Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Adding to the Holiday Decorating…

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Today I’m joining Rhoda’s Home for the Holidays Party, Julia's “Hooked on Holiday House Tours” , and Cindy's Show and Tell by adding onto a previous post that was used for Susan’s “Deck the Halls Party” on Tuesday. Whew, all that party-going sure takes a lot of energy!

In addition to the dining room that I showed in Susan’s party, I’m adding on the sunroom decorations. I’ve been so busy trying to catch up on my holiday decorating that I’m just not completely finished, at all. This is so untypical for me, but life has a way of dealing us some twists and turns.

For those of you who haven’t already seen the my Dining Room Dazzles post, please just scroll on down to see it. And when you’re all done, please visit Rhoda, Cindy, and Julia to see all the beautiful holiday decorating going on in Blog Land.

This is my sunroom and its holiday decor~

silver 1

I used a really slender tree in the sunroom and adorned it with sparkly silver ornaments and ribbon.


antique ball (2)  edge

Here you can see the teardrop crystal garland that I used. I incorporated some glittery antique silver balls with the glass ornaments. I found five of these at an antique mall in Lancaster, OH a few weeks ago. I ventured out with Mr. Sullivan to see Polly from Sassafras Stuff at her booth in the Olde Shoe Factory. I bought these and a few others from her. It was my first trip outside the house after my concussion and I was pretty woozy while I was shopping. She let me sit down and rest in her booth. Thanks, Polly!


antique star

This star is another of the ornament sets that I bought from her. Here, you can see the other glass balls that I used in the tree.



I placed a few sugared pears on some of the branches.


sr tree

This is a picture of the tree with no lights on in the room. I didn’t place a lot of light strands on it. I only used four strands of 100 on it.


bb tree

This mirrored end table is topped by the silver bottle brush tree that I found at Target for $6.99. The smaller version is on another table in the room. My mercury glass bird is looking up at a pretty green plant that I haven’t killed YET! ( give me time…) I wrapped the ugly plastic pot in aluminum foil and set it on my coasters to carry out the silver theme in the room.


glass bird and tree


small tree

Here’s the smaller version of the bottle tree. I plopped it in an old silver creamer- it fit perfectly!


sr table

Here is is again on the table with my gingerbread house cloche.


yarn bowl

I thought that this tall skein of thread looked like a Christmas tree, so In went a silvery glittered tree topper! I surrounded it with smaller skeins, like presents.







I mixed up a batch of faux snow and used my contemporary Waterford bowl to hold some fresh greenery and my antique mercury glass ornaments. This stuff is wet looking and sparkles just like new fallen snow.



Here’s a good view of the snow. Doesn’t it look real?


hall table

This last picture is just a teaser for my next post. It’s the storage chest I have in my foyer that I only just began decorating. I set out my large St. Nicholas and added some crystal candlesticks topped with feathered bobeches. I still have to add a few more items to the tabletop and string the garland on the banister. The tree to the left of the table is done but not yet photographed. You know that song that Annie sings “…tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow…” Well, that’s my motto. I’ll work on it tomorrow! Hope you’ll be back to see!

Until then, I leave you lots of hugs,

And this is the original post from Tuesday~

I’m joining Susan @ Thoughts From Over the Rainbow for the “Deck the Halls Party” that she’ll be hosting every Tuesday during the month of December. Click on her name or the picture below to see how all of her participants are decorating for the holidays. susan


I’m so far behind in my decorating this year due to the little fall and the concussed head that I ended up with last month. I didn’t think I’d even feel like decorating since I’ve been so dizzy, but I realized that I could get things done if I took lots of breaks in between jobs. Our son will be home from California on Saturday, so I wanted to surprise him and finish up as many rooms as I could by then. I started with the dining room because it is the first room that company sees from the foyer when they enter the house.


The dining room table is covered with an ivory damask tablecloth topped with a semi-sheer gold and ivory tablecloth decorated with sweet cherubs. Two gold twig trees flank a twig sleigh filled with gold stars and twig balls.

1 2


Evergreen boughs and berries fill small ornament balls that were hot glued to mirrored coasters. I filled them with water to keep the greens fresh.


Here you can see the gold cherubs on the sheer tablecloth.


