Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sunday Favorites and the Sulphur Smoke Bombs

Thanks, Chari for hosting Sunday Favorites and the opportunity for us to share old posts that others may not have seen. I was a fairly new blogger back in April when I posted this second installment chronicling our pest problem. The first post in the series is HERE.


The moles are still tunneling and our bumpy yard is looking more and more like a war zone. So in another effort to solve our infestation problem, I went to Home Depot to find what Mr. Sullivan said was going to be the solution to ridding our property of the little buggers. Seems that one of his employees had experienced the same problem with moles a few years back, and he told Boss Man that he had placed sulphur sticks into the tunnels on his property and had gotten rid of all of his moles.


“Sulphur sticks?” I asked. “Are the moles supposed to dine on them, get sick, then die?” Mr. Sullivan shook his head no, then laughed at me. Mr. Employee had told him that you pop the sticks into the holes in the ground and light them. Apparently, the poisonous fumes from the burning sulphur should be lethal enough so as to kill the moles. That or get them stoned and cause them to wander off in a stupor to the next door neighbors’ yards. (did you read my last post?)

So I bought three packages of these sulphur bombs and set out to see what havoc and destruction they could wreak on the moles. Mr. Sullivan inserted them into four main burrow holes in the front yard and lit them. According to Mr. Employee, the smoke and fumes from them would travel through the moles’ connecting underground tunnels. Puffs of SMELLY smoke did indeed start emanating from ALL of the mole holes. But I was laughing so hard when I saw them that I couldn’t run into the house fast enough for a camera to capture the moment.

If you want a mental picture of what my yard looked like, think Yellowstone Park and steamy smoke coming out of the ground- except on a much smaller basis…. but out of MORE holes!



Now, you know the neighbors were peeking out from behind their curtains and blinds to see what the Sullivan Family was doing NOW! They’ve seen me enough times chasing flying birds and scampering squirrels out of my front door (that is another varmint saga to relate to you at another time), so I was really glad that the sight of my yard seemingly on fire didn’t cause enough alarm for anyone to call the fire department.

Once the smoke finally cleared, we picked up the debris of the bombs and retreated into the house. It is going to become a “Wait and See” game to find out who is going to come out ahead in this little war of ours.

So now, every time I venture outside into the yard, I will be on the look-out for new raised tunnels and dirt clods. I’m hoping that we have begun eradicating our unwanted visitors, but if we haven’t, as many of you have said, “The big guns are coming out!”


Shirley said...

Oh, that was really funny!! I had moles here when we first moved in about 14 years ago with the dirt tunnels and piles and all. I don't know what happened to them. I no longer have moles but do still have voles which the cats get every once in awhile. They are worse for the flowers and veggies.

Gwen said...

Ok, I am giggling so much that I just spit out soda all over my screen!

You got moles, I have gophers. I feel your pain. I do have one thing that worked, but I would have needed many more to really work and they are expensive. It is this battery powered thing that sends out a signal every once in a while. You stick it in the ground, near the holes, and they seem to go away. Or maybe they just are already done with that area and are gone already?? Either way, I move it around often and they seem to at least have stopped coming around the perimeter of the house.

My neighbor and I have decided that we trade them back and forth between our parcels. He is going to try bombing them next, so I am sure that they will be over here any day now.

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Okay, so now I need to know....did it work? :)

Lori E said...

I didn't know you were married to Bill Murray? Have you ever seen the movie Caddyshack?

Lori E said...

BTW Ethel I would love to bring the plungers. We would all need depends because we would certainly pee ourselves laughing.

Blondie's Journal said...

This was so funny!! I CAN'T belive you didn't have that camera ready!! I mean~this was BIG!!

I hope you eventually got rid of the varmints. Never had them, but had everything else. However, this is your post!


Housewife Savant said...

