Monday, May 31, 2010

Bagging Some Bargains


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I’m joining three parties this week to showcase my bargains.

Please stop over to visit Leigh, Rhoda, and Linda by clicking on their buttons. Their participants love to show off their thrifting finds just as much as I do!

I knew it probably wouldn’t be the best week for yard sales, with the holiday and all, but I took a chance anyway.  I wasn’t wrong. Most of the sales were pretty much a bust for me. They just didn’t have what I go out looking for.

And I think I must have put 150 miles on the car over the course of the past three days, traipsing from one town to the next!  One saving grace was that I filled up the car and only paid $2.53 per gallon of gas. Does THAT qualify as a bargain?! 

This post will show you the bags of bargains I found at a sale being held only 5 miles down the road from me. It was a treasure trove of goodies and I now am asking myself , “WHY didn’t I hit this place first on Thursday?!”  I drove down to it on Saturday while the homeowners were packing up the leavings. They kindly let me poke through their garage and driveway as they boxed things up.  There was glassware galore, some furniture, and some great antiques.  They told me that anything I could fit into a plastic bag from the grocery store would be a dollar.! A dollar!!! Well, I didn’t want to appear too greedy, so I made some selective glassware selections and popped them into three bags.



I just loved the delicate base on these dessert cups. I found six of them. They will be perfect to use when serving pudding or fresh fruit.



Look at the details on the base of the cups.




I also found these  dessert dishes, which are a bit heavier than the last four and have a more traditional pattern.




Then there are these four sundae scoopers. I think I see hot fudge sundaes for dessert tonight!




I can use this simple glass serving plate for a multitude of things.  A cake, a pie, some cookies.  Hmmmmm….does that mean I have start baking?




Check out this coffee server. It has a ribbed design and is so tall!!  It was sitting on a ribbed plate and originally priced only $2 for the set. Now that would have been a bargain in itself, but tossed into a bag with some other plates, it qualified as a major bargain!



What a sweet pattern, don’t you think?




Something drew me to this little green pitcher and bowl. It’s tiny, maybe six inches tall, or so.  Its companion piece of a small covered dish is off to the right.


So there are my $3.00 worth of thrifting bargains for the week! Not a bad haul, don’t you agree?

I’ll have the rest of my  weekend finds posted soon. I hit a sale held out in the country 47 miles from me!  Nancy had some great stuff on display at her country farm near St. Paris, Ohio. Look for a post later in the week.



Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sue...Happy Memorial Day! I agree, garage sales were kind of a bust this weekend but we did hit a community one and I did get a couple of vintage linens, also a heart shaped serving plate(pink). My husband found a hanging light fixture for the basement so he was happy. You put a lot of miles on the car didn't you? That's alright, the thrill is in the hunt, right? lol Your serving glassware was a good deal! Love the detail on the bottoms of the top picture. I have 2 of those cut glass ones. We are just sitting here waiting for the rains to pass. The whole family is driving out from Cols today for a picnic. Hope for a dry period! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!~Hugs, Patti

kim said...

Sue, you found some great goodies. Love all the glassware you got. Good thing you stopped by that one after travelling all over. Sometimes the best sales are close by.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

You found some wonderful things, Sue!

Your little green set is Avon. I remember when those were new!

I have a couple of dessert dishes like your heavier ones and I have a couple of tall goblets like the others, with the little beaded detail. I love drinking iced tea in those glasses.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Hi Sue! Thanks for the link regarding cleaning vintage linen -- what a treasure to have that information!

And your glassware ROCKS. I remember two of those patterns from when I was a kid! Fabulous!

I made the most amazing score at Goodwill on Saturday -- still amazed -- will post on Tuesday.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Sue, you really scored on all of those things. You'll have plenty of dessert dishes now.

Shelia said...

Hi Sue! Oh, I think you did so well! What nice folks to let you almost steal those lovely things! Now I think the pattern on your first set of dessert glasses is called Candlewick. I have two candle sticks of this pattern. It's rather old too I believe.
Love the little green pitcher and underplate! Hope you're having a great Memorial Day!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You did do good!
Hope you are having a great day.
How is your Husband doing these days?

Lexi's Mommy said...

Great finds and only for $3?!?! Love it!!

Kathleen said...

We are going to have lots of desserts..great!
I love the first set..the details are so lovely!
Very busy weekend full since Fri.
Joe Biden was at Mass here yesterday..lots of celebs out here this weekend..Now some peace till the end of the month when it gets crazy with all the summer renters!

sewingseeds4U said...

Amazing finds...I love those little beaded glasses.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

You found some great dessert dishes...I found some like the ones in the second pic a few months at a garage sale...we are both two lucky gals! HAPPY NTT...hope you are having FUN blog surfing my party!


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Wow, you got some wonderful finds there. That gas price hasn't been seen around here for a long time!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I meant to ask too, how is your hubby doing?

Shellbelle said...

Funny, I was just thinking I should have put the gas price I paid yesterday as a bargain. At $2.47 a gallon, I was thrilled. Can't believe we get excited over these prices, but I was afraid it would be higher this summer.

I also have to tell you that this is my first time to your blog and when I saw your header I thought, "Oh cool, a blog from Ireland." I see you live in Ohio, but obviously Irish. Were you born here or there? Just curious.

Anyway, you SCORED big time. I love that coffee server, very cool indeed!

Mari said...

Love all the glassware...I never buy any because I don't know what to do with it all.

Mari said...

Love all the glassware...I never buy any because I don't know what to do with it all.

Mari said...

Love all the glassware...I never buy any because I don't know what to do with it all.

