Monday, December 14, 2009

A Surprise Welcome Home for Dan


It’s been a busy week for me trying to work on getting the house decorated before our son, Dan, returned from California for the holidays. When I told him that I didn’t think I’d feel well enough to get but one tree done, I could hear the disappointment in his voice. This boy loves the lights, the ornaments, and all the trimmings that go into Christmas decorating, but I know he understood.

But he got a big surprise when he walked into the house late last night and saw the glow of six trees greeting him. He broke into a smile and said, “You got the trees  and the decorating done! It looks great!”  Well, that made my day because I’d been rushing all day to complete the last of the trees and the finishing touches on the rest of the house.

“Welcome home, Dan!”

I’ll show you my entry and two more of my trees as I’m link up with Karen’s Some Days Are Diamonds Doors of Welcome Party and Susan’s Deck the Halls Party. You are invited to attend both soirees and see all the fun and wonderful Christmas decorating out there in Blog Land.

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                                                        click on the pictures to visit Karen and Susan                                               




front door






Oops, I cut off part of the door, but you can see the two grapevine trees that I set on some greenery filled urns. I placed shepherd hooks along the sidewalk and hung colored jars filled with  cranberries and faux snow. 



The wreath is a simple one- juniper berries and sugared fruit.





The bench in the front courtyard area holds a basket filled with natural greens, logs, pinecones, and berries.










In case you get lost, here’s a sign pointing the way to Santa at the North Pole!



As you enter the front door, you can see the great room from the long hall. This tree is decorated in a brown and gold ribbons and glass balls.




ornament 2


bird ornament




hall view

It’s not a large tree, maybe only five feet tall.



This storage chest holds my overflow of glassware that I find at estate sales.



I hung three glass ornaments at every swag in the garland. I think it just adds a little more “frou frou” to it.



A feathered bobeche circles the base of the candles and a small cloche houses a balding Santa.



Tall apothecary jar filled with gold and brown glass balls.



These pinecone candles rest on more of the faux snow that I mixed up. It glistens just like the real thing, don’t you think?


hall garland

Looking upward, you can see my newest tree on the stair landing. It is decked out in the vibrant color combination of purple and lime green.


full tree













On the hall closet door frame, I’ve placed some Cat’s Meow houses that have a Christmas theme.








Well, there you have my door and entryway. I kinda rushed this post tonight~ I spent the day catching up on things I’ve neglected since I bonked my head on the kitchen floor last month. I felt pretty good today. I’ll be posting the rest of the house shortly. Hope you’ll be back to see more of it soon!  Don’t forget to visit Karen and Susan.

And if you want to see a few more of my trees, please visit here.

Christmas Hugs,


Jo said...

WOW I love your house. You have been busy! My favorite is the pueple tree What a great surprise for Dan. I hope you got my email on where I found some SnowReal

Gwen said...

Everything looks so beautiful and welcoming. I can see why it is such an important part of coming home for Christmas for Dan, wow:)

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

You have a beautiful home. I love the fireplace! I think purple and green are wonderful together, love that tree. Everything is lovely, I'm glad your son was happy!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Wow! Beautiful! I bet he was impressed! :)
You did all that, while recovering from a concussion!?!?!? You did better than I did. :)

Sharing with Sherri said...

Sue you're going to give yourself another concussion, if you keep knocking yourself out doing all that decorating!
But I'm sure your son really appreciated it though, everything looks spectacular, inside and out!


Chari said...

Hi Sue...

My friend, it's been awhile since we've visited! How are you doing, Darlin'? You mentioned briefly that you weren't feeling good? Ohhh no...I sure hope that you get to feeling better, my friend! I can't believe that you actually got six trees decorated...OMG!!! It sounds like you had great incentive though...having your son Dan home for the holidays!!! I'm so happy for you!!! I know that I sure am missing my 3 girls right now! It's always hard to do Christmas without them.

Well my friend, I just love your beautiful trees! Your new lavender and bright green tree is gorgeous!!! That really is a beautiful color combination! Ohhh...but I do believe that your brown and gold tree is my favorite!!! I am really loving all the beautiful brown ornaments that I've seen this year! It's just sooo pretty! And...I love the Christmas vignette that you did on your hall table too! All of your Christmas garlands...gorgeous!!! Well, I really could just go on and on...everything is so pretty! I always enjoy seeing your little bench out in the front yard too! I remember how you decorated it for Autumn...and now Christmas! Love the pretty basket full of greenery, wood and berries! I can just imagine your son thoroughly enjoying all you have done!!!

Warmest wishes and Christmas blessings to you and your family, Sue!!!

Chari @Happy To Design

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Sue,
Your home is decked out so beautifully! I love the front entrance and the bench with the basket, so charming! I can't believe how much you accomplished with a concussion! Amazing! The trees look lovely and the stairway and I love your fireplace!! Cindy

Kammy said...

O Sue ! I love your trees and everything else - how nice to get it done for your sons arrival !
I hope your son has a great visit !