I've heard people lament about moles, but I'd never seen/recognized the problem until last autumn.
We visited a STL park with Darling and the Dolls for some photo op time. Everywhere we went the ground was disturbed. It was rough for walking.
I noticed the burrows, but I'm old and slow.
When it finally dawned on me that "This is a mole problem!" I was amazed.
And thankful that we've never had to deal with it.
Add to the matter that I'm frightened of most varmints and I am thankful indeed.
(I'm taking your fabulous button. You're awesome.)

southern queen bee said...

Glad you re-posted, I had never read this post. It is very funny. I am still laughing. Luckly we don't have moles, but we have plenty of fire ant hills...

Kathy said...

Funny Post!!! I can relate!!! My husband is the Mole Murderer at our place...The kids still call him when one pops up in their yard! He takes a chair and sits there with a shovel waiting for the ground to move after he stamps down the tunnel...He has mastered the art of how deep to jam that shovel in the ground as soon as the dirt moves...he gets the mole above ground (for everyone to be grossed out by) and then killes it with the shovel...They are fast little buggers. Thanks for visiting my humble blog!!!!! xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...Happy Mole hunting!

Cathy said...

Too funny!!! I love Sunday favorites...catching up on what may have been missed!!! I am so glad that we don't have moles in our yard...we have our hands full with so many other things!!!

God bless you and your family!!! Happy Sunday!!!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Sue,
Good one!! They are boogers to get rid of!! We only live 2.5 hours from Galena, so we head down about twice a year! Love the shopping, but the historical is good too! Cindy

farmlady said...

Hope this works. I will wait to hear the results.
We have gophers and they are so destructive, but this summer we got a cat, a puppy that barks a lot, and planted "gopher purge" around the lawn. I swear to you..., No gophers. NO GOPHERS!! I don't quite no what did it. But they just didn't come into the lawn and garden area this year.
...,and we have not had one Rattlesnake either. Last year we had 3 big ones and the year before we killed 5. I just don't know what to think. Barking dog?, Killer Cat? King snakes? Goats? Smelly plants? It's amazing. It's a miracle.

Twice as Nice said...

We had a mole and hubby set a trap. Got him but I'm sure it wasn't pretty. They sure can dig up a yard.
It was nice talking to you today. I'm twin #2,I stopped by twin #1's house! Thanks for all your help~

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh - - - but now I NEED to know if it worked!!!

Have you ever read Jan Karon's Mitford series? Father Tim has mole woes in one of those books too. Sad to say, I can't remember how he managed to get rid of his - - -

Chari said...

Hi Sue...

So sorry that I'm getting by a bit's been a busy holiday weekend! Love this post that you chose for Sunday Favorites, my friend! I know that it probably really isn't funny...but I couldn't help but laugh as I read through your post! I certainly could visualize smoke coming up out of the mole holes at your place! Eeeekks!!! Well...I hope it worked! You'll have to let us know!!!

Thanks so much for joining in with the fun of Sunday Favorites this week, my friend! Hope that you and your family are having a fabulous Labor Day!!!


Cindy said...

Sue. Very good story and insite on killing moles.
the reason they die is that the sulphur depleates all the oxagen and they die. That is why you need to get all the holes so they do not escape before they sufficate.

Shirley, mole and gopher problems usually go away when you get a snake population especially the Rat Snake. These snakes are not poisonus but they grow to very big 5-8 ft and about as big around as a large garden hose. One has to deceide what critter to live with.. moles or snakes. :)

I am truley surprised to find sulphur products back on the internet. Sulphur sticks were banned some years ago because of miss use and deaths.

If you want to fumigate your house (this kills everything that breaths oxagan including plants, animal, fish and humans.) But does not leave a resanew like most pesticides.

You take a couple of suphur sticks and place them in a metal coffee can. one in the kitchen sink and one in the bathtub. Remove all oxagen breathing things from the house. Close all windows. Light the sticks and leave the house closed up tight for about 2-3 hours. When returning home the sticks should be burned. And the oxagen breathing pests dead. Air out the house for a couple of hours.



Cindy said...

I was just reading about mold and mold also uses oxagen to survive. So I would suspose that the sulpher would kill the mold in a house also.