Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Seeking Passionate Pickers….


Okay, you all know Mike and Frank of the History Channel’s American Pickers show, right?  What?! You don’t  know who these two funny guys are?  Well, go here first.  I’ll wait….


american-pickers-mike-wolfe               american-pickers-frank-fritz

Okay, you must be back or you already know who these guys if you’re reading this sentence. And if you didn’t take the time to visit the link, here’s the quick low-down.  Mike and Frank travel around the country meeting collectors, hoarders all in hopes of finding some great picks for clients or for their shop in Iowa .  The popularity of these two crazy guys and their adventures has spawned another major cable network show called “The Untitled Antiques-Collectibles Competition.”  I recently received an e-mail with the following ad seeking pickers to audition for the show.




                                                                                                                click on ad to see application


Now I like the thrill of the hunt and all, but on my own terms. I set limits on the amount of territory I’m willing to travel to find the things I like. But maybe fuel will be paid for. Now I’m really not all that knowledgeable about the big items that many pickers go after.  I use the internet to search for facts concerning the little treasures I uncover, but I don’t know how willing I’d be to search for stuff that doesn’t really interest me. The assignment for picking items could be something I know absolutely nothing about. I’d certainly have to have my mini-laptop on for the ride with me, that’s for sure.

But I did think it is an interesting concept to let the average  Jane or Joe have as much fun as Mike and Frank have.  I do have one concern, though- who selects the team partners in this competition? Surely not everyone going into this  has a ready-made partner. I guess the producers know what they’re doing. Maybe they think all pickers have the same type personalities and mentalities. A good team has to mesh well for negotiating, ya know.  Good guy, bad guy type of thing….   And if you’re riding along in a truck with this person, he/she better be compatible to you!  I stop for lots of potty breaks when I’m drinking my Coke or Dr. Pepper!  

***  I  just re-read the advertisement and it reads “….both you and your partner should fill out the application.”   ***                I should pay better attention….

All in all, I think it’s a pretty fun idea. What do you think- would you like a camera crew along on your picks?   Smile     I think I’d actually consider it if I had the right partner.  Any takers out there?!   LOL 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Literally a “Spring” Sofa Table Vignette


The title of this post connotes that this is a spring season table top vignette, but there is a second meaning to it. I used an old bed spring in my cloche as a stand for a moss covered egg.


I found several of these rusty old springs last summer, but I put them away and couldn’t find them! I know I’ve told you I do this all the time and I’ve gotten many responses that said you do the same thing.  At least I know I am not alone in my insanity and loss of memory, right?   Well, I found two more springs at a favorite vintage shop and made sure that I put them in a “safe” place.  I used one out to create this cloche to celebrate the spring season.  All I did was top the bedspring with some shredded sheet music and add a moss covered egg. Voila- a simple “nested” egg display for the sofa table.




sofa table2

Here you can see where  I placed the cloche. I  think I may have shown it in an earlier post,  but I honestly can’t remember. Things have been pretty hectic around here lately. What with the landscaping project and readying for my” Vintage Finds Porch Sale” this weekend….   Whew- I’m tired just typing it out!





I’ve had this sweet little ceramic bird since we moved into our first house back in 1979. My goodness- that was decades and decades ago!  How time flies…..  






The reindeer moss that surrounds this little guy and his friend in the background smells so sweet and earthy when you lift the dome.  The delicate speckled eggs scattered  in the moss are real bird’s eggs that have been blown out.  And I DO mean delicate- I smooshed two of them trying to cover the display with the cloche.





This is simply a Styrofoam egg with glued on moss and leaves.  Can’t get any easier than this!




bud vases

At the opposite end of the table, I used a vintage stamp holder to hold three small bud vases.  Too bad I didn’t pop in a flower in each vase, huh?  Originally, the holder was used for business stamps that might have said something like, “PAID,” or “CANCELLED,” or “PAYMENT DUE.”  Do you remember those types of stamps?




sofa table

Another shot of the sofa table.  The sun was actually shining through the windows today-  Halleluia!  It stormed all night long, but it turned out to be a beautiful day. I spent my entire day waiting for service/repair people. The sprinkler system had to be turned on and the air conditioner got its annual  maintenance.  I had several broken sprinkler heads, due to the landscaping crew’s inattentiveness. I gave them a heads up as to where the sprinklers were located, but I guess I should have flagged them. It cost me $31 apiece, plus labor charges, to replace them. When we have the north side of the yard done, I won’t forget to do that, let me tell ya! 


And speaking of the landscape project, here’s a little preview…..


This is the south side of the yard where the path leads to the backyard. It  was originally sodded when we moved in, but we get so much shade on this side of the house that all the grass died. We were left with an icky, wet, and muddy mess every time we walked to the back.  So I had the crew lay a bluestone path from the large pine tree at the front of the house to the fence in the backyard.  What a difference this made- it actually looks like a path to a secret garden.





The bench was a  thrifty find at a going out of business sale a few years back. It may not look it, but that sucker is heavy! I hauled it out of the garage and put it here. I’ve started adding in some ferns, some ground cover, and some Irish moss along the path. I’m just doing it as I get the time.  I still need to fill a pot and place it in the vintage plant holder I bought last weekend at a yard sale.  There’s always tomorrow, I guess!  Right now, I’m still pricing my goods for the porch sale. I’m almost done- got a lot done today while waiting for the service guys. 




