


Pat said...

Sounds like a fabulous road trip, Sue!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I am high maintenance I've heard! Nice to have our better halves have the same interests, isn't it? Hope you find lots of goodies!~Hugs, Patti

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Sounds like fun, have a great trip:@)

Stacey said...

Um, looks like I could spend a lot of money there. Have fun!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Have a fun trip. Looks like a place where I could do some damage to my bank account.

JunqueMagnet said...

Sounds like a lot of fun.Have a terrific time.I was in Brookville, IN yesterday for the White's Farm Flea Market.I've got another trunk full of awesome picks which I'm hosing down today to make ready for Burlington next Sunday.I am SO READY for my close-up!Enjoy.

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

Wait for me, wait for me, I want to come.

Blondie's Journal said...

This looks like so much fun! I vaguely remember hearing about Horton's. How lucky you are to have a husband that likes this stuff...mine does, too, but would prefer to look rather than buy {it hampers me}!! Have a blast!


Terra said...

I can tell you will have fun at the Horton's market this weekend.
High maintenance, ha ha!

Miss Char said...

Well I was looking for a road trip this week and was about to gas up the car and head to Tipton which is only about 4 hours for me. BUT then the reality of obligations to the family this weekend stopped me in my tracks.

Have a wonderful time Sue and take plenty of pictures for us.

Pam said...

Have a great time. Tipton one weekend and Tipp City the next. You're just flitting all over the country here!

Katherines Corner said...

Oh how wonderful wish we had a Hortons here. Hugs and have a happy weekend

Carol said...

You and your husband make a great team when it comes to treasures :) Looks like a fun road trip!

Olive Cooper said...

Fun, fun, those cloches with the ferns are great!

thestonerabbit said...

OOOOOOOOOO---that sounds like an awesome sale!!! I'm sure you were "tempted"!!!

My friend and I attended sales last Fri. held in the OLD downtown district of KC. Folks are buying the buildings, then renting out spaces to vendors for sales that go on the first weekend of each month. It was pretty neat...but we didn't buy a thing. :( Sometimes it's just OK to "look" and "enjoy". We're heading to our favorite sale tomorrow....I usually fill up the car with little treasures!

Have a great weekend!!! dana

PS Thanks for the encouragement about my "jogging". I ran again last's still a challenge to go the 3.1 distance, but I make it.....I struggle, but I finish. It's too bad I had the set back with the Plantar Fasciitis, but that's just part of exercising sometimes! It's getting better, but it's just something that takes time to heal.

Tiffanee said...
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Tiffanee said...

Wow! Looks like so much fun. Wish I could tag along with you!!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Have fun! It sounds like a wonderful place to visit and I'm looking forward to your photos!


Designs on 47th Street said...

Oh! My most favorite thing to do!! I know you will have the best time. Wish I could tag along. :) I will be going to NC soon and hope to find some great places to scout around. Looking forward to seeing what you find.
Thanks for your visit tonight!

xx Donna

xinex said...

You will have so much fun, Sue. That store is adorable, just the way the garden things are put together looks exciting. Have an enjoyable trip!....Christine

classic • casual • home said...

Hmm...a bit of a drive from you can imagine how much I appreciate your photos!

It's good to be a little high maintenance. You are worth it! Love your music.

classic • casual • home said...

Hmm...a bit of a drive from you can imagine how much I appreciate your photos!

It's good to be a little high maintenance. You are worth it! Love your music.