Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Great Room that isn’t great yet…


I’m finally getting around to posting some pictures of our great room and the little tweaks that have been done to it so far. The room is still in a state of flux, but I decided that posting what we’ve done so far would be a good starting point for showing the transition to its completion.

A few months ago, we had some carpentry work done in several of the downstairs rooms.  Since the baseboard and door casings were the original builder grade, we wanted to replace them with something a bit substantial. The doorways and windows were given wider casings, corner blocks were added, and the baseboards  gained some height.



The use of corner blocks gave the doorways a little more interest and the addition of backboard molding made the doorways look a lot “beefier.”  


The two-story foyer opens directly into the great room. You can see a partial view of the fireplace wall in this picture. 

molding 2

The edge of the doorway casing has a rounded edge and extends from the wall almost three inches. 



I needed more storage space for all of the glassware I’ve been buying at yard/estate sales and vintage stores, so this chest is a new addition to the foyer.  Here are a couple of the accessories that adorn this tabletop.



A shell handled magnifying glass.




Vintage books bound together with waxed twine and a feather.



The  original  great room furniture is back in place temporarily. We haven’t selected new furniture yet,  because I’m waiting to go the International Home Furnishings Market in October with Mr. Sullivan.  We’ll be shopping for new merchandise for his furniture store and I’m anxious to see the new styles and colors for the fall/winter season.  It’s a perfect opportunity for me to find just the right  furniture for our own home, and it sure beats looking though piles of catalogs, any day! 

entertainment center 

The entertainment center, with the two bookcases on either side of it, was returned to  its original spot. I always liked the idea of having the television hidden from view, but we purchased a  larger flat screen TV that doesn’t even remotely fit behind these doors, so the cabinet is currently holding my overflow of thrifting goodies. Ideally,  I’d  like to see a long antique table  in this space where we could set the large behemoth of a television.  The problem with doing that, though, is finding a place to stash all of the cable and surround sound components.  Hmmmm… I may have to re-think that idea! 




The sofa is a collage of leather and fabric. Down-filled cushions make it nice and comfy.



I’m waiting for the mate to this contemporary abstract  to come in, then I’ll hang them side by side over the table. Until then, it will stay leaned against the wall.



And speaking of leaning…. this mirror was a Christmas gift from Mr. Sullivan to me last year. I love how it reflects the tree and the burlap-skirted table between the sofa and the leather chair. 





My sister-in-law gave me three large leaves from one of the plants in her garden. I propped them in a water-filled vase and they still look good after 2 months. I’m still amazed at this feat!  You may remember that my thumb is brown…



In this picture you can see how tall the ceiling is in this room. I’ve never had coverings on these windows.  Our house backs up to a wooded area and privacy is really not an issue, but if we intend to watch that huge TV in here, we’ll be needing something to cut the glare on the screen.  I’ll probably order wood blinds to match the ones that are in the rest of the house.



The clock is three feet in diameter and fills the large space above the mantel quite well. I’ve sparsely filled a vase and set it on a wooden box for elevation.



Apothecary jars filled with feathered balls front a flat wire basket.


There is still much to be done to this room. The walls are freshly painted and we need more artwork. New carpeting still needs to be installed here and throughout the rest of the house.  But we don’t want to have that done until the upstairs bathrooms have been completed. And we all know how long it can take to remodel those rooms! I think we’ll be living with what we have for a while. *grin*

In the mean time, I can look forward to workmen traipsing through our house once again, drywall dust flying, and hammering and sawing noises permeating the air.  Aaah, the joys of remodeling…


Lori E said...

Wow, the room is looking really great. Our couch styles are similar. Mine has leather arms and bottom with fabric cushions and back. The arms roll the same way as yours too.
I think Lucy and Ethel shop at the same places.
I think your mantle is done very nice. I struggle with that.

Sharing with Sherri said...

Hi Sue,

Your remodeling is coming along very nicely! I really think you've done a GREAT job in the Great room! Your mirror is sooo cool and very unique! I really love the mantle arrangement too!

Hang in there I know what you mean by the joys of remodeling (sarcasm)! We added a large addition on our home some years ago. I don't know what was worse the constant messes to clean
up, or the contractors not showing up to complete their jobs...

If you need a break come take a dip in the cement pond, I'll try to get Ellie Mae to get those critters out! lol!

Have a nice weekend!

blushing rose said...

Elegant change ... love it. TTFN ~Marydon

Dawn said...

I love what you've done with the doors. The woodwork is buartiful. I didn't realized you had a bit of a contemporay streak! It's so different from some of the other rooms. Love the colors of the artwork.

susan said...

It's beautiful! I love the molding on the doors and I have a "thing" for covered round tables--love the burlap!

Shelia said...

Hi Sue! Oh, your room is beautiful! You have the most gorgeous furnishings. Oh, I'm sure you're gonna have a ball at furniture market picking out wonderful things. I love that huge mirror! You sofa is lovely, too! Oh, can I come over?;P
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Brenda said...

Ah yes, the joys of remodeling. I'm glad that work is pretty much behind us. And it's now outside! I've had the dust and the workmen for well over a year and a half. You have such wonderful taste in furnishings and decor. And apparently the mister does as well. I thoroughly enjoy being taken on your journey!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Sue the room is just wonderful my friend...I love every thing you have done so far...Now girl I just got some of those feather balls last week the peacock one...I now am going to make me some...May you have a GREAT weekend my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Kathleen said...

Hi Sue,
You room is looking GREAT!
I love the mouldings..
Can't wait to see what you and Mr. Sullivan :) pick. I am looking for new furn too..I still haven't found what I more loose back cushions to pouf!
Thanks for the tour!

Jo said...

It's looking good! Looks like you've been awfully busy! Makes me tired just looking at all you've done............Jo

Gwen said...

Your new wood work adds so much and the furnishings are very beautiful!

We have a big honking TV too and it rests nicely on what they call a media console. That way there is some storage below and it hides the cords.

Beth said...

Everything is beautiful. Looks like a cozy place to have meaningful conversations. Love it!

Florida Sue said...

Ethel I still think that you should bring Lucy to Fred's furniture store. I love what you have done. That mirror is beautiful, and the philodendrons in the water is something I do all the time. I can't wait to see what you choose at the HFM.


musingegret said...

If you go with a table for the big TV, here's a link to an idea about disguising/ordering the cables:

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Looking pretty darn great to me! Just beautiful and interesting, it's perfect.

Susie Q said...

Aw phooey. She down plays just how gorgeous her home really is! Take it from me, Sue's home IS gorgeous! I have seen it and it is stunning!!
I went into serious envy...: )
YOu have done such a lot of work and it shows. Soon it will be time to relax and just enjoy it all...: )
Love ya,

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Well it sure looks great to me right now! That molding is gorgeous! I'm loving that chest in your entry-so pretty, and the vignette on top is lovely. Everything looks so inviting and so pretty. I can't imagine that it still needs work. laurie