Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baskets and Colorful Pottery


After a discouraging Thursday  shopping excursion of nothing but what I called “dud” sales,  I ventured out on Saturday morning for one last try.   I knew the neighborhood looked familiar- the homeowner had held a sale back in the spring. This sale did not disappoint and my purchases came to only $10.00.


tureen 2

I grabbed this Italian tureen just as a sudden downpour started and the tarps came out.  The colors in the pottery are so vibrant and happy.




It got placed  in the kitchen hutch, where I’ll soon be switching out all the existing white dinnerware to the rust and green fall dishes. I know the season hasn’t changed yet, but I’m anxious to have a new look.






I love the pattern and the color of this covered jar made in Spain. I haven’t used any blues in my kitchen decor for a few years. I guess I’ll have to unearth the few pieces I have put away because I’m really liking this hue right now.  Isn’t it funny how our tastes change so easily?

I’ve finally learned NOT to get rid of things when I get tired of them. I could still kick myself for hauling three car loads to the Goodwill last year after my yard sale!





A basket duo completed my shopping finds. They are lightweight and highlighted with a patina of green along the edges. Perfect for stashing away odds and ends.


Hope everyone has a great week ahead!


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PAT said...

Sue these are absolutely beautiful find! I never have this kind of luck!

Jo said...

I love your finds, sorry to hear Thurs was a bust...I did find some things at Goodwill Outlet Sat. will be posting next week. I went to a few yd sales, slim pickins..I esp like the boxes - always looking for away to hide bad we can't find something to hide

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Sue:
Happy Sunday. With a home that has a lot of blue and white, you'd have to know how much I love your covered jar. I also love the new tureen you bought. What a score!
See you again soon.

Secret Garden Cottage said...

You found some lovely pieces, Sue! You know I love all things white, but you can tell a beautiful piece when you see it, and these are beautiful!
Have a great day!
~ Jo :)

Debbie said...

Sue your pieces ALL would look outstanding in my ya know just in case you get tired of them! Love the tureen, really pretty. THanks for joining in this week, Have a great day!!~ Debbie

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Gorgeous pottery! I love the blue and white especially.

xinex said...

Did you really just pay $10 for all of those? OMG, Sue, I would have been happy to pay 10 times more. What a loot!..Christine

Dawn said...

Wonderful pieces Sue. Those baskets have a lot of character! But please! No tales of decluttering regrets! I'm trying my best to dig out here and now I just want to run back to good will and buy my donations back, again! I may need professional help! LOL!

Blondie's Journal said...

You hit the big time Sue! The soup terrain and vase are gorgeous...I have been on the hunt for a tureen. Italy and Spain, my, my!! Love the old baskets, too.

GREAT deals. Hope all is well with you and your hubs. How is his knee?


Sue (Someone's Mom) said... did hit a great sale. I never see stuff that good around here.

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Sue, outstanding luck there....Italian pottery is always so well done, and the baskets are so useful, as well as attractive. Linda

Sharing with Sherri said...

Oh Sue what fabulous treasures you have found girl!! I would have grabbed those up in a second too!

I see we think alike about the baskets (those are so cute)! I love decorative items that can also double as storage for all those treasures I can't resist!!

I'm afraid that all my storage niches are are filled up right now, and it's time to part with some of my treaures again... But we must do it sometimes to make room for those new treasures, Right?! It really IS hard though!

Have fun decorating with your new treasures!

Hugs, Sherri;D

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

You found some beautiful items Sue. I've done the same thing too, gotten rid of things and then regretted it.
I'm having a little giveaway if you want to stop by and enter :-)

Susan said...

Sue, all your pieces are beautiful I especially love the Italian pottery.

Peggy said...

Love your blog and am green with envy over this beautiful Italian tureen. Great find! Peggy

Sweet as June said...

Those baskets are fabulous!!! Happy Sunday! ;)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Sue, you got all that for ten dollars. Durn girl you are good. Love the tureen and those wonderful baskets.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You did good! I could kick myself for a lot of things I got rid of years ago.

La said...

Sue ~ I adore that blue jar! How pretty it is. Although Thursday was a bust, it looks like Saturday made up for it.

I think we're all ready for fall, whether it is to change the decor in our homes or to just get a break from the heat and humidity.

Have a wonderful week, my friend! La

Manuela@TPOH said...

I love the colors in that tureen! What a wonderful find! Those baskets are fantastic. You did really well!!


Kathleen said...

10.00 for all of that? No Way!
I love the tureen and jar, so pretty!
Not ready for Fall yet here. We wait for summer all winter, so I don't want to rush it. I guess my days at the beach are numbered, but not till the end of Sept.

Jemsmom said...

Beautiful finds!!! That tureen is heavenly!!!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my goodness, what great treasures! I absolutely love that Italian tureen and your basket duo, would really look nice in my house!


Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

I adore the blue and white! You got some great stuff. If I go shopping, will you promise it will rain here?

Jo said...

I'm SO envious of you ~ that tureen is fabulous! What a lucky lady!


Kristen said...

Great finds - the tureen is perfect for fall!

Jennifer said...

Awesome finds sista!!! Love the baskets!

Marianne@Songbird said...

Oh what a wonderful finds. I really love that basket duo! You will have so much fun with those.
Have a great week and happy Fall decorating!

dogsmom said...

I don't believe I have anything made in Spain. That is something I will have to hunt for.
Love all the colors and patterns. Agree that you have to feel it is time for a color change, not go by the calendar.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sue...You were lucky with the pretty tureen that you found...and on a Thursday! I know that it will look great with all your fall items and colors. Isn't this cool down wonderful?? Love it! I haven't done any garage saling for a few weeks now. Weekends have been busy and just too hot. I know what you mean about getting rid of stuff that you later regret getting rid of....sad feeling, isn't it? Have a great week, Sue!~Hugs, Patti

Kathy said...

Sue - what great finds - and fun colors on the pottery! And, of course you can never have too much storage - the boxes are sweet!!

It's hard to know what to keep (put away) and what to get rid of, guess we need to invest in storage units! haha!!

Have a great day - and hope to see you at Springfield!! (Maybe you can go to dinner with us.)


Dee said...

I love your finds! I wondered why the Goodwill has so many great things for me to buy!! You must have just dropped some stuff off for me!

Jennifer said...

Love your soup tureen! Thanks for stopping by today. I love what you did with your tobacco basket! I have a few ideas for mine. Hopefully I can post about them soon!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Sue, I would have SO bought all of these beauties you came home with! That tureen is gorgeous, and I love anything blue and white. Your baskets are great, and I can't believe all of these were $10!! You go, girl! laurie

Rettabug said...

"I’ve finally learned NOT to get rid of things when I get tired of them. I could still kick myself for hauling three car loads to the Goodwill last year after my yard sale! " MEGA DITTO!!!! I did the same thing when we moved...TWICE...never again.

I still go looking for items that I've owned, only to realize I've pitched them. Grrrr!

I love what you found this week. That tureen is just beautiful & I, too, am ready for some fall colors & cooler weather.

Sue said...

great pottery....I never give anything away. I can't part with even one dish...I just got together a bag for Goodwill and I saw two saucers on the shelf in the garage....Nope I have to keep them...I'm a Dishaholic!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

The dud day sure got made up for on Saturday. Love it all Sue! Hope you are having a great week. xoxo

Susie Q said...

Love that tureen! And all your pretty Fall touches! You are WAY ahead of me (usually!) on decorating but I do so love Fall. Everything seems lighter and fresher to me...*sigh*
You have such delicious colors in your kitchen area. Makes me happy!
And I totally lovingthat basket duo you found!!