ThriftyAnnabella said...

Sounds like a great sale. I have a couple of the Avon Pitcher sets like yours and think they're adorable.

Mimi said...

You really got a good deal for a dollar a bag. Sometimes it pays to be late to a sale!

xinex said...

Oh Sue, you really found some great finds and what a bargain! I love those dessert glassware, so pretty.....Christine

Dawn said...

LOL! Those people really knew how to serve up dessert! Great finds Sue.

The Tattered Cottage said...

Hi Sue -
I had a great thrifting weekend and found some good bargains. I haven't posted them yet. You really got some fantastic deals....dessert dishes.....I'll be over for dessert ;) Your green set from Avon reminds me of the one my mom had. I think it was a perfume decanter, rose water...I think. Have a great week.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh Sue, what wonderful desserts you are going to serve! Even just a scoop of ice cream will look so pretty in any of those footed dessert bowls, and it's been a long time since I've had a Sundae, but I'd sure be tempted with those pretty servers. You REALLY did get some bargains! laurie

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

You do find the most incredible deals!

Barb said...

Hi Sue,

You hit the mother load. Wonderful finds.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Sue!
Wow...what neat finds. There was nothing out there last week end.
But we had fun anyway!
I got such a kick out of your comment on Dawn's blog and shopping.
Hoarder? Who? Me? LOL Probably a bit here as I have sheds that getting fuller and fuller and wanting another one built.
I love those treasure hunts...
Aha! So YOU are one of those pushers....are you!! Why...I would NEVER do such a thing! Never! LOL

Red Door Home said...

Looks like you did very well for yourself. I have always loved clear glass dishes. I usually have to stop myself from buying them. Love the ones you bought.

dogsmom said...

I am very polite when I ask if I may still come in as people are packing up, but once the offer of a buck a bag has been made, I would have not hesitated. Perhaps it was off to the charity shop if you did not take it. That may have been a good question - so you could see what else was there.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Not bad!!!! Thats AWESOME!!!! I found that same little green pitcher at a sale. I too had to get it.So pretty!
Thanks for participating in Thrifty Thursday this week! Some great finds, my friend!
Tales from Bloggeritaville

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Yep, they were a bust for me last weekend too. In fact, the last couple of weeks have been a bust but I hope that is a sign of something really fun to happen soon. Love your pedestal glass stemware and your sundae glasses! I love to use the pedestal glasses for elegant! Have a happy day Sue. (love your music!) ~ Lynn

Shirley said...

Well, I think you did really well! I love the candlewick glasses and the coffee pot and plate!

Anonymous said...

Yes the beaded glassware is Candlewick (they are also known as "boopie glasses"). I inherited a good deal of pieces from my grandmother and have been slowly adding to it via Ebay. They are wonderful to use with any tablescape! Color me jealous! I would have been hyperventilating as I quickly put those into a bag! I visited you via Tales from Bloggeritaville! I will come back often now to see your new finds :)

bj said...

Omygosh, girl...I LOVE all this glassware. So glad you got such a bargin...

Syrup on cornbread ?? funny it is at the different foods we all like...I never heard of anyone using syrup on their cornbread but, hey...if he likes it, great.

Melissa Miller said...

Your found some lovely treasures Sue. Very nice glassware.

Thanks for coming by for a visit.
It's always great to hear from you.

Can you believe we were that fast four years ago when we moved in? I remember I had zero patience and wanted the entire house painted yesterday. All that builders white was getting tio me. I think the next time we will have it painted BEFORE we move the furniture in. LOL!

Have a great week. ~Melissa :)

Lou Cinda said...

Girl, you scored BIG time!! Love those little dainty dessert cups and the sundae glasses! I can't believe no one had snapped those up!! Gorgeous!

Our yard sales weren't good either, because it RAINED all Memorial Day Weekend!! Monsoon RAINS!! I am so TIRED of rain! Which is why I started on my cabinets, there was nothing else to do!! lol

Hope this weekend is better! Oh is supposed to rain here~!

Wishing you sunshine!

Lou Cinda :)

Lou Cinda said...

Girl, you scored BIG time!! Love those little dainty dessert cups and the sundae glasses! I can't believe no one had snapped those up!! Gorgeous!

Our yard sales weren't good either, because it RAINED all Memorial Day Weekend!! Monsoon RAINS!! I am so TIRED of rain! Which is why I started on my cabinets, there was nothing else to do!! lol

Hope this weekend is better! Oh is supposed to rain here~!

Wishing you sunshine!

Lou Cinda :)

Debbie said...

Hi talk about die hard...driving to tin buck too!~ You found some lovelies though...the little green pitcher is so cute...and some great glassware too. Hope you join in on my party this weekend..these things are perfecto!

Marydon Ford said...

The dishes with the beading on the bottom are porb Candlewick & the little green pitcher set is Avon ... what a lovely finds. Love the sundaes.

Have a beau-TEA-ful weekend.
TTFN , Hugs, Marydon

Susie Q said...

Wow!! See? The secret for finding great stuff is NOT taking me with you!!! When I go you don;t find all these treasures!!
I have some dessert galss like the ones in the second picture. Love them for so many things!
Uh huh, you did good my friend, you did good!



Hi Sue, Love all your great finds. You have to get the coffee on and bake up something yummy, we'll all be over for a nice visit, ha ha! I'm so happy you enjoyed my ~ Girls Just Wanna Have Fun post! It really was wonderful designing this table to celebrate "PINK" and all things that remind me of romance! Thank you for visiting and leaving your sweet comment!