Sunday, December 27, 2009

Monogrammed Mirror


I’ve been meaning to show you the new monogram for my tall leaner mirror since October, when I applied it, but time just seemed to keep getting away from me.


I ordered this copper-colored vinyl monogram from blogging friends, Fern and Fran, who blog at Twice as Nice and operate a vinyl business on Etsy. I met the girls when Fern asked me to help design their blog button back in the summer. 

The monogram was easy to install. I made sure that it was level and I adhered it to the mirror with no trouble at all. I had intended it to be located at the top of the mirror and actually began installing it in that position. It was not until I had finished adhering it and stood back to admire my handiwork that I realized that I had put it on upside down!!  I mean, it’s an “S” and it looked like I had it on the right way.   If I had taken just a little more time to examine the letter, I would have seen that one end of the “S” has a larger curl and that there is a shadow inside the letter.  OOPS…

I panicked, but my little brain went to work, the synapses started firing, and voila- it came to me~ turn the mirror upside down and let the monogram be at the bottom of the mirror!

Now, if you think that turning a seven-foot tall mirror that weighs in at over 150 pounds is easy~ think again. But I’m a stubborn one and didn’t want to wait for for Mr. Sullivan to get home, so I did it myself. I think it all turned out well, and I think I actually like the monogram better at the bottom, anyway.

Note: There has been some concern that I moved this mirror recently, when in actuality, I did this before my fall and resulting concussion in November. There’s no way I’d try it now in a state of dizziness! 


If you’ve ever been at all interested in ordering a vinyl for your walls or mirrors, stop by to visit the twins to see what they have in their Etsy Shop. And if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, they will be more than willing to work with you to design a custom piece, like I did for this item and for the two other vinyls that I ordered as gifts.

show and tell fridays

I have linked to Cindy’s Show and Tell Friday. Stop by for a visit to see what she and her participants are showing on this fine new day of 2010!


The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

I love monograms and that one looks so pretty on your mirror. I'll have to go check out their etsy!

Hope you're doing well.


Lori E said...

Don't you love it when you do something like that. The number 8, the letter S. More than once I have shaded a painted piece on the wrong side.
You are lucky that it looks great at the bottom.

Twice as Nice said...

That mirror is huge!! That wasn't a tiny monogram but it looks like it because of the size of the mirror. It's beautiful. Now Sue, you know if you would have messed it up we would have sent you another. That mirror was way too heavy for you to move yourself and especially after you hit your head! You have to be more careful! You did a great job on it and I do like it on the bottom.
Thanks for posting this friend~
The Twins

Jo said...

Great mirror! I've been to chicken to try to use the vinyl lettering

Blondie's Journal said...

Call me blonde, but I don't know if I would have thought to turn the mirror over...


Glenda/MidSouth said...

I really like the monogrammed look. I don't know that I would have thought to turn the mirror or not, especially one that large!!

Kathleen said...

It looks wonderful..and no turning or lifting big things, have to be careful!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas..
We are back and I am exhausted!
But thankful we got there and were spared another snowstorm..rain instead..

Linda K. said...

Very classy monogram on your mirror! It turned out great. I applied Faith ~ Family ~ Friends above our snack bar. I like the lettering on walls and mirrors, great ideas.

Robin Egg Blues

Jo said...

Love, love, love it! I would monogram my family if they would allow me :)

I see a new project in my future ~ thanks!


Lou Cinda said...

LOVE IT!! And it looks fabulous in the bottom! I am the same way! Don't wait for help! Gotta do it NOW!! lol

I order my vinyls from Twice as Nice too! love'em!

Lou Cinda :)

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hi Sue~ ~Thanks for stopping over for a visit. I'm finally returning the visit and have signed up as a Follower. I love your trees too. Mine are on 2 seperate posts. Only 2 trees this year but I'll try for 3 or 4 next year.

Cass @ That Old House said...

It looks wonderful, and I am REALLY glad to know you did this before the head-hitting! Yikes. I also like the monogram on the lower portion of the mirror; I think it looks best there!

And it won't interfere with your looking at your pretty face!


mishebe said...

very cool! mishelle

Housewife Savant said...

My mom had a leaner, so how much more could I possibly love you/your mad cool style?

I'm ashamed to admit I might not have thought to flip the mirror.
I'm smart where smart equals not.

Melissa Miller said...

Sue that is really elegant and beautiful! What a nice touch to the lovely mirror.

Happy New Year & Many Blessings!
~Melissa :)

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Happy New Years to you girl first I would not notice about the S thing ha ha!! How are you feeling now...I hope you had a GREAT Christmas my friend...I'm so glad its over and done with...i swear it will take me a year to get my house back to normal leave today to go back to Fort Hood,Texas so I have had a house full of babies and I want to take my stove out and torch it in the front yard ha ha!! I kid you not girl I have been in my old red robe since Sunday night ha ha!!Well Sue I hope you have a GREAT New years...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

It's lovely! So funny when these little "mistakes" actually turn out to be better than our original idea.

