Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tagged to Share…

honest scrap award

I’ve been tagged to play a little game of sharing by Jo @Jo’s 2nd Act. I’m also supposed to tag 5 others to play. I’ve chosen:

Susie Q @ Rabbit Run Cottage

Jane @Blondie’s Journal

Des @Peeking Through The Sunflowers

Kathy @ Life in the Slow Lane

Gloria @ Happy to Be.

In June I posted six things about myself to help you get to know the real me. If you read this little expose about myself, you either wondered how I’m functioning out in the real world or you just plain decided to like me and take me for who I am! LOL Either way, Jo says I have to tell you five more things about myself. So here it goes. I’m going to start with the pet peeves. I have two big ones. They are in no particular order, just let it be said that if you do them in my presence, I just might frown. :- (

1. I hate gum chewing! Not only for myself, but I hate to see and hear other people chomp, make noises, and look like a cow chewing its cud. Most of us do not realize what we look like when we masticate. Have you ever really watched someone?

Although many of us think we have good manners, the tendency for some is to keep their mouths open while moving around that little piece of elasticized tree sap in their mouths. Sometimes, there are really horrible sounds that emanate from people’s mouths when they chew. Snap, crackle, and pop noises just bother me to death! I never learned how to maneuver gum into a position that causes it to make such horrendous noises, and I don’t ever want to learn! *grin*

Watch this guy chomp down in this video. It’s the least offensive of what I saw on You Tube. And believe me, it was quite offensive to watch some of those gross gum chewers!

2. I’m a stickler for being on time and I don’t like to wait for anyone! I always try to make sure that I give myself enough time to get ready. I don’t like to be late because it often inconveniences others. If I say I’m leaving or arriving at a specific time, I do it. If someone is accompanying me, they’d better be ready to go when I am, or they could be left behind. If I tell a guest that dinner will be served at 7:00, it will be served at 7:00 and we’ll start without them. Now lest you think I’m nuttier than a fruitcake, let me tell you that I’m really not overly rigid. Sometimes there are circumstances that cannot be avoided. In those instances, all I ask is that someone call and let me know what’s going on. :-)

3. I wish I had nicer toes. Mr. Sullivan says they are weird looking. Starting at the big toe and moving on down to the baby, they diminish in size, so I have really small toenails that are impossible to paint with nail polish! My feet will never see pretty pinks, rosy reds, or as is the latest craze, bright yellow. ;- (

4. Sometimes I can be a procrastinator. I work really well under pressure and sometimes let projects slide until the last minute. I think it all goes back to being in journalism school and waiting to file a story at the last minute before deadline.

5. I have a tendency to hold a grudge if I am wronged or if I see anyone else being hurt. I know it’s not right. But it’s really hard for me to stop thinking about how somebody could have been so mean, hurtful, and thoughtless. Forgive and forget... It’s something I really have to work on.

So there you have it- me in a nutshell.

And some people might say that the nut is pretty cracked.



Lori E said...

It's okay Ethel as we all know Family Trees May Contain Nuts. Shameless plug.
#1. the Germans call this schmutzing (sp.?). My inlaws did not allow that at the table.
#2. even with babies I was never late for anything. I leave plenty of time and bring something to read if I am early.
#3. feet are gross anyways, enough said.
#4. procrastination ha I laugh at deadlines.
#5. hmmm forgive and forget. how about don't get mad get even.

Sue said...

Lori, only YOU would have a come-back to everything I said!!! I love it and your humor...

blushing rose said...

1) Chewing gum loudly or mouth open is just flat rude. We will not allow anyone waitering/waitressing us or waiting on us in public to serve/service us & tell them so if they are impolitely chewing out loud. It is very offensive. All children visiting our home knew when they arrived to head to the trash can & remove the gum ... it was not allowed in the house.

2) I am overly prompt ... you say 8PM & I am ringing the door bell. Tardiness speaks volumes of a person.

3) My toes are fine ...

4) procrastinator ... not on your life

5) it’s really hard for me to stop thinking about how somebody could be so mean, hurtful, and thoughtless ... but I do move along

Jo said...

