Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Little Peek at Paula’s Line


One of the highlights of our trip to the High Point Furniture Market last week was meeting Paula Deen, the “Queen of Southern Cuisine.” Her line at Universal Furniture was just so pretty. It’s a blend of  several southern styles- from laid back comfort, all the way to old world elegance.  I wish I had been able to take more photos, but as you may recall, I was dealing with the husband’s Blackberry, since I had left my camera at home.  In fact, I inadvertently left the phone in camera mode and drained the battery, not to mention causing some of the apps to fail! Only me……   But I feigned ignorance and told the husband that there must be something wrong with the camera mode, since he had had an issue with it a couple of days before.   Only after I charged his battery that night did I let on that I  just might have  had something to do with his over-heating phone….. 



Now don’t forget that you have until  9:00 EDT, Sunday evening to enter the drawing for Paula’s decorating book.  I’ll post the winner’s name on Monday. Click on the link above to enter.
fireplace filled with books
This fireplace was in one of the showroom displays and I thought it was such a clever and spontaneous idea for an unused fireplace. Piles of haphazardly stacked books stuffed into the firebox opening….  Since I am such a big fan of all things unique and quirky, I loved this look! 
bar, paula deen

Cocktails, anyone?   The shelves underneath held wine bottles just perfectly in the spaces between the slats. And if someone didn’t want to use it as a bar, he/she could use it as a simple storage unit in the kitchen or a casual dining area.  Pots, pans, bowls, and linens could be displayed on the shelves.  I think it could be a very versatile piece.






console, paula deen

Mixing woods is definitely not something to be afraid of.  This dark finished console/buffet, complete with three pull-out  wicker baskets, was paired with a dining set in a much lighter finish.  I liked the worn and weathered wood finish of the chair in the foreground. We saw weathered wood in almost every showroom we visited. 






settee, paula deen

Here’s another example of mixing woods in the same room setting. Note the dark finish on the entertainment center on the left and on the settee.  The legs on the chair on the right have a honey colored finish, while the cocktail table has a weathered look.  






paula deen desk

We saw this style of desk in quite a few showrooms. Its base is reminiscent of  sawhorse legs, but with shelves and drawers for storage.  There was a shelf connecting the two “legs.”  Every time we saw a similar desk, we’d laugh and say, “there’s the Paula Deen look.”  I bet Susie Harris could easily whip me up these wooden signs, don’t you think?






china cabinet, paula deen

I liked the combination of the two different stains on this china cabinet. The drawers and shelf facings were done in the lighter weathered finish, while the body of the cabinet and the glass door fronts were in the darker finish.  Do you see the iron door latch? It’s like a gate latch.  How fun!






peach basket chandy

Check out the home-made chandies in this dining room.   They look like peach baskets! The slats are alternated so the light can shine through. One slat is nailed from the inside, while the next one is nailed on the outside.  Clever, clever…..






daybed, paula deen

And here’s the daybed I ordered for one of my guestrooms. I like the fact that I won’t need to buy a special daybed cover for the mattress.  I can just tuck in a simple coverlet or quilt and be done with it.  Easy peasy!  The two drawers underneath will provide much needed storage.

BTW…….   Did you happen to notice the abundance of neutrals in all these rooms? 


       I’ll have more photos from market to show you soon. 


La said...

Did you feel like a little girl in a toy store?

Pat said...

Oh my...I love it all, Sue!

Barbara F. said...

Leave it to that Paula Deen - peach basket chandies - cool! xo,

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Sue, I love the daybed you ordered, and I am drooling over that piece that is used as a bar. It is so much fun to get to go to market with you. laurie

Pamela said...

I LOVE the fireplace. What a fun trip this must have been. I'm so happy you were able to enjoy it.


Balisha said...

I love the daybed too. Neutrals are certainly in.If I could do my house over...I would go with those too. Love the shabby look...hubby doesn't.

Pam said...

The daybed is gorgeous. I need to get one for my guest room. I am tired of the full size bed that's in there and I never have more than single guests in that room. Love the photos. Sorry that you "may have" messed up the Blackberry!

Jo said...

Love the daybed! and all that storage underneath! I like the peach basket type chandies too

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I read your post to "C" about what you did to your husband's blackberry...he got a kick out of I bet that was lots of fun looking at all that furniture!~Hugs, Patti

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Great stuff. I have been seeing those unique lights in different shops. Mostly baskets.

Blondie's Journal said...

I love it all, Sue...especially the 'peach basket' light fixtures...perfect for my house at the lake. I use those bushel barrels there everywhere, for everything!!

Thanks for the tour!


alice said...

I like this pictures very much. The Peach basket chandy and fireplace full with books looks very funny. Its some pics which are hardly seen.

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Twice as Nice said...

If I were in the furniture biz it wouldn't be for long because I'd be buying more that selling. I don't know how you do it. I paint and change things often so I know I'd be dangerous if I could get my hands on some furniture. You must be very disciplined. I think I would have taken it all home!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love that daybed! I love her style and the sweet slow southern charm of it all!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Sue! I am so envious that you got to go to market. Looks like some great displays and I love the daybed you ordered. I see a DIY coming up for basket chandys.

Jemsmom said...

Hey Sue!!! What beautiful pieces! I am in love with the basket chandy! Sweet!

A Hint of Home said...

I did notice all the neutrals. Very pretty but I still like color.
I love your new daybed. Love the lines on it and so nice to have the storage. Have a great weekend!

Jo said...

What a fun trip. So many goodies ... love the look. I too noticed the neutrals as I'm painting our family room a soft creme after years of color.


Lori E said...

I really like this style. The bar piece is wonderful. Your day bed is great too. These pieces all are right up my alley.

Kathleen said...

Love the daybed! I don't know about the books stuffed in the fireplace though!

Carol said...

Love the daybed, and those chandeliers! Definitely a lot of style in all those rooms! I love neutrals!

bj said...

I love love love stores like this. I am lovin those basket chandies..and the signs..Susie is my favorite sign maker.:))
I am having weird things happening this morning..every time I click on your button to sign up for the giveaway, it takes me to MY dashboard. What the heck......

Rettabug said...

Very calm & soothing! My living room & dining room are both in beige/cream/ivory/muted tones. I love it & when something very bright in color gets put in the Easter table I'm working really jars my eyes. I like calm!!

Love the latch on that hutch/china! Love your new daybed, too!!!!!!

Cozy Little House said...

Boy, that Paula Deen woman is talented. The next Martha. I'm so glad markets are figuring out that we like weathered rather than bright shiny and new looking!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Sue, I LOVED all of this! And Paula Deene is such a doll! I love her furniture line! LOVE IT! The daybed you got is just perfect! I would lose my mind in a place like that! So many ideas!

Glad you had fun!

Lou Cinda

Erin said...

LOVE that daybed and I am so happy that you got know, in case I pop over for a stay,lol! Love what you have shown us, and I can't wait to see more of her line:)