Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Call Me Ethel….

ethel Lori E @ Family Trees May Contain Nuts has tagged me to tell  six things about myself that will help you get to know me.  I met Lori  last week when I left a comment on her blog immediately after Florida Sue.  She wrote me back, thanked me for sending her a video,  and made reference to me as  “Lucy .”  I was a bit confused, but remained nonplused at  being called by a name other than my own.   She e-mailed me again, after coming to the realization that she was not talking to Florida Sue. She explained that  the two of them refer to each other as “Lucy,”  as in Ethel  and Lucy of  the old television show, “ I Love Lucy.”  When she tagged me she told me that by participating in this little game, I would have to be forever known as Ethel, because  having more than two Lucy’s would be too confusing.   So, as the newly named “Ethel,”  I will tell you a bit about me……

1.  I often give others the impression that I “have it all together” and am extremely organized. I do like order and am always prepared when I have to present ideas and complete projects. I work diligently, meet deadlines, and follow through until the job comes to fruition.  Truth is, that is my public side! At home, my desk is probably just as in as much disarray as the next person’s. I sometimes forget to balance my checkbook or pay a bill on time.  My pantries are a little messy and my herbs and spices are definitely not alphabetized.  I often spend hours reading blogs or watching favorite TV shows. I am a child of the 50’s and thus severely addicted to television!

2. My sense of humor doesn’t always make people laugh. In fact, I think I sometimes offend others with my facetious remarks. I was a journalism major and am used to writing satire. As is the case with many satirists, I am often perceived too literally. People don’t always get the joke, and they are offended.  Hmmmm,  maybe, just maybe, I might not be as funny as I think I am….

3. I love people. I am a loyal friend. I will defend the underdog. I stand up for what I believe in. I am opinionated  and voice my opinion vehemently. I respect that others may disagree with me and  realize that it is their right to do so. But I still know I am most likely right…..   Oh, and I don’t like to admit that I could be wrong….

4. I used to be a fitness professional. Yup, I taught fitness classes and did personal training.  I loved getting paid to work out because I’m basically a little lazy and don’t like to work out by myself. I started teaching in the eighties, at the heyday of the aerobic dancing phase. Remember high impact aerobics? My knees  and the rest of my body parts have taken a beating over the past 20 plus years, let me tell you! At one point I was teaching 9 classes a week AND working full-time.

But sadly, age began creeping up on me and Mother Nature said, “Sue, peri-menopause is going to make you put on a little weight and your body will take on an apple shape.”  So the pounds crept on…. and on…. and on….  I became embarrassed to stand up in front of a class - I was cardio-vascularly fit but was a bit heavier looking than the svelte, twenty-something, newbie aerobics instructor that taught the class in the time slot after me.  So when my gym went under due to   the economy, I stopped teaching. Which, in turn, meant I stopped working out.  Now I know what  I have to do to get back into shape, but I can’t  seem to make myself do it. hmmm…. Remember the organizational and the camaraderie things I told you about earlier?

5. I grew up as the oldest child of  five in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Yes, the original Las Vegas, since my little hometown was settled many years before that  Nevada city. When I tell people where I am from, people usually say or ask one of three things. I am often asked, “What was it like growing up in Vegas?  I bet you learned to gamble at an early age.”

OR, “ Wow, you grew up in a foreign country?” To which I respond that New Mexico became the 47th state in 1912.  Did these people not take geography in school?  Didn’t they have to learn state capitals? 

OR, “ I can tell by your black hair and dark eyes that you are Mexican.”  hmmmm,   what about being Black Irish, or Italian, or just having dark brown hair and eyes without making an ethnic distinction?

6. Gee, almost there…. Didn’t think this egomaniac would have such a tough time talking about herself…. As independent as I am, I sometimes need a little pat on the back and a little reaffirmation, just like anybody else. Blogging helps give me this. Not that I don’t get this in my day to day life, but it’s nice to be told by someone other than a family member  or a close friend that my opinion is valued.  Or that I’ve caught a good deal while out thrifting.  (Just a few of my friends and family members get this) It’s as though I lead two separate lives. tee hee   I now have the electronic equivalent of what this baby boomer used to call pen pals. I’ve forged new friendships with a special binding kinship, and I’m looking forward to meeting more of you, whether in person or just in bloggy world.

