Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hoping It Is “Kreativ”…



I want to thank Mary Lou from Marmielu’s Nest, who recently passed along the Kreativ Blogger Award to me.  I can only hope that you find me half as creative as I try to be!  It’s not always easy to come up with a post that can hold someone’s interest, and I know I don’t always succeed. But, I hope that those of you who have chosen to follow me will continue to come by for visits.  And if you got here by accident, blog surfing, or referral, I’m glad you’ve stopped by, too. 

Blogging has opened up an entirely new method of making friends  for me over the past seven months.  I feel that I have made such a bevy of new friends who can commiserate with me and my passions.  And I really appreciate all of you who comment or send me e-mails~ it lends  credence that I’m making some sort of an impact on someone!  

Now, if you read one of my last posts, I don’t really play by the rules when I get tagged.  There are so many creative and inspiring bloggers out there, and  it doesn’t seem fair that I should only tag  a few; so  instead, I’m offering this award to anyone who wants to take it and pass it along. You can abide by whatever rules you choose.  If you want to see the  “real” rules for this award, please visit Mary Lou’s blog. And don’t forget to say hi!  


marmielu said...

Hi, Sue! My daughter does this, too. I think it's a nice way to share. I have enjoyed finding lots of other ladies that share some of my interests. What is it they say - Too many books, not enough time? That is definitely true of blogging, too. Thanks so much for the mention here!
Mary Lou

Gwen said...

Congratulations! I think that you are very Kreativ:)

Lou Cinda said...

Congrats Sue!! You so deserve this! I love your blog!!

Lou Cinda :)

Kathleen said...

As long as it isn't orange..
And you aren't sneaking any Cmas decos out are you? I am watching..lie Santa :)

Melissa Miller said...

Congrats on your well deserved award Sue! Your blog is one of the best around.

Thank you very much for your kind comment tonight! I do feel so much better these days. I'm very grateful.

Many blessings, ~Melissa :)

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Congrats! And I think that you hit just the right note with your gracious acceptance of this award. I too hate to have to choose from so many favorites.
Oh, and that's an awesome looking cabinet for your bathroom!
All the best,

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Congratulations Sue! You deserve it. laurie

Sue said...

You are so right about new friends through blogging...I know people all over the country and Italy! It is such a fabulous way to connect to people with the same interests and I find all bloggers to be something "special".....Sue