Monday, October 26, 2009

Boo to You, Too!!

 boo collage1


I’ve been Boo-ed!!!


A scary witch and a spooky bat have taken up residence in one of my trees, and they were apparently sent over by Kathy, @Sylvia’s Vintage Daughter.

Seems that the “spook”  has “Boo-ed” me and I have to pass his greeting along. There’s a little Halloween game of tag going around in Blog-land that was started by Toni @ The Tattered Cottage. When you get “Boo-ed,” you pass along your greetings to four friends, then link up with Toni on her blog.  Here’s the poem she sent off to her friends….

The air is cool, the season is fall,

Soon Halloween will come to all.

Ghosts and goblins, spooks galore...

Tricky witches at your door.

The spooks are after things to do,

In fact, a spook brought this "BOO" to you.

The excitement comes when friends like you,

Copy this note and make it two.

We'll all have smiles on our faces,

When we see who Boo-ed whose places.



I’m sending my Big Bad Boo off to:

Suzie Q @ Rabbit Run Cottage

Sue is a sweetheart of a friend and I’m so glad we are real life pals, as well as blogging friends. Oh, and since it’s her birthday today, why not visit and send her some birthday wishes without the Boo’s! (I wonder, though, if she might like booze…) Oh my, I am bad!

Jo @ Jo’s 2nd Act

A talented jewelry maker, Jo just happens to live in a small town very close to where I live. We haven’t met in person yet, but we will in a few weeks when some of the Buckeye Bloggers get together in Nov.  We have many things in common with each other. Heck, she even shops in some of the same thrift shops I do!  Stop by to see all the pretty things she has made and sign up for her give-away.

Lori @ Family Trees May Contain Nuts 

Lori has a great sense of humor and always makes me laugh, both in her posts and in her e-mails to me. I think if we ever got together and met in person, we would run amok  and create  a lot of havoc among the “sane” people!  Nah, Lori’s not really “nuts,”  she just likes to have fun, like I do. Make sure you wish Lori a Happy Birthday today, also!

Dawn @ A Cottage State of Mind

Dawn lives very close to the town in CA  where my son worked and lived up until this summer. She has graciously offered to meet me for lunch when I fly in to pack up all of his things in storage and have them shipped home to OH.  I always enjoy “talking” to Dawn and seeing all those lovely things she has in that humongous attic in her house. I can’t wait to meet this sweet girl- hope it’s soon.


Please keep the fun going by following these instructions.

1.  You have 24 hours to work your spell.

2.  Copy and post the Halloween Boo Poem with the instructions for playing.

3.  Pick 4 blogs you enjoying visiting and tell why you enjoy visiting them. Add a link to their blog.

4.  Go to the original BOO Party post at The Tattered Cottage and hook up to Mr. MckLinky. Make sure the link is to your current post and not your general blog address.

Let's see how fast and far this spreads between now and Halloween.




Dawn said...

I hated tag as a kid 'cause I was always to slow! Blog tag I can handle! Game on!

xinex said...

Beautiful mosaic, Sue. Congrats on getting booed (I guess:-))...Christine

Chari said...

Hi Sue...

Just read your sweet note that you left on my French Country mosaics...thank you so much for coming by! I love your "BOO" the vibrant tints on those photos, my friend!

To answer your question...yes, I used Photo Bucket's color sketch effect and saved the finished photo there...then I just used Picasa to make the mosaics. I'm not sure if you're familiar with Picasa or not...but it updates and takes every photo that I have on my computer there. So when I finish my photos that I have done on PhotoBucket...I just save them to my desktop. Picasa automatically grabs them off of the desk top so they are always on there when I go to make the mosaic! Sure hope that answered your question, Girlfriend!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

Gwen said...

Isn't life just BOO-ti-ful?

Kathleen said...

Cute mosaic of the seasonal nature..:)
Got your costume ready??

Jo said...

Oh what fun!


Cathy said...

Sue...what a great idea!!! Your mosaic is darling!!!


Regina said...

How cool! Beautiful mosaic.
"My Post Here"

Dawn said...

He,he,he, it was all I could do not to use the words "old hag", they are just so halloweenie and you don't get to use them often but I resisted because your not an old hag even if you do have a wicked sence of humor!

I've been trying to come up with a post where I could play with the witches arms and pose them in different ways. This was perfect!

See you...someday?

Lou Cinda said...

Sue!! Boo back at cha'!!

Girl I have rolls too!! What is the deal???? I have not hit the "M" yet, but I am all over it! Teetering on the brink!! I have always carried my extra weight in my hips, thighs, butt, but AT LEAST I had a flat stomach and no rolls!! No so anymore! I sit down and think, what is that???? Oh, it's me!!

This is NOT going to be fun!!

Lou Cinda :)

Its So Very Cheri said...

I am visiting all the other boo'd gals. I haven't been by for awhile-sorry-it has been a crazy month, if you haven't been by you can go check out my blog and you will know why.

I LOVE you pictures for this post--fabulous.


Mary said...

What a wonderful mosaic! Hope you had a terrific (but not too scary) Halloween. :)

eileeninmd said...

What a fun mosaic.