Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Heat Wave and Thawing Icicles


Could it be true? Could we be experiencing a heat wave of sorts? I thought so yesterday when we reached a whopping 41 degrees in the early afternoon! The sun was shining and I kept hearing a thunking sound outside the front door. I investigated and found that that the noise was the melting icicles from the roof that were crashing down onto the sidewalk.


thawing icicles

The home health care delivery man had just arrived and stepped back from the doorway when a large icicle came crashing down in front of him. If he had not moved only seconds before, he would have been the victim of an icicle attack.  Thank goodness, because those suckers are pointy and sharp and he really could have been hurt. 



lethal icicles

The icicle on the left looks a bit skinny from this angle, but from another vantage point inside my front hallway window, we could see that it was about 7 or 8 inches wide at the top and about  4 feet long!  We’ve never had icicles hanging from the gutters before. But with all the snow and the freezing and unfreezing cycles we’ve encountered, they just kept growing.



In this picture, you can actually see the roof. Up until yesterday, it had been thoroughly covered with deep snow, making it seem like a thick thatched roof over in Ireland, except that it looked as if it was covered with thick, billowy puffs of cotton!

I’m all for a thaw, let me tell you! I want blue skies, warmer weather, and SPRING!!  I think many of us are ready for winter to be over. My sister-in-law came by to visit yesterday, and while she kept Mr. S company, I made a quick stop into  a Marshall’s store yesterday to see that the shelves were filled with pretty spring things- Easter bunnies, nests, flowers, fresh colors….   And of course, things for St. Paddy’s Day next month!  Who can forget the lucky Irish? 

We certainly feel lucky that  things are going better here in the Sullivan household. Mr.S is making improvements. He is now using a CPM machine to help his knee get some flexing motion into it. It is designed to slowly bend his knee and eventually get him into a  90 degree position. He is supposed to spend four hours a day in it, and he can sit up in bed and watch television or read while it works. Of course, he continues to do his therapy exercises in addition to this. And ever the fitness instructor, I pull rank and play the role of drill sergeant to make sure he does them correctly!

Hope to be back soon to let you know what’s going on. Although I may not always have time to comment, just know I am still trying to visit you to see what’s going on in your world. I wish I could have had time to participate in Marty’s cloche party, but I will be looking forward to her next one. By then, things should be less hectic around here. Thanks again for all of your prayers and good thoughts being sent our way!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ethereal Winter Wonderland



This is what we woke up to this morning- a fairytale forest of snow and ice on the trees. The ethereal beauty of it all made my heart sing and it uplifted my spirits, which lately have been down.



The calm and the peacefulness of the early morning let me know that all is eventually going to well in the world. We can, and will, get through the bad times. 

Mr. Sullivan has been steadily improving. He is on a twice daily administered IV antibiotic; he takes oodles of pills and is getting up several times a day to walk around the house, using either a walker or the crutches; he is learning that pain comes when he takes unused muscles beyond their expected capability; and he is realizing that the discomfort and pain will eventually result in stronger muscles that will once again support him.  It will be a long road of physical therapy and healing, but he is determined to get back to a fitness level that rivals his previous one. No, his plans probably won’t include running anymore, but spinning and working out on the eliptical trainer will be perfectly good substitutes- and without the pounding effects of jogging!  His diet is much improved, and his blood sugar levels are looking really well. He’s lost quite a bit of weight, so he hopes to put back on a few needed pounds. He’s working out with  hand weights while seated and he does his leg exercises while lying down to try and regain some muscle control in his quads.

We want to thank everyone for sending good thoughts and prayers our way and hope that you will continue to do so. I truly do believe that a higher power up above listens to all.  Faith can help to conquer all things difficult, and this will help, I know.

I’ll be back when I can to let you know what is going on, and hopefully to chronicle some improvements and achievements.  Until then, I hope that all is well in the world with all of you.

Lots of hugs and sincere appreciation, 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Quick update on Mr. Sullivan

Hi everyone. I finally had a minute to get online to post an update on Mr. S and what is going on with us. We had a rough week, getting acclimated to a rigid schedule of meds and eating. I am NOT a schedule type person- I fly by the seat of my pants, most days. Except when I have a deadline, then I am a completely different person. LOL
He has good days and bad days... Pain is always a constant- the infection is still in his leg; his incision is healing, and he is trying to get his blood sugar under control with diet and the addition of oral meds. The past few days, we have cut back on the insulin injections because he is on a sliding scale for his sugar levels. That is an accomplishment. I am administering the IV antibiotic through a catheter in his chest twice a day and I am chief cook, nurse, and bottle washer, as the old saying goes... It can get tiring, and I have trouble resting when he is. I was that way when our son Dan was a baby, too.
Anyway, I try to visit you on Reader when I can. Please forgive me if I don't always comment. I'm here and just want to keep up with what I can. Again, we truly appreciate the continuation of all your good thoughts and prayers for us. The sun is shining today and I hope my mood will reflect that soon....
lots of hugs to you all, Sue