Sunday, April 17, 2011

They Once Were Lost, but Now Are Found….


I found my missing plates!   Yesterday, I was going to put together an Easter table-setting, but couldn’t remember where I had put the bunny and duck plates that I found for a mere pittance after Easter last year. Instead, I ended up re-posting last year’s breakfast table. You can see that post here. I found these plates at Kroger last spring, thinking that they would contribute to an adorable spring/Easter table.  I bought four of them at only 50¢ each- now that is thrifty!

bunny plate





duck plate




Here are the plates in their place settings…..

bunny luncheon plate






duck luncheon plate

I simply layered them with a napkin on top of a white dinner plate.  Easy peasy place setting….







I am enamored with this old wooden caddy.  I found it at a yard sale for $1.00. Yup, a paltry dollar!  It has lots of wear and was probably used as a versatile carry-all in someone’s garden or garage.







I like all the little divided areas.  It was perfect for creating this……….




storage box, easter

All I did to create this table centerpiece was to add some greenery, a candlestick, a nest, and a cute little home-made book creation.  Book creation, you ask? What is she talking about? 


10cent book

Well, I took a 10¢ thrifted paperback book…….



book and eggshell

And turned it into this decorative cylinder with just a few simple folds, a couple dabs of hot glue, and an eggshell filled with colorful jellybeans……..



egg on book

All that I did to create this was to remove the front and back covers from the book, then fold each page into the center binding. When I was done folding, I hot glued the front and back bindings of the book together. Then I filled an eggshell with colorful jellybeans and glued it to the top.  Voila- an simple and decorative book cylinder.  You can top these  cylinders with all kinds of objects- I’ve used shells, a doorknob, a silk flower……   The sky is the limit.






I placed three speckled eggs into this twig nest and plopped it into one of the cubbies in the carry-all. 




stair finial

This chippy white staircase finial was part of a lot that I won in an auction when a favorite vintage store went out of business. Included in the lot was an entire box filled with different sized finials.  Each one ended up costing me only a few pennies.  I like to use them as candleholders.





candle holder





fruit cup

I found a set of 12 cut glass dessert cups  at a yard sale for $4.00. For this place setting, I’m using them as fruit cups.







The Christmas Tree Shop was the source for these $1.00 light green goblets. They’re perfect for juice or maybe even Mimosas…..







This resin duckie is calling us to the table.   quack, quack, quack….





bunny plate

I never should have put candy into this bunny dish. Every time I walk  by, I grab a few chocolates or jelly beans. I know NO self-control!





egg holder

Found this deviled egg plate at Kroger a few years back.  I’m going to add a bit of hot sauce to my egg recipe this year.  I grew up in New Mexico, so I like a little spiciness. So does the husband.  Do you think that’s why he likes me?!




moss basket

I moved the moss basket from the hutch onto the table.




easter table


Our Easter breakfast table………..    I set it for four even though it will just be the two of us.  We’ll probably go to an early mass then come back home for a simple repast of bacon, eggs, toast, and fruit.  Oh yeah,  can’t forget those Mimosas…..  Dinner will be later in the day with our sister-in-law and her family.   We’ve decided that we’re still going to color some Easter eggs the night before, just as we’ve done ever since our son, Dan, was little.  We love deviled eggs and egg salad;and hard cooked eggs are so easy to grab out of the fridge for breakfast first thing in the morning.  Bright and colorful eggs will be a nice way to start our day!   I found my eggs for 79¢ a dozen at Aldi Foods.  That’s at least 50¢ less than they’ve been selling for anywhere else lately.  Another bargain!



                                                                                          Perfectly cooked hard cooked eggs



Have you ever peeled your hard cooked eggs and the yolks were green or gray?  Those colors indicate that the egg has been over-cooked. This occurs when the temperature of the yolk exceeds 158° F.  This discoloration isn’t unhealthy; it’s just a result of a natural chemical reaction. Sulfur from amino acids in the white of the egg  albumen)  reacts with iron from the yolk, causing a film of ferrous sulphide to form on the yolk's surface.  Heat speeds up this reaction; so the longer your eggs cook, the greater the chance of discoloration.  Using the method  described below, I never have icky colored egg yolks.

                                                                                             ~This is my method for hard cooking eggs~

Place your eggs in a saucepan and cover them completely (by one inch) with cold water. When the eggs come to a full, rolling boil over high heat,  immediately remove the pan from heat, cover it with a lid, and set it aside for 17-20 minutes.  ( At the end of 17 minutes, I  peel one egg to make sure that the egg yolk is completely done. If not, I leave the rest of the eggs in the hot water for another few minutes.)  After that 20 minute time period,  pour off the hot water, rinse the eggs in cold water several times to stop the cooking process, and then let them sit in a bath of cold water for about 5-10 minutes. After draining,  store the eggs in the fridge until needed.  

