Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thrifty Finds at the End of the Season…



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I finally went out thrifting  after a two week hiatus. I think I was starting to go through withdrawal! I had been feeling a bit downtrodden about going to any sales because for several weeks in a row, I hadn’t been finding much of anything, even though I was logging lots of miles driving around town. So I’m really glad that I went out last week, because I lucked into a few finds that ended up being perfect for my fall decorating.

wooden box

I found this great wooden box for a $5.00- I’m not sure what its original use was.  But I liked it for an outdoor fall display. If it gets rained on, I’m not too worried- its finish is worn, as it is.



The box had a name stenciled onto its side, and it looked really old and used; but I had no luck when I attempted to look it up.  I can only wonder what it was used for. 

Edited to add:  Lori E from Family Trees May Contain Nuts just e-mailed me with some information on the original owner of this box. Lori is experienced in genealogy research and she took it upon herself to try and find out who H.M. Lair really was. She has access to sites I do not, and she was able to check the 1910 through the 1930 US census to find that Lair was born in New Jersey and was a merchant in Ludlow Falls, Ohio who sold shoes.  Thanks for the information, Lori! 



The basket was a nice find for a dollar. It has a hinged top and swinging handles. Here, I filled it with a little of nature’s bounty.



I love the simple closure.



My find of the week was this historic old ledger from 1881. I showed it in this post.  I thought it was a fantastic bargain for just under $17.00.


pen nibs

A small glass salt cellar holds old pen nubs. It was only $1.49.


Now I have absolutely no clue as to what this metal thing is! It was just a piece of junk that I found in a pile and thought looked interesting. I decided to fill it with various natural materials to complement a tablescape. Not a bad accessory for a quarter! 



I”m glad I got re-energized for thrift shopping once again. I hope the weather stays nice, because once the weather turns colder, the yard sales just stop. So I’ll be waiting for the ads again this week, but with my luck there will be an abundance of sales and I’ll be on petit jury duty! I have to show up at the county courts building bright and early tomorrow morning to see if I am selected to do my civic duty. Hope your week is a good one!


Vanessa said...

Hi Sue! I love all of your finds! I was curious about the candle-holder in the first picture. Was that a previous thrifty find? It is so great and adds so much character to your vignette! I'm in a season of life where I am limited on the time I can take to go out "thrifting" so I will have to live vicariously through all of you for now! :-)

Lori E said...

Well Ethel from what I can find H M Lair was a merchant in Ohio > Miami > Union > District 122 > 8 on the 1910 right through to 1930 census and our dear Mr. Lair sold shoes.
Ludlow Falls was in Miami district of Ohio. Mr. Lair was born in New Jersey.
What fabulous finds you have this week. Wow.

La said...

You find the most interesting and unique treasures on your shopping excursions.

Have a wonderful week, Sue! La

Patti said...

Might that "metal thing" be a bread pan? Love how you have it decorated!

Jo said...

Love the metal holder. You could use it for many things. Not sure what it could be but that is what makes it unique!

Secret Garden Cottage said...

Wow Sue... your really scored on your treasure hunts! I LOVE that old wooden box, the tin thingamajig, and my favorite... the antique ledger!! I'm lovin' all your fall decorating, too.
Have a great weekend!
Hugs ~ Jo :)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Love what you did with the "metal thingie" and for a quarter you really did good. :D I really like the salt cellar. Glad Lori found the info. on the wooden box for you. Not much thrifting for me with other things going on.
Have a great week.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sue...I actually like that "metal thingy" on the table! I love how you used different fall material to fill it...looks so interesting! I have not been to a single garage sale for weeks. Too many family and friends committments of late. Going to start fall decorating this week!~Hugs, Patti

Jemsmom said...

Neat finds and how sweet of Lori to find out that info for you!

Turley Times said...

I love that wooden box you found! It looks great on your stoop. I haven't done anything to decorate my front stoop yet and I've lived in my new house for only six months. Maybe I will have to go bargain hunting and if I am lucky I will find something as awesome as you did!


Shelia said...

Hi Sue! Oh, everything looks wonderful and your really have an eye for setting up vignettes.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Sue, you found some great things. Love the old box and that is neat that Lori could get that info for you. Love your fall display and what a great basket, too. Can't have too many baskets.

shannon i olson said...

I love that metal do-hicky! what a fun find. you got some great things. I get torn between thinking I have too much stuff and withdrawal of needing a bargain find!

Mumzie said...

Fabulous finds Sue! Love the box and your pumpkin display. If there's a bargin, you will find it! Yvonne :)

Tardevil said...

LOVE the box...jealous! :) That basket looks great too w/ all the veggies. Like the 'thingamabob' too. Almost looks like it could have held change or hardware (nails, screws, etc.). What-ev-a it is, it looks great.

Alicia said...

I really love that last thing Sue. I wonder what it really is. You did such a great job coming up with something to use it as

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Sue, those are some really great finds! Love your Fall display & all the pics, which are always so pretty. You do a great job with your camera. That box is too cool!

dogsmom said...

I have said many time before I adore wood in its naural state and I am a huge fan of sutumn colors and pumpkins and gourds. But what grabbed me in the first photo is the candle stand. Gorgeous!

Aren't bloggers the best when it comes to sharing resources and information!? Great job Lori.

Visiting here and seeing your great finds brightens my day.

Manuela@TPOH said...

Hi Sue!

I love all your finds especially that old ledger!


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

You did get lucky last week...great finds! I love the box.

Sue said...

The old ledger is great...did it come with the old letters...I love to find old letters and envelopes but I really like what you did with the tin looks great on your table..

Brenda Kula said...

Oh, I would have grabbed up that box in a heartbeat. I've been rabid for boxes for as long as I can remember. You made it all look beautiful.

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Sue, you got some great things there. I especially like the pen nubs and the ledger - how fun! Thanks for the suggestion on the contrasting trim on my chairs. Linda

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Great finds there! I love the little tin thingy you found! So charming!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment! :)