Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Roosters Now Crow….


It’s time once again for “What’s On Your Wall Wednesday” where we are able to see the many items that are showcased on the walls of homes all over Blog Land.  You may click on the logo to be taken to  Grits and Glamour and our hostess, Barb.

When I first met Rue and Sue, they asked me if I had roosters. I told them that I was out of my rooster phase and had taken them down from my walls in my French Country kitchen.  Their response was that I just couldn’t be a proper blogger without  roosters!  So once all of my new, stained woodwork was finished in the kitchen this week, I decided to put my roosters back up on the walls.

I am now a proper blogger, Sue and Rue.


This pendulum clock was given to me a few years back as a Christmas present from Mr. Sullivan.



These rooster prints on canvas were another present from Mr. Sullivan. They are on the side of my pantry wall and can be seen from the great room.


I have black and white rooster plates that will be hung opposite these large prints, but they still have to be unpacked. With the chaos caused by my little remodeling  job, they could be anywhere. There are still boxes of accessories stacked in the dining room and in the study.  Maybe they will be unveiled by the next time this meme runs.  



KBeau said...

Okay. So having roosters makes you a true blogger. Well then I definitely qualify. Good to know. Love your roosters.

Shelia said...

Hi Sue! I love roosters too! Your clock and those plates are just wonderful! I'm loving your beautiful wallpaper! I'm so glad to hear you're proper now! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Your roosters look great! You must be happy to have them back, they fit right in!

imjacobsmom said...

Hi Sue, Glad to see that your roosters are back in place - they are looking good! Cute wallpaper! ~ Robyn

Dawn said...

Love the roosters and the wallpaper!

Lori E said...

I am so full of roosters I could crow. Yours are really nice. What is it about roosters that we all like so much?

Debbie @ said...

Hi Sue! Love those roosters and that wallpaper. What a great post. I absolutely love rooster decor....and yours is 'perfect.' Have a blessed day.

Susie Q said...

I seriously love that clock. Seriously. Almost as much as I love Brian D. Almost. And that wall paper is to die for! Wow. I am really wanting wallpeper hung and now that I see yours, I know why! Dang but your house is gorgeous! It WAS gorgeous and after all your work, it is now...well...even more gollygeegorgeous-er. I know. NOT a real word but it fits! : )
LOVE roosters. I don't know whay we all do but it has something to do with the rich, warm country colors...or their pointy little beaks. I don't know which.


Kim Kasch said...

What a cool clock - does it crow to wake you in the morning? Now, that would be super-cool.

mbkatc230 said...

These are really lovely! I really love the roosters on canvas, and they are framed beautifully! They really look perfect in your gorgeous kitchen. Kathy

Housewife Savant said...

You chose these rooster pieces instead of a ginormous quilted rooster head toaster cover?

What about a ceramic rooster who vomits liquid hand soap when you pump his tail?

Those are Trick Questions. You chose wisely.

Southerncook said...

Oh Sue, we share a fondness for Roosters and Chickens. I had to chuckle at your comment about your remodel, after doing our kitchen remodel I know exactly what you were referring to. Thank you for visiting my blog and I will visit yours often.

Carolyn/A Sooutherners Notebook

Stacey said...

Well first let me say that your wallpaper is stunning! I love it!

Your roosters are great too. I agree, you have to have a few. :) I'm going to go back on your blog and visit some more.

blondiensc said...

You roosters look so cute! i love those prints and I am sure it now feel good to be a proper blogger and all with your roosters!

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

I live on a farm...and everyone says we should get the real ones! They look great on your walls and the trim is gorgeous! Luanne

ceekay said...

Love that rooster clock. I didn't own 1 rooster until I started, well, I am trying to keep it under control!

The Stylish House said...

I think you have to have both roosters and ceramic birdies to quality as a supreme blogger! Cathy

Sue said...

Cathy, I guess I am now supreme.... SusieQ gave me and Rue our birdies when we met; so I can truthfully say that I am official! LOL ~Sue

Kim said...

Love your clock! I used to have the same rooster prints as you but I sold them on ebay. I do still have other roosters in my kitchen though. So I guess I can keep on blogging too.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Love that clock! For once, I'm a real blogger. I have roosters! laurie