Here’s another tip for hard cooked eggs-   Don’t use fresh eggs.  Did you know that older eggs will peel much easier than the fresh ones?  I use eggs that are at least a week old from the grocery store. And  I also never peel my eggs right away- the shells are more prone to stick when newly cooked.


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⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

How fabulous! Love your tablescape and vignette. Great photos too Sue.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Sue, love the plates and love that caddy. You filled it perfectly. Great idea with the book. That was a great buy on the caddy. I wish I could luck up on a bargain like that.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I'm so glad you found the lost plates because they are so cute!! Love the centerpiece also. I love hard boiled eggs and I use a method like yours. hugs, Linda

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Adorable plates Sue! Don't ya just hate it when you put something somewhere so you'll REMEMBER where it is and then... Lovin' the centerpiece and the book looks great! Since you have an extra setting, I'd love a Mimosa:@)

Terra said...

I was going to comment that the plates are adorable, and then as I saw each photo I thought everything here is fabulous, and I love the folded pages cylinder idea.
Even the table cloth and jelly beans scattered are artistic. Well done!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Glad you found your plates. I really like the table setting with the vignette you made with the wooden box, and what a great price.
I should have done more decorating for Easter/Spring this year, but other things going on.
Have a great week.

Lori E said...

I love that box. I am always attracted to old wooden toolboxes and stuff like that. Thanks for the egg primer. I often make deviled eggs for get togethers but don't like that dark color in the yolks.

Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

Such great finds and ideas! I have been on the look out for a wooden caddy like yours for a while. I love the way you have styled yours! The book cylinder also looks amazing!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hey Sue...Wow, you sound like a scientist with your egg yolk color explanation! I didn't know that...learn something new everyday! I love the cubby holder and I love that book idea! It looks really cool in the wood cubby with the egg shell on top! Hope you didn't get blowed away today! The wind was so bad over here that the power in Walmart went out while we were shopping! Everyone had to check out before the emergency generators turned off the cash registers! It was so dark in there! Have a beautiful Easter with your hubby!~Hugs, Patti

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I'm going to have to try your method! And get some older eggs. I have a tough time peeling them without taking all the white off.

That caddy is fantastic! And ONE dollar! You can't beat that! I love how you've turned it into a centerpiece.

Cozy Little House said...

That's how I cook eggs too. Except I usually let them set for 30 minutes. You-are-on-a-roll with that treasure hunting and decorating. Your photos should be in a magazine!

Audra said...

Love those plates! I remember seeing those last year thinking what a darling tablescape they would make. Yours is wonderful, though I would be tempted to eat the jelly beans!

Thanks for the tips on how to boil eggs, I am always messing up more whites by peeling them and leaving divots in them.

farmlady said...

Love that wood box. What a transformation! Beautiful.
Thanks for the info on hard boiled eggs. I have chickens and I know that fresh eggs are hard to peel. Waiting a week or so does work. I didn't know why they turn gray sometimes.
This is a sweet Easter post. Thanks.

Olive Cooper said...

Sue, your plates are too cute. We are a two method egg boiling family. Joe boils his forever and gets the ring and I do the method you use. We argue about the proper way all the time. The 17 minute method is the most correct I say! ♥O

Miss Char said...

I am in love with your centerpiece!!!!! The catty is such a find and all of the components you placed in it look fabulous together. I'm gonna give the book cylinder a try tomorrow. Thanks so much for sharing and the great ideas.

PAT said...

I love those plates, Sue! The caddy is fabulous too!

Babs said...

Sue, WOW! You really hit the jack pot with your thrifting. The Easter dishes are so cute and I love the wooden caddy. They are so popular now. I saw one the other day for $49. No way was I going to pay that.
I really like how you decorated it.
Hope you have a great week and a blessed Easter.
~ Babs

blessedmom's simple home said...

Great thrifty items and those little plates are adorable! I make my eggs the same way, but never knew that about the older eggs peeling better. I always wondered why some did fine and others gave me trouble. Thanks for the tip :-)

A Hint of Home said...

The plates are adorable! Glad you found them. What a great price on them.
Your centerpiece is soooooo cute.
How creative you are. The book is a great idea.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Cute plates, love the vintage tote! I cook my eggs the same way, except I only let them sit 10-12 minutes before plunging them in an ice bath and they come out perfect every time.

Carol said...

LOL, glad you found the plates, now if only I could find my pot!
I love what you did with the caddy, so creative, it looks fantastic all dressed up :)

Emily@LovelyBeasts said...

Love the thrifted book cylinder creation. It looks great! Thanks for sharing how you did it!

Stacey said...

Sue, that all came together beautifully! Yes I have have greenish gray eggs before...ick!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Sue, you are still creating beautiful vignettes around your house! What a pretty table, my fave is that wooden caddy & what you did with it is gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by & supporting the party!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Sue! The plates are adorable and I love the caddy. What a beautiful vignette you created and the book idea is wonderful.

tammylovesdishes said...

Your centerpiece vignette is really sweet. Cute little plates, too!

Debbie Moore at Slice of Pie Entertaining and Cookbooks said...