So now you have a little scoop on Sue, aka, Ethel. And by the way, Lori, I once had a friend who decided that because we always got ourselves into so much trouble when we were together, she called us Lucy and Ethel. And guess who was Ethel?????   

Okay, now I’m tagging the following 6 people . Tell us 6 things about yourself and then pass it on.

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Beverly said...

At least 3 of these made me wonder if we are twins separated at birth. Except for the NM thing and all those siblings. I'd love if someone would pay me to work out--then maybe I'd actually do it.

Loved reading more about you--Ethel!

One Vintage Hag said...

Hi Sue,
Thank you so much for the tag. I can't wait to get busy with the game. Working part of my day at the village but will have the post complete this afternoon so that you can find our more about this "hag".
Appreciate your popping in for visits often - my pond is so clear now I can see every single pebble in the bottom. Pictures soon to share on that too.
debbie ~one vintage hag

Brenda said...

Okay, I'm game. (Will write mine tomorrow, as I already have something up today.) We have a bit in common, Ethel. Though I'm sure I would be the Lucy of the bunch. So damned confused and goofy and klutzy. I was a journalism major (professional writing) and people don't often get my wry humor. They take it far too seriously; sometimes get offended. Don't they understand satire? Oh well, if I run them off then they didn't get it in the first place. I also like my pen pals of the bloggy world (Or also known as The Land Of Blog.) We're the last holdouts or kids these days will never even know what a pen pal was! An anachronism to them!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sue,
I have never done one of these before....I will get started hopefully tonight if not tommorrow....I am on my way to my volunteer job at local hospital. You are a very good writer, btw....not sure I can make mine sound as intesting as yours! I will give it a try. Stay tuned!

Susie Q said...

Well Hmpf. You didn't ask me to tell 6 things about myself...phooey. So I won't.Double phooey.
I likie sarcasm...I do, I do. Nothing is ever too good that a dose of sarcasm couldn't make better! : )
I know about the fitness guru but puleeze. If you are over weight, what does that make ME? Wait. Please do not tell me. I am depressed enough by not being asked to tell 6 things about myself. *grin*
Gee. I had no idea you were of Mexican decent!
*ducking so as not to be konked on the head by Sue's thrown shoe*

New Mexico is in the US? Well. Will wonders never cease! Makes me think about all of those bits Jay Leno used to do with people on the street. What was the name of the ship that brought the pilgrims to this land...dead silence...well, it's name is the same as a popular moving company...OH! U Haul?

I am so glad you started blogging and that you were willing to meet me...poor you! One of these days soon we need to go thrifting or just shopping of any kind! Just 'cause.

I think you are pretty gosh darned spiffy. Beautiful, smart, funny and you live in a gorgeous home in a great neightborhood! I should really hate you but I just can't! *laugh*

Love ya Ethel,

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Just stopping by and getting my Sue fix. :) love you giving us insite on you and your talents and who and what makes you.

Im a little like you. I really think i am funny --- and then you get these blank stares coming back to you. :) gotta love DEEP people. hahha!


Lori E said...

Ethel, darling how are you. I really like your 6 things list and I thank you for playing along. I see some great similarities between us. We are pretty fabulous aren't we.

Lucy (Sue)was just asking where you were. We hoped to see you over at my place for Treat Yourself Thursday.

Some how you didn't get on to my follow list and I was sure I had you on there. One of the first sites I ever followed disappeared last week and I had to re add her. Bugs in the system I think.

Country Romantic said...

Hi Sue,

It looks like you have been busy since I last visited you. :) I love your decorating projects and this post was especially fun to read. I know trying to think of things to write about yourself can be challenging but you did a GREAT job and I really enjoyed it!! :) Hope you have a great weekend!

hugs & blessings,