                                         porch sale flyer


This is the flyer advertising my porch sale this weekend.  A friend of mine who owns The Peddler House in Waynesville has graciously offered me the use of her porch to have my sale.  The village is having its Old Main Street Antique Show on Sunday, so hopefully we’ll have lots of traffic. You just never know what to expect.  Several blogging friends have let me know they’ll be stopping by for a visit, so at least I’ll see a few familiar faces!  If you’re wondering where I got the name of my  “shop”,   I used the name of  one of the husband’s relatives. I love the name, “Sadie.” 



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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Spring Open House and Readying for a Sale


Things have been very busy around the Sullivan household recently.  So busy, in fact, that I have had nary a free moment to post anything or do much visiting.  In addition to coordinating a major landscape project for the front yard, I’ve been busy readying for the occasional sale I have planned for May 28 and 29 in Waynesville, Ohio. A friend of mine owns a shop down there and has graciously offered the use of her wrap-around porch for me to sell my goods. The village of Waynesville is having its Old Main Street Antiques Show that weekend, so if you’re up for a drive, by all means stop over to see me.  I’ll be posting more details soon.

I started setting aside furniture and some of my accessories back in January, when I went on a cleaning frenzy. I came to the realization that my decorating style has evolved and has changed somewhat. I’ll be selling off quite a few things, including the goat cart that I bought last fall.  I think I’m refining my style and taking it just a tad bit more contemporary. I will still be using traditional things and staying eclectic,  but I just need a little change  So, what better thing to do but have a sale to get rid of what I no longer want?  I still have so much to do. I haven’t even priced anything yet. Yikes, I need to get busy- I only have nine days left to get organized and packed up.  My garage is so full that I can’t even park my car in it!

In the meantime, I thought I’d show you some photos of a spring open house that I attended last month at the Morning Sun Florist Shop in Centerville.  The event was held to feature the shop’s line of Juliska products. In addition to a wonderful display of Juliska, the store featured many floral and greenery displays.








juliska, hutch

  Juliska is a company that “prides itself on bringing elegant European design in its extensive collections of glassware, ceramics, linens, lighting and flatware.”  You can read more about the company at its website, HERE.   This hutch in the shop was filled with Juliska tableware and glassware.  I loved the contrast of the fresh green color against the clean white pieces.




bud vase

I absolutely love these bud and flower vases.  Each piece of Juliska glass is hand-blown, so no two pieces are alike.  Do you see the vase in the background?  I have one in the same design, only in green.




juliska vase

It was a gift from my god-child and niece to thank me for hosting her bridal shower.  I absolutely love it!



vase 2

Can you see the fluted details on the base of the vase?   Ohio weather has been so dark, dreary, and rainy all week- not conducive to great photo ops!





The stopper for this flask is just SO pretty.





bird cages

The shop was filled with lovely displays. These ginormous tree limbs were suspended from the ceiling and vintage bird cages were hung from them.




armilary, tulips, rosemary

Out in the courtyard, this giant globe encircled a rosemary tree planted in a large concrete urn.   Beautiful rose colored tulips were a delightful addition to this vignette.




cloche,concrete books

Back inside the store, this cloche held small concrete books and a small trophy planted with vines and greenery.





This paper maché rooster was one of many newsprint covered animals. I saw pigs, frogs, and a host of other animals.



close-up florals

This all white floral display is simplicity at its best. 


There was so much to see at this open house. Darla, the shop’s owner, is a talented floral designer and she offers so much inspiration. I only purchased a few plants and a couple of decorative pots that day. I hope they live because they look so pretty displayed en masse on my kitchen table. You do remember that I have a brown thumb, right?  I think I’m going to have to go back into the store for a couple of wedding/shower gifts. Depending on the piece, Juliska can get a bit pricey; but I think the brides will appreciate the beauty of these pieces, don’t you?

It’s going to be another busy weekend. I’m going to the Springfield Antique Extravaganza with the husband on Friday morning .  I’m going to be hunting for another demi-john and will be visiting with a couple of friends who will be exhibiting their goods.  Kathy, from Sylvia’s Vintage Daughter will be there, as well as Carrie, from Junque Magnet- Adventures in Yard Sales.  Hope I find what I’m looking for.  If I do, you might see it in a post next week. That is, if I can get out from under the weight of my sale preparations……     Until then,  have a wonderful weekend. Hope the sun makes an appearance for you- I want some nice weather here, soon!


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Monday, May 2, 2011

Paint Makes All Things Better, Even Junque…

I’m in the midst of readying for an occasional sale at  the end of this month. Remember when I started purging back in January? Well, everything I am tired of, plus some items that I’ve found thrifting the past few weeks will be going into this sale.  I actually found this bright red finial back in the fall.  I knew I would change out its color- neutral will be a much better palette.



I want to  make it look more like stone, so I used black spray paint to change the base color.  Then I used a specialty texture paint that is supposed to give the item the look of stone.  It’s taking forever to dry- the weather turned cold and rainy this afternoon, so the temperature out in the garage cooled off dramatically.  Once the stone paint dries, I’ll glaze it and then  it will be coated with a protectant coat.  I’ll see how well it dries tomorrow morning-  I’ll be spending the day at home, waiting for the repairman to come and try to figure out why I have such crazy HD reception.  I can’t watch some of my favorite shows- and heaven knows I’m a boomer who is addicted to television!



Here’s the finial with its first coat of “stone.”  Looks a bit splotchy and funky right now, but tomorrow I’ll put on a coat of brown glaze.  It actually DOES feel rough like stone.


wicker makeup table

I found this beauty of a wicker dressing table and stool last week- perfect for a  young girl’s room or a small bath.  It just needed a  fresh coat of white paint.  Uh oh…. I see that have to place a spot of glue on a loose piece of wicker on the front apron- but that’s an easy peasy fix. I completely forgot to do that before I started painting. 

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