I love what you did with your wooden caddy ... and the paperback book. I remember making Christmas trees with books ... that way. Great post. Thanks for sharing ... Happy Easter!

Picket said...

Ohhhhh I so love that wooden caddy and what you did with the old paperback book pages! Looks fantastic....Have a beautiful Easter...Picket

Sue said...

Hi Sue,
Aren't you glad you found your sweet little plates? Your table is darling. You got a real bargain on your crate, and you filled it perfectly.
I cook my eggs exactly the same way ~ perfect every time.
Have a great day.

Erin said...

This is terrific Sue!!! I love those plates, but my fave thing is that box, that is awesome..and that cylinder of pages with the egg top is super clever and unique, LOVE IT!!!

Kathleen said...

Glad you found your plates. Yur Spring decor is just lovely!

I have tried 5 diff methods for the eggs since I asked that ques on my blog a few weeks ago. I always buy my eggs 3 weeks ahead to save for Easter, but we hate the green, and when the shell sticks. Howevah, we don't like to wait a few hours to peel them .
I just bought a new gadget at WS. I told them if they didn't come out perfect, it is going back!
I'll let you know if your method works for me!

Kathleen said...

Do you let the eggs come to room temp first before boiling, or right from the frig? Varying opinions on that!

Amber Victoria's Cottage said...

I LOVE that caddy. You have made it into a thing of beauty as a centerpiece.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I hate it when that something and then can't find it! Glad you found those darling plates. Your caddy was quite a coup and that folded pages clever! You know, I always thought that old hard boiled eggs peeled better but since I have had my chickens I discovered that eggs taken from the nest the same day they are boiled peeled very nicely....go figure! Happy Easter Sue. xo

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your ideas and the tips for cooking eggs! ♥

Shelia said...

Hi Sue! OH, I'm so glad you found your precious little Easter plates! What a cute table you've set up. Love the olden tray with the cubies! I want something like that.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

janet said...

Somehow You got lost on my blogs to follow????

Happy to be back now. Love the new header.

Janet xox

Ana said...

Hi Sue,
What a sweet Easter table setting...Love the cute little bunny and chick plates and what a deal! Oh, and thank you so much for the tip on cooking hard boiled eggs...I don't ever seem to get it right. Next time I'll try your tips. Have a wonderful day.

Hugs and Kisses,

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

This is so cute. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas! Have a great day.

Diann said...

Sue, this looks absolutely wonderful. Your table is set so cute and that old box is fabulous with all the fun things inside! I love your book makeover! thanks in advance for joining me for TTF!

Barb@curlywillowdiy said...

Hi Sue! I just found your blog through the linky parties and I'm now following. I think your folded pages book cylinder is brilliant. I don't think I've ever seen that done before. Great idea!

xinex said...

Hi Sue! You win for the most creative centerpiece today, so pretty and original. You win for the most thrifty too! Love your table...Christine

Sarah said...

Sue, I'm glad you found those precious plates. Can't believe you got them for 50 cents each. What a deal! They are really cute and made me smile. Beautiful table. Happy Easter! ~ Sarah

Scribbler said...

I love it all! FYI -- and you may have seen this -- in the new Country Living, there is a photo of a lamp, clear glass with a book thing that looks like yours inside! It is a very cool idea I thought. Your table is wonderful.

At The Picket Fence said...

Oh, Sue that book idea was genius!!! Your entire tablescape is just lovely and I feel so inspired to try something different for my own centerpiece. Thank you so much for linking this up and for being such a lovely friend to the girls at the Fence! :-)
Easter blessings to you,

The Tablescaper said...

I'm so glad you found these darling plates. I would have been a shame if they had been truly lost. Love your little vignette. Great bargain.

Have a happy Easter. Hope to see you at Seasonal Sundays.

- The Tablescaper

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi there Sue~ I just love your sweet treasures! The caddy is darling and the moss covered basket is so charming!! Love how you have displayed everything~ thanks for the egg tip too- I just boiled some today and bet they were overcooked! Lol!! Thanks for sharing at FNF! :) Happy Easter!

At The Picket Fence said...

Oh I love it Sue! You made such a beautiful centerpiece with that caddy. I bet that humble little caddy never knew it would have it so good one day at Sue's house! Everything looks so beautiful. Happy Easter to you sweet friend!


Marlis said...

Love your sweet plates. What a great find. The tray is fabulous. I'm getting dizzy just thinking of all the wonderful uses! Happy Easter. Please come visit if you have a chance, I'm having a monogrammed napkin giveaway!


WOW!, such great centerpiece, I love it! Beautiful and fun tablescape! Your adorable plates are a terrific find, the tray is really my very fav! Thanks for sharing.
Happy Easter.

The Tablescaper said...

Hope you're enjoying your Easter. Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

- The Tablescaper

Entertaining Women said...

Glad you found those darling plates. The old wooden tray is wonderful, and I'm excited about the possibilities for the paperback cool! Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay