Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meeting the Pioneer Woman on a Buckeye Blogger Outing….


I had the pleasure of meeting Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, at a book signing in Columbus on Saturday.  I met up with Ohio blog pals, Cindy, Lori, and La, for a day of shopping at Scott’s Antique Show, lunch, and a some quality girl talk while waiting for Ree to sign the books we bought. 


                                      My Book Signing Buckeye Blogger Friends….

       cindy    lori    la

                           Cindy                                                        Lori                                                               La

Our little group of Buckeye Bloggers found the perfect place to wait for our assigned color group to be called to take our place in line – we were directly in front of the signing table. It was the perfect vantage point to witness Ree‘s graciousness to her many waiting fans.

I have to agree wholeheartedly with La’s take on Ree. In her blog post, La wrote,  “…. She was delightful and engaging.  She was genuine, sweet, and funny.”   When it was my turn to meet Ree and have her sign my book, I felt that she took a more than generous amount of time to speak with me.  It must have been a long, tiring weekend for her, having back to back signings in Cincinnati and Columbus;  but she was unrushed and made me feel so welcome!




la, ree, and me 

                                                        photo courtesy of  La

When La and I got up to the table to meet Ree, it was almost 6 p.m. and Ree had been signing books since about 2:00.  There was still another large group behind us, so I’d venture to say that the last of the crowd didn’t leave until well after 7 p.m.   But I’d lay money that Ree was as cheerful then as she was when she first started! 

Oh, and I can assure you that those major droopy eyes of mine weren’t due to cocktails at lunch-  I’ve had a head/chest cold for almost a week now. I’ve been reading that many of you have been enduring a bug, as well.  I do think I’m starting to turn the corner, though; I’m not hacking as much as I was over the weekend, but now I’m sneezing repeatedly! 






I purchased Ree’s cookbook, which has some yummy looking food pictures inside its covers. There are also some great photos of her cattle ranch and her family.  The first thing I’m going to try fromthe book is her Olive Cheese Bread, shown below.  So what if it’s laden with more than a few calories? I’m rationalizing that I’ll just ride my stationary bike extra hard to make up eating some all of  it!




                                                            ooey gooey cheese……

olive cheese bread

                                           Photo courtesy of  Pioneer Woman Website.


                       Doesn’t this bread look positively delish?

 It was such a fun outing for the four of us, even though Lori and Cindy had to leave the book signing early. Cindy had to get home to a puppy dog and Lori had to meet her family.  I’m really glad that I stuck out the wait with La and was able to meet Ree. 

We’re all looking forward to our next get-together in the spring, when we’re hoping more Ohio bloggers will be able to join us in Marysville for another fun outing at the French Hen Farm barn sale.  Of course, if we find someplace to visit before that, I don’t think any of us would mind.

I’ll have to show you some of the purchases that I brought home from my weekend shopping adventure.  I only bought one small item at Scott’s, but Cindy delivered some pretty transferware to me from her Etsy Shop.   Until that post, I’ll just be drooling over all the food pictures in Ree’s book…..                   



Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

It does sound like you all had a fun time Sue! PW is one of my heros:@) Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Suesan said...

Looks like you gals had a fun time. Be sure to let me know when you have your spring adventure. I'd love to join you.

Our family is finally getting over all the sickness we've had. No fun. I hope you're feeling better.

Jo said...

GET OUT!!!!...I love Ree Drummond(her blog)..and her
cookbook(I have it).
Love this, wish I was there!
I would have loved meeting up with you gurls!!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

HOW FUN!!~ Looks wonderful...I wish I could meet you gals too sometime! XO

Karen said...

Okay, I am now convinced that I need to buy this cookbook. Others blogged about The Pioneer Woman and periodically I do go to her blog, but I have enjoyed more of the "home-grown" blogs. I know she started out that way and I do think that she is very endearing.
Have a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing your experience with us blogland.
Ladybug Creek

dogsmom said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to pass a day. It has been quite a while since I had a chance to go "bumming" with friends.
And for Ree to agree to sign books for hours on end! The book signings I have been to abruptly end after 90 minutes at the most.

Wishing you a speedy recovery from feeling ill.

Beth Rutter said...

I am SO jealous!! I was just across the street on campus for grad class when Ree was in town. All I could think of during class was sneaking out and meeting Ree. So I will just live vicariously through you!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Now that sounds like a great day! How wonderful to hear that Ree is as delightful in person as she is on her blog.

Twice as Nice said...

I've seen Ree on the Today show a few times and genuine is the first word that come s to mind for me. I'd love to meet her.
Looks like it was a fun girls day out. It doesn't get any better than that.

Turley Times said...

Very cool! I love PW's cookbook. I only make pot roast using her method now.


Bella Michelle said...

What a super fun weekend!!! It sounds like you girls just had a perfect blog friend visit!

A Hint of Home said...

Oh, what fun to meet Ree! Hubby and I met her in Atlanta last year. I posted about it on my blog back then. We waited a while but it was worth it.
She was not rushed and very funny!
Plus, we got a great get-away night in Atlanta.
Glad you had fun!
Thanks for the tip on the dishes.

A Hint of Home said...

Oh, what fun to meet Ree! Hubby and I met her in Atlanta last year. I posted about it on my blog back then. We waited a while but it was worth it.
She was not rushed and very funny!
Plus, we got a great get-away night in Atlanta.
Glad you had fun!
Thanks for the tip on the dishes.

Jo said...

The bread is to die for.....I didn't add the mayo and it tasted great and reduced some of the fat

Jo said...

Hope you are feeling better soon...we had the crud in this house - my hsb had an awful dose of it - and I'm glad its gone now

Brenda Kula said...

Oh, sounds like such fun! I have her cookbook. (Course it's not autographed!)

At The Picket Fence said...

How fun Sue! Everything I have ever heard about her is positive and this just confirmed that. Sounds like you guys had a fabulous time! :-)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds like your had a fun time. Looking forward to seeing what you bought.
Hope you are feeling better. A lot of that "bug" stuff is going around.

Blondie's Journal said...

What a great time! Meeting a blogger/author with bloggers! I love the pictures and I have the cookbook. Love it!


farmlady said...

Glad you had such a good time with your friends and got to meet the famous Ree.
I'll bet her book is great.

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

How fun!!! I think Ree is awesome! I want to get her book she just wrote as well about life on the ranch and the Marboro Man!

Thank you for by Birthday wishes :)

Lou Cinda

Alicia said...

I love Ree! So glad you got to meet her and get a photo with her. I went to a book signing for Apolo Ohno the Olympic gold medal winner in speed skating and they just herded us through.

Miss Char said...

Sue, your day sounds like a perfect one....well except for being a little under the weather. What better medicine than friends, shopping and meeting PW.

Oh and I think that bread could cure anything, yum. Thanks for sharing.

Balisha said...

I've been hearing about the Pioneer Woman on several blogs. I'll have to check out the cookbook. That bread looks divine.Women always have the best time together. Glad your cold is getting better. I was out for the first time in over a week felt so good.
Hugs, Balisha

xinex said...

How fun to meet and shop with blogging friends, Sue. You all look so lovely and happy. And yes that bread looks yummy!...Christine

Jemsmom said...

What fun!!!! A group of us South Carolina girls are trying to get together soon! I would love to meet Ree! She always seems so positive and fun! Sounds like a great weekend! Feel better soon! My hubby had the flu, I mean flu with 103 temp, chillls, the works, and I had pink eye! Thank goodness, Jemma didn't get sick... knock on wood!

thestonerabbit said...

That just sounds like SO much fun! First, it would be awesome to hook up with so many blogging buddies all at once, then to MEET Ree on top of that! Well...that's just double awesome! She always seems so sweet on the TV appearances I've seen of her.

I have attended two book signings. One for Martha Stewart several years ago. She was in KC talking to Hallmark and a signing had been arranged at one of our little book stores. She was beautiful and very gracious. The second was with Mary Engelbreit....also at that little bookstore! She, too, was so sweet and happily signed books, posters, cards, etc. and posed for tons of photos.

Hope you get to feeling better soon!!!


Kathleen said...

Great! Looks like you had a good time! Can't wait to see what you bought. Hope you are feeling better.
I am mending, 2nd trip to the doc yesterday.

The Tablescaper said...


It sounds like a wonderful time. Love your new header.

- The Tablescaper

Mary Ellen said...

Sounds like you had a great time even with a cold-- hope your better soon!

bee blessed

Lori E said...

The very first blog I ever read was Ree's. I didn't know what a blog was. I figured out how to leave a comment then I noticed that all the comments had some sort of link in them. Really? What are these?
After clicking on a few I was hooked. I figured out how to get started and have just passed my two year mark with my blogs.
I wonder how many blogs out there are the direct result of The Pioneer Woman blog?
My husband gave me her cookbook for Christmas though I have made many of her recipes already.
I am so thrilled for her success as she seems to be a genuinely fabulous person.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

how fun! Y'all look so cute, and I'm so glad to know that she is such a nice person. I am so jealous of y'all. laurie

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Some of us New England Bloggers are planning a get together! I'll have to be on the lookout for that cookbook!


La said...

Holy Cow! I look positively sinister. Hahaha.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

What a fun time. I've just discovered Ree, and I feel like I must've been out of touch forever, not knowing of her before :-) That dish looks delicious!

Sherrie said...

What a fun weekend!
Have a beautiful day!

Pam said...

My favorite is Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich. My husband thought I was genious when I made that one. I like her meatloaf too, but I can't get past all the bacon on it. Glad you had fun. I don't know if I could have waited that long without a cocktail in one hand.

Pam @ Frippery said...

Looks like a blast. I would love to meet up at the Barn Sale. I will probably be out of my cast by then and able to cruise!