Thursday, October 29, 2009

Soon To Be Shining Silver and more…


show and tell fridays

 I’m joining this week’s “Show and Tell Friday” blog party at Cindy’s My Romantic Home. Stop over for a visit so you can see the everyone’s interesting items and treasures and read their stories.


I am an avid thrifter and am always on the look-out for pretty and interesting things at yard/garage sales, not to mention a good bargain.tray1

So when I went to an estate sale last week, I was surprised that I was the only one making a dash for the silver table. I’ve been looking for a silver tray for some time now, so when I saw this beauty, I grabbed it up immediately. I could only wonder who its owner was and how she used this piece. Did she use it during the holidays to serve her Easter ham or the Thanksgiving turkey? One can only speculate….

I have plans to serve my own Christmas dinner on it this year. I know it will look beautiful on my holiday table.



This tray is pretty big! Not including the handles, it measures 15.5 “ x 21”.  It’s heavy, too. I placed it on the bathroom scale and it weighed out at 12.5 pounds! But at a cost of less than 80 cents a pound, I think it was certainly worth it lugging it around for an hour while I shopped for more treasures.



There is a lot of tarnish on the tray and I know that I’ll have to use some elbow grease and an old toothbrush to get into the grooves of all these decorative features. But until I find the Hagerty brand of silver cleaner locally, the tray will remain unpolished.

I just don’t have good luck with the brands of silver cleaner that are readily available in the grocery and discount stores. And unlike some people, I certainly don’t find silver cleaning to be therapeutic therapy! I just want to get it over as soon as possible.



Some of you may recall seeing this favorite of mine. It’s an unusually shaped soup tureen that I found for a mere $4.99 at a local thrift store. It’s a perfect complement to all of the white dinnerware and accessory Pieces that I started collecting last year. I usually keep it on my black hutch in the kitchen, but my autumn decor is occupying that space now. For the time being, its new home will be on the the dining room server. 








I found this $8.99 stool at my favorite vintage/consignment store. It reminds me of the southwest mission style that I grew up with in New Mexico. I love that it has its original leather upholstery and nail heads. I think it is a nice complement to the leather chair in the great room.



I use the stool for extra seating when I need it, but this fall it is holding a basket that I painted and filled with bright green hedge apples. I recently discovered that some bloggers call them “Monkey Balls.” What do YOU call them?


I want to thank Cindy for hosting this party. It’s always fun to have a place to show off our treasures.  Make sure to visit!



Blondie's Journal said...

I have been looking for a tray like this~no kidding. Nice and solid and heavy...but I won't pay an arm and a leg, so I am envious and still looking!! Lucky you. And with that lovely tureen. You made out good girl!!

Keep on with the great thrifting, my friend!!


blushing rose said...

You got yourself a huge bargain on that gorgeous tray. Super finds. Good for you.
Have a BOO-tea-FUL weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Beautiful tray! Many years ago I got rid of a lot of silver - got tired of polishing it, did not use it that much, and a lack of room to display it when not in use. Sort of wish I had some of it back now - or maybe not. Love your centerpiece on your dining table. Love that leaf ball! Have a great weekend.

Sharing with Sherri said...

For a while there I was finding silver trays at about every T/S I went to, and bought about 3 or 4 of them. I don't see many around anymore though lately. The tray you found is just beautiful, did you find any markings on the back of it?

And OH man did you luck out on that gorgeous tureen!! The one you found has got to be one of the prettiest ones I've seen!! Must have been your lucky thrifting day:)

Your centerpiece is just gorgeous too girl! Great job!!

Have a nice weekend and a Happy Halloween!!

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

That stool is fantastic! Your tray is gorgeous, and I can't get enough of your leaf balls. As far as the monkey balls...what? I've never heard them called that before :).

Kathleen said...

I have admired that tureen when I saw it in your posts..I can't believe the price. Such beautiful lines!
And the tray is beautiful.
Show us when you get it cleaned up..

My mom had a beautiful punch bowl, tray, and cups. None of my sisters wanted was still in the box from Gimbels with the sales slip, and had turned black.

I took it and worked on it for days! Really! My hands ached.
But it came out great.

I guess I should use it for the holidays!!

I don't know what to call those greenies. The first time I saw them was in a post the other day and she called them hedge apples..
I must google them and learn!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh, your tray is gorgeous! (you know the new style is to leave it a little tarnished - that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!). You have realy been scouring for bargains and you've found some fabulous ones. That stool is great, and I do love the shape of that tureen. I've never seen one like that. You've got such a good eye for great treasures. laurie

Sue said...

Hey Sue...the tray is gorgeous and what a steal.....but I love the white turreen...I have become a dedicated thrift store shopper...still waiting to find a fabulous turreen like so many ladies have come across....

Bill said...

Hi Sue,
I liked everything you showed us ... and the prices you paid were a thrifter's dream!

The silver tray really speaks to me, and I'm one of those (in the minority I'm sure) who enjoy polishing the stuff ... love seeing the transformation. Now for some unsolicited advice ;) ... I hope you'll decide not to remove every trace of tarnish from the grooves and crevices. I think leaving some of it shows off the pattern and creates that "old family silver" effect. Can't wait to see it when its ready for your Christmas table!


Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Hi Sue!

What an awesome treasure you found in that silver tray! I, too, have been looking for one like that at a thrifty price. Love your soup tureen as wel. Great finds you have shown us today!

Have a wonderful day!

Hootin' Anni said...

I like the stool best of all!!!

My Show n Tell is a slide show this week.

Happy weekend, happy Halloween if you observe matter, just BE SAFE!