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sue....Your trees are so pretty and the foyer is so welcoming as is the front entryway! Looks like you were on a mission for your son and you didn't disappoint him! Have a wonderful visit while he is there!~Hugs, Patti

susan said...

Sue-Six trees ???!!! You do love that boy :)! Everyting is beautiful--I love the ornaments on the bannister and your green and purple tree is so pretty! Thanks for taking time to link to "Deck the Halls"! I hope you have a great visit and a good rest :)

dana said...

I LOVE your Christmas decor!!! So, would you come over and help me finish mine? :) I JUST bought a twiggy tree like you have in your's eight feet tall and I darn near killed myself getting lights and decor on the top foot! I fill mine with vintage glass bead garlands and vintage glass ball ornies I've picked up over the years. I didn't know if I'd like the tree when it first arrived, but once I got it fluffed (and THAT was a chore!) and lit up, I knew I'd be happy with it...and I am! I also have two twiggy cone shapes (similar to the ones you placed in urns). Mine are about 4 feet tall and I also have them on my front porch...lit up with white lights! Your special decorators touch is so apparent...wish I had your skills and talent and great "eye"!

Enjoy your time with your boy!


Karen said...

Oh Sue. Your hard work paid off tremendously. Your home says WELCOME! I love each and every piece - starting with the cardinals on the tree out front. Your stairs are gorgeous! And purple and lime green. I need more time to really investigate each shot. I will be back when I have a little more leisurely time. For now - on to the next door!.
Thanks so much for contributing your GORGEOUS home! Very fun indeed!
Karen @ Some Days Are Diamonds

Theresa said...

MY, MY everything is just gorgeous! Love the bench and all it's beauty. The trees inside, BEAUTIFUL. I think my favorite is the purple and green. Soooooooo pretty! I also love the idea of hanging the ornaments from the garland. Added touch, as if you needed an added touch:) Have a blessed day and I hope you continue to feel better!

Mieke said...

Your decorations are stunning, I love the little bench and the grapevine trees and the staircase and well... about everything!

Lou Cinda said...

Sue, you are amazing!! This is all so gorgeous and you did it with a cracked noggin! I don't know which tree I love most, they are all so fab~u~lous!! I LOVE the garland and yes that snow looks like the REAL thing!!! Enjoy the holidays with your sweet family!!

Lou Cinda :)

Sarah said...

Wow! Your home is lovely! You've done an amazing decorating job throughout. I hope your are feeling better since your fall. I look forward to seeing more photos when you get them posted. ~ Sarah
Thanks for stopping by to visit. I've been away from the house all day and trying to get in some visits this evening. Wish I had more time!

xinex said...

Hi Sue! Wow, you've been busy but everything turned out so pretty. Love all your trees, love the color combo. Did I miss the peacock tree? I did not see it. I just took out my 6th tree this afternoon but it's just a small peacock feathered one and I am not hanging any ornaments on it. It seems like I am always away, right? I am going to CA this weekend again and I am hosting a diner party on the 23rd plus delivering at presents to at least 30 referring physicians. Oh brother! I'll never get caught up with everything I have to do.!...Christine

zandra said...

Wow, just lovely. I thought I was bad decorating two trees. Love your three and those cute cardinals. Thanks for sharing.
Merry Christmas!
Hugz, Z

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh my are a decorating machine! I love that purple and green tree.....delish!


Shelia said...

HI Sue! Oh, your home is outstanding! I love your beautiful front door and that wreath! The little bench all decked out in greenery! Wonderful. How nice to work so hard to get your trees up for your son! You're such a good mom! I love all of your pretty trees and decorations! The garland down your staircase is wonderful too! You're good at this, Dear One! Merry Christmas and I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Dawn said...

So glad you're feeling well enough to get it done! I'm sure you're glad Dan is home.

Your trees are so beautiful. How fun to do totaly differnt schemes.

Christmas Hugs,

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Six trees!!! I'm impressed. Especially with a conked head. I'm glad to hear that your son was appreciative. Everything your showed in this post is beautiful. But you always do everything up beautiful. I love that faux snow.

Charlene said...

I do well to do one tree, a wreath and a few more small items, I love that you take the time to do so much! Lovely decorations, thank you for the "welcome"!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh Sue, what a beautiful welcome home your son got! Everything looks gorgeous! I'm glad you were feeling better the day you posted this. I pray you continue to improve. laurie

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Your home looks absolutely beautiful Sue! So warm and inviting and festive.

I know how much you must be looking forward to seeing your son ... I already miss mine and his family so much. sigh. It is hard to be far away from those we love.

I hope you are feeling better...take it easy and don't overdo. I keep telling myself the same thing as I hobble around on my fractured foot so I know how hard it is to do that during this busy time. It's season to reflect on the all precious things in life and let the stressful things go. :-)

Hugs, Pat

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Sue!
Once again you have put tears in my eyes! What a homecoming for your son. They are always our little boys at Christmas... looking at the lights and feeling the awe that we have tried to create for them.
Your home looks like a showplace Sue!!

Lots of Christmas hugs,Sherry