Southern Queen Bee said...

Thanks Sue for stopping by with your kind words. Your mirror looks great, those twins are the best. I love their blog. I looked around since I have been out of blogland awhile. Your kitchen was so cheery. I want to get some christmas dishes. Have a great New Year and look foward to our 'visits'. Missy

marmielu said...

First of all I love the monogram..and the mirror. Secondly, that's just the sort of thing I'd do! I love that you shared that with us. My hubby calls me "Lucy" 'cause interesting things happen whenever I do something.
Have a Happy New Year celebration!
Mary Lou

Chari said...

Hi Sue...

Just read the sweet note that you left me on my "Year in Tablescapes" post! I'm so glad that you stopped by for a visit...thank you for the sweet note too!!!

Ohh...I just love your big ol' leaning mirror and it's gorgeous with the monogram!!! Girl, I can't believe that you turned that big mirror all by yourself! I also didn't know that you had taken a fall recently and received a concussion...ohhh my!!! I do hope that all is well now! It wasn't long ago that I concussions but Girl, I was soooo sore for about two weeks and really banged up my knee! I felt soooo stupid! Eeekks!

Well sweet Girl, thank you so much for the New Year's well wishes!!! I'm really looking forward to all of our visits in the coming new year as well!!!

Blessings to you and your family for a wonderful New Year, Sue!!!

Chari @Happy To Design

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Sue~Happy New Years Eve!
There's something about a monogram that can transfer anything and make it grand. Pillowcases, towels or napkins and now a mirror.
The S adds an elegant touch, BUT! I can't believe you turned that Ginormous mirror by yourself. It made me nervous just thinkin' about you lifting it...for fear you'd bump your head again. I was happy to see it was moved without incident.
You've got a keen eye to have discover you misplaced s. I have a bathroom vanity medicine cabinet that's been upside down for decades. We never knew till our contractor
pointed it out. OOPS!

Sweet wishes,

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelish! I love it....

Happy New Year!


Blue Creek Home said...

That is so pretty. It's amazing how little things can make a huge difference!

Happy, Blessed New Year.

Kelee Katillac said...

This looks lovely! The vinyls are such a great concept!

Stop on over.....


Moms For Morality said...

I think this looks great! Thanks for sharing!

My Grama's Soul said...


Blessings to you in this New Year,


Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

This looks great! I need a very large framed mirror in my livingroom. A monogram may add just the right touch. Thank you for the inspiration!

Susimac said...

It looks lovely and what a great idea.

Happy New Year to you

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

It's lookin good Sue!
Happy New Year to you and may 2010 be good to your poor little head!

Marydon Ford said...

Sue, Happy New Year! may your days be filled with brilliant joys.

I LOVE the upside down monogram ... how unique! & it looks like it belongs this way. Lovely ...

Hugs, Marydon

A Little About Me said...

That is such a great idea. It really makes the mirror look so stylish. I think I am going to have to do this on a mirror in my house!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...'re mirror turned out great! I think I like it at the bottom you did good!
:-) I didn't realize you'd had a fall...that is scary! Hope you doing are much better now. Happy New Year to you and your family!

Kathy said...

Gorgeous - I love anything with a monogram! I recently bought some vinyl wall art and haven't put it up yet. I still thinking about the right place. I enjoyed seeing your mirror because one of my vinyl phrases may go on a large bathroom mirrow. Your monogram simply stands out beautifully!
Happy New Year...Kathy

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi sweet Sue! I absolutely love your monogram and how clever to turn it upside down. I think I like it better on the bottom anyway. Looks so rich!! But everything you do has such a rich quality to it. I would love to have a carmate and will go visit her to tell her. Of course you will have to just schedule the shindig and I'll have to see if I can get the day off of work. I want to come so bad!!

Have a wonderful & blessed New Year dear friend, Love, Sherry

Pearl Maple said...

Well done, it looks fabulous and as for your funny story about being upside down and having to rearrange things, guess we have all be there.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That looks great! It can imagine how hard it would be to move that mirror!!! Thanks for joining in on Show and Tell!

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic!!!

Happy New Year to you hope you're feeling better !!

Kathy :)

DustyLu said...

I love that Idea. You have a great blog, thanks for finding me so I can now follow you. Happy 2010, Thanks for the comments and stopping by.

kanishk said...

you're mirror turned out great! I think I like it at the bottom you did good!
kobe beef

Sue said...

Hi the monogram on the mirror..I hope you have a wonderful New Year and I sure hope your noggin in on the mend!!
Sue @ Rue Mouffetard.