CLICK HERE for my Show n Tell

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

What a lucky find -- I have looked for a tray like that forever! Your centerpeice is really pretty, too. I may have to copy that!

Sheila said...

Stunning tray you found. I love all your pretties. thanks for sharing

TexNan said...

This is the first time I've visited your blog--it's lovely! As far as the "monkey balls," that's what my hub calls them, and he's from Pennsylvania. Here in Texas, we call them "horse apples." Me, I like "hedge apples." Sounds very British--or Irish, if you will. :^)

Lenore said...

Sue, that was a FABULOUS find on that silver tray...I've recently started looking for silver at flea markets, and thrft shops.....I've managed to get my hubby to polish them for me.....LOL
Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment....see you again next week.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Sue....Oh my...I love that silver tray and what a bargain! I have been looking for another one to use in my bedroom. You must have good thrift stores over there! Someone told me recently that hedge apples keep spiders and snakes out of your house. I need to get some! I have never had a snake but I am deathly afraid of spiders!~Patti

A Little Of This And That said...

I'm loving the tray.

Trez said...

Love the finds! Check out my finds on my site. I got a lot of polishing to do too!!

tales from an oc cottage said...

What an awesome tray!

m ^..^

xinex said...

You did really good, Sue! Such lovely items at bargain prices....Christine

Donna said...

What a find on the tray! Gorgeous!! I have a thing for soup tureens too. Everything was a great deal.

Chari said...

Hi Sue...

My friend, I just read your sweet note that you left on my autumn vignette/mosaics. I'm sorry that I'm so late getting by to thank you! Girl, you just made my day with your generous compliments!!! I really do have making the mosaics! Yes, I have been thinking of doing a tutorial on the "how to's" of making them. I'm not sure how soon I'll get around to it...but so many have asked!

Well my friend...I do believe that you made out like a bandit with all of your new treasure finds!!! I love your big silver's gorgeous! I have one about the same size and have used it for a base for several of my vignettes and table centerpieces...they really are so versatile! Ohhh...and I'm just green with envy over that pretty soup's so pretty and I can't believe that you only paid $4.99...what a bargain!!! Love your pretty leather stool too! Well Darlin'...I really enjoyed your beautiful autumn centerpiece! I really do like those autumn leaf balls! I am going to make some!!! I think they're just gorgeous! You're so creative and talented, my friend!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Chari @Happy To Design

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

you found great bargains! love the tray and I can imagine it would pretty with your xmas decorating..

have a good weekend!

Leann said...

Love the tray. I know our local jeweler polishes silver pretty inexpensively - you might want to check out yours.

And yes, we call them Monkey Balls too. Not sure why, but I remember boys used to trhow thema t each other.

Ahh... childhood!

Susie Q said...

I love that tray and if it goes missing, do NOT look at me. 'K?
It is so pretty and I know you will do fantastic things with it. I know I didn;t get the Boo post done. I am waaaaay behind. It was so sweet though and I am so glad we are real ife friends too! You are a wonder!!
So, when can we play catch up?? : )
Monkey Balls huh? That is appropriate since many of the ones I found were near the Monkey House in Stubbs Park!
They look perfect in the black basket!
Happy Halloween!! Boo!
The less sophisticated, chubbier, slwer and far less cute Sue

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

That's one heavy silver tray! The detail is beautiful. Can't wait to see it all shined up!

Helen said...

Good morning! I jumped online for a few minutes this morning. I am sad to tell you that downtown Athens, where we did NOT go, was the worst it has ever been. Way over 20,000 kids crowding the streets. My brother in law arrived home around 5 this morning, and said he had never seen anything like it before. Rape, serious injury, overdoses, horrific language and disrespect, drunk kids beyond belief, girls with barely any clothes/costumes on. One of the worst parts of all of it as law enforcement is the huge amount of paperwork and documentation that goes with each incident. Mounted police came from all over Ohio and other police from the State as well.
As for us, we had the most fun ever at a private party at an Elks Club. A DJ, great music and lots of fun. My sister and I danced non-stop .... and have the sore legs this morning to show for it. We came home at a sensible time and watched the last three innings of the World Series game.


Wow! Your tray is beautiful! I love to learn the history of things and find the stories so interesting. I love to watch this show called "If Walls Could Talk". It's about people who buy old homes and fix them up then find little things that the original owners left behind in walls, boxes, under the floors. I can imagine seeing this tray on there. It is beautiful! I am so jealous! Thanks for sharing!-April

Shelia said...

Hi Sue! Oh, how I love these lovely treasures! Thanks for your visit! always love to hear from you. Have a blessed day and be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Dear Sue....AKA The Thrifting Queen!

Wow! Now, those are some thrilling finds. I especially loved the silver tray. And, you're will be beautiful on your Christmas table. Your little ottoman was a great find too. Oh yes....I DO love a good bargain.

I hope you have a wonderful week. Mine's going to be a busy one.


Marie said...

Hello sweet Sue - love all your finds! My fave is the fabulous silver tray. I don't know why no one else was flocking to that silver table either! But if I was there, you and I would be playing tug of war over that tray for sure! hee hee. It's beautiful. I've been looking for one!


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That silver tray is gorgeous!! I don't mind polishing silver once I get started. I use Wrights silver polish from the grocery store and I really like it.

What a great deal on that soup tureen! It's so pretty!

Toronto furniture said...

I want to ask if you(or anybody else) know any "grandmother" recipes how to clean a really baad silver tray?
I hope that my tray (which I was given by my mother-in-law)will one day look like yours.
Take care.