Saturday, October 2, 2010

Road Trip to a Farm



Took a little road trip with Mr. Sullivan on Friday and ended up in Marysville, Ohio at a barn sale. French Hen Farm was having a sale in its untraditionally cool barn. 


scary mirror

Mr. S  was admiring some Halloween decor and I caught his reflection in this eerie mirror.

This is just a little preview. I’ll post later to show you what we found. Right now, I’ve got a bad case of vertigo and my head feels like it did last November when I bonked it and suffered that closed head injury.  I’m dizzier than I normally am on a daily basis.  Oh wait, that’s DITZIER….     *grin*

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone.



Kathleen said...

Hi Sue,
Today is the first day it has felt like Fall. Just so crisp and clear!
I posted about the farm too, but I only bought veggies!
PLEASE, take care of yourself!
You are def a head case!

Kathleen said...

Forgot to say, that is a super shot of Mr. S. He is looking fine! :)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Handsome husband there. I have been having vertigo on and off this past week, too. Hope you feel better.

Jo said...

Take care of yourself, girl!Put your feet up and get some rest! Love the pix of Mr S

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Wait, wait, did you end up in Marysville when you said you were going to Lancaster? That's at the other end of Rt.33?? I guess there is a story there, right? Looks like an interesting barn sale...I want to see what you bought! I am sorry you are feeling dizzy again...maybe it's the change in weather playing havoc with your sinus? Take care! ~Hugs, Patti

Polly said...

Hi Sue! Glad you made it to the barn sale!!

Hope you are feeling better soon! I am myself sick in bed as I write this. I'm sure it's a nasty head cold due to this crazy weather change.

Can't wait to see what you bought!!