I relate to the top 2! I hate gum chewing Would not let my kids have gum Even as adults now I tell them to spit it out when they come home! I'm obsessed with being on time. It drives my kids crazy. When you are a military family you are required to be at the Dr etc 15 min early, so if I'm not 15 min early I'm late. I would rather wait 30 min than be 2 min late. Thanks for the shout out. As soon as the summer is over and life settles in I'd like to get together............Jo

Dawn said...

Hi Sue,
I never used to be late. I was always early. But now with two kids with developmental disibilities and a hubby with CP, well, I can't control everything, and I can't leave them behind! LOL!

I was journalism major also, but only because I was interested in writing advertising. Back in those old days advertising was in the journalism dept instead of the marketing dept where it usually is now. It's a good thing my life moved in a different directions because I hate deadlines!

As for the toes, that's why we have shoes! And you can get them in pretty much any color you want!

KBeau said...

Hey, Sue. Guess we are kindred spirits. I, too, was a journalism major. I definitely work better with a deadline looming.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sue....well, we have a few things in common. I am a major procratinator but I insist on promptness from myself and others...unless there really is a good reason. I try not to look at other people's feet....grosses me out. If we meet one of these days I will make sure I remove my gum
~Hugs, Patti

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Sue!
I've had lots of fun catching up on your posts! Ok so when we finally meet I'd better not chew gum and I'd better be on time!! LOL I usually don't chew gum so that's okay!
Love all your recent finds and purchases. The soup tureen is lovely and looks so great in your home. Wow do I like that checked top half table you have! It's fabulous!
It was so nice to go to Iowa with you to meet your hubby's sister. What a milestone for her! It was so nice of you to celebrate such a special time with her. The photos of all of you were great!
We've got to find some time to get together Sue! Hope to hear from you soon.

Hugs, Sherry

Olive Rue said...

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by yesterday. Loved the treasures I saw. Now, I'm off to look around your blog some more. Have a great weekend.

Blondie's Journal said...

Thanks for tagging me, Sue. Am I supposed to list things that annoy me?? I am not good with these things. Generally, once people know me better, they don't like me anymore!!

I am so soryy, but gum chewing keeps my mind off being late for things as I usually am due to all the time I spend getting pedicures that I always put off until the last minute but it doesn't matter, I believe in self~forgiveness...

Do I still have to do the tag??


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Hey Sue I don't chew hurts my jaw...and I am always early for anything ...I hate people being late when I invite them to dinner also...I just feel if I take the time to cook do the table, clean house get food the least you can do is be here on tie...and trust me if you don't have a good excuse for being late you won't get asked back again ha ha!! Now sue I did this tag back in Nov 08 and I don't want to sound mean but I did go tag and award free 4 months ago...its just to hard on me to pick and pass this things on...Hope you still love me ha ha!! May you have a great week my friend and I'll talk with you when I get back....Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

~~Carol~~ said...

Hi Sue! I'm also totally anal about being on time, and I'm happy to say that I passed that on to my daughter too! Dr. Phil says it's arrogant to keep people waiting on you, and I agree! Drives me nuts!
I'm chewing gum right now, but I've got my mouth closed, and I'm not popping or cracking it! But as soon as I click on the Post Comment button, I am going to blow a bubble!

Susie Q said...

I love lists so thank you for letting me do this one! : )
I will get on that and have it ready tonight or tomorrow am.
I KNOW I have been late at times. And I HATE that! I was never late in my previous life...the one where I was normal. *grin*
I tend to procrastinate now...something I never did before either...I am slipping badly! *smile*
Gun chewing...oh yeah. I had a sale clerk wait on me last week and her mouth was so full of gum, which she snapped loudly the entire time she helped me.
Deadlines are wonderful...I can get lots done under one...why can't I do that without one?
I will be in this evening about 8. Will you be home? I would love to talk a little and see if we canmeet up next week...'k?
Sue, the oft late

Kathleen said...

The Irish forgive, but we NEVER forget! :)
I am reading all your old posts before I knew you.
I hate gum chewing too. Had a roomie that cracked it while she studied. Drove me nuts!