I kept the buffet server very simple, adding only a garland of magnolia leaves to the top shelf.

mag. leaves

I love the muted color of the green magnolia leaves contrasted against the wall color.

sugared fruit

Too add some more color to the server, I filled a glass bowl with sugared fruits and placed it in the center of a gold-sprayed wreath made out of basil leaves.

And now onto the tree…..

dr tree

I had some help from Mr. Sullivan when we decorated the tree~ he helped me wind the bead garland and add baubles to the top of the tree because I still get a little dizzy when I look up. There was no way I wanted to come toppling down again! The tree is slender and lit with about 2000 clear and white lights. It’s filled with baubles in the royal colors of blue, purple, red, gold, and green. Peacock birds and feathers accent the tree throughout.



green orn

lady bug


In this picture you can see how the lights strands are wound around the branches and back into the trunk of the tree. This is the professional way to decorate trees and it’s done so you don’t see strands going from one branch to another. I learned the method of doing it from one of the visual staff at a local department store where I bought the tree several years ago. I obviously had more time on my hands to play!

I don’t do it when I decorate any of my other trees- I’m basically too lazy. *grin* Since it would be too hard to unwind and take the strands off, I leave them on and I store the tree upright in a spare closet.


This server is topped with a variegated green feather tree and an angel cloche.

angel cloche

Some of you may have seen this cloche and others here at Marty’s party last week.



Polly said...

Hi Sue! I stayed home today because I didn't want to venture out in this crazy wind, so I've been able to check in on blogland more often than usual, and I was delighted to see this post! Thanks for mentioning me! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your silver tree! Seriously, you are a PRO when it comes to decorating Christmas trees! Every inch is perfectly adorned on both of your gorgeous trees! I'm glad you like those silver ornaments you purchased at Sassafras recently....they really do look great on your tree!

Happy Holidays! Glad you are feeling better!


Dawn said...

Love the sunroom decor Sue. Do we get to know how to make that awsome snow or is that your little secret?

You know, after you hit your head, Old Dame Penniwig hit hers and I told her I was looking for a hard hat 'cause you know it comes in threes. I guess I'm in the clear now, Gwen at Murphy Grace makes 3!
Be careful out there everyone!

Balisha said...

Hi Sue..
I'm sitting here with my mouth wide open. You took my breath away...fabulous!

Blondie's Journal said...

I now know why you can't limit yourself to one tree~you have too many ideas!! Love everything you have done in this sunroom!! The crystal garland really reflects the lights on your is stunning and I love all the pretty glass ornaments. I also like your bottle brush trees and the skeins of string as a tree and gifts is just something cute!! :-)

Now you know you will have a million people asking you how you made the faux snow so let me be the first. I have a ton of evergreen to play with and I will not do it until you tell me how to make snow. Consider me a 'blizzard blogging neighbor' and give me it!!!

Fabulous job, Sue. And all this with a concussion???


Jo said...

I love all the silver - you mentioned making up a batch of faux snow - what do you use? Great post Thanks

Jo said...

Forgot to ask where you got the gingerbread house at? I've been looking for a little one

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Sue I love your beautiful peacock tree and the silver one in your sunroom...its all just beautiful my friend...every where I go right now in Bloggerville I see the most beautiful eye candy....Girl I hope you get to feelings better and so glad your son will be home this week...I just know thats makes your day....Many hugs and smiles to you my friend....thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us....Gl♥ria

Lori E said...

That is so different and pretty. It sparkles in that room. Yes, yes do tell how you make snow.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sue...Everything looks so pretty! You must be feeling better! I love that faux snow! What is the name of it and where did you get it? I love how you used your silver and crystal bowl in your decorating. I live fairly close to that Lancaster Shoe Factory Antique Mall....I have been meaning to get to it sometime....glad you ventured out!~Hugs,Patti

Blue Creek Home said...

Both tree are beautiful - I love the shape of the them.
The branches in the Waterford bowl with that very sparkly snow - all the bottlebrush's all lovely!

Sharing with Sherri said...

Sue, what a pretty silver and white skinny tree you added!!

My jaw dropped when I saw the arrangement on the silver tray though!! Please share where you got the real looking faux snow!! That is just gorgeous!!


Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Sorry to hear about your concussion. I hope you are feeling better soon. My, but you really did a wonderful job on decorating. I love the blue peacocks on the tree. The slender tree in your sunroom is so pretty. Why you even made balls and skeins of thread look pretty.

Linda said...

