Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ice Cream Treat Yourself Thursday…

Don’t you think the title  of my post looks like one of those  ‘ Before and After ’  catch phrases that you have to guess on the “ Wheel of Fortune? ”   Vanna, turn that little letter box around…



This afternoon, this is what I plan on treating myself to….. A Turtle Sundae from Ritter’s Ice Cream Parlor.  Yum yum… I think I deserve it.