Everything looks fav is...the bottle tree in the old silver creamer...sooooo sweet! Hope you have a FUN day visiting all the homes.


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

It's all beautiful, Sue!!

How are you feeling? I've never had a bad head injury, that I know of, but I do have bouts with vertigo every once in awhile. No fun at all. Be careful.

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Your trees are amazing! 2000 lights on that first one! I told my husband there are never enough lights on our tree LOL! Love the peacock feathers on that one too. Everything looks just beautiful!


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Hi Sue,
I hope your dizziness goes away soon. It hasn't seemed to affect your talent at all! Everything is so pretty. I love all the lights, and making that skein into a tree was brilliant! It looked wonderful, along with everything else. I think you're going to have to do a tutorial on the faux snow though, we all want to decorate with that now.

Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

Oh Sue I am so glad you reposted- I missed this entry of yours somehow! Everything is beautiful ! I love your silver tray and the arrangement. The sweet little ornament vases I made last year for a little dinner party and the ladies just loved them.

What a precious idea to use the thread spools!! Darling! Would love to just be there in person soaking in all that inspiration


Rue said...

Hi sweet friend :)

Your house looks beautiful! Love that peacock tree! Amazing after all you've been through.

It's was great talking to you ;)


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Ooooo, ahhhhh, Sue! your pics are always gorgeous, you've got a wonderful knack with all this decorating. I love, love it all!! the mercury glass is so pretty, I'm just loving it too & will have to get a few more pieces. Love, love your tree with the peacock feathers.

Thanks for joining the party!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Hi Sue! Thanks for visiting my Christmas decor post! I love the peacock feathers you used in your tree and then I saw the little peacock you actually perched on a branch ~ love it!

Melissa Miller said...

Sue your home is beautifully decorated for Cheristmas! I just adore your feather tree and it's wonderfully vibrant colors. Oustanding job!

Enjoy this joy filled season!
~Warmly, Melissa :)

Lou Cinda said...

Sue it is all beautiful!! LOVE the bottle brush trees!! And that skein of thread? I love that!! What a great idea to use it like that!!

And the tree is just to die for!!

Have a great day!

Lou Cinda

Debbie said...

Gorgeous pics, love all the decorating. The colorful tree is not something I would normally do, but I love it. Blessings, Debbie

Kathleen said...

It all looks so pretty! And the faux snow..the recipe please??
The yarn is so are a wonder..
I hope you are feeling better! :)

black eyed susans kitchen said...

You have so many beautiful things to look at! Your trees are gorgeous and I love all of the silver that you used in the decor.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Everything is so pretty! Thanks for sharing the info. about the snow.
Drop by - I am having a giveaway.

Jerri said...

Love your trees! The silver one looks so elegant. And the colored one is just awesome!

Hope to see you next week for the Holly Bloggy Christmas Bash!

Hootin' Anni said...

Everything is so gloriously festive!!

Mine's posted's another new one for my collection of Holiday Decor..La Befana

Cindy said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the trees.

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Sue! It's so nice to meet you! Your home and all the decorating is just gorgeous! I am fascinated (as everyone else is) by that faux snow! Thank you for coming over for a visit, I AM a Phoenix native. I just don't like southwest decorating. I've always loved cottage style and vintage things. Have a great weekend and Merry Christmas!

My Desert Cottage

Alicia said...

Wow, what a treat to see so many beautiful things. Love the peacock tree, it's gorgeous. But my absolute favorite thing has to be the skeins of thread with the tree topper! How unique and original and creative! Just like you dear Sue ;-)

Frippery said...

Gorgeous decorating! I love the fake snow. I just use Epsom Salts.

Gwen said...

You are indeed a girl after my heart with your silver tree and decorations:)

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Wow! Everything looks gorgeous! Love the tall, skinny trees. I've been looking for one for my dining room. Yours are so pretty!

Lynda @ Elegance Reclaimed said...


I LOVE your silver and all the decorations. You have a lovely clean and classy stlye, and oh yes that peacock in the tree is GORGEOUS !
And I especially love that display of threads, and I have to mention the feathers too.
All very nice indeed!

Thank you for sharing it was a joy to behold. Have a GRAND weekend.

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

What a lovely blog you have. Thanks for sharing your decorations. I just posted one of my trees today. Isn't Christmas fun for decorating?
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home, love the skinny sunroom tree. The silver is stunning and so festive. I would love the recipe for faux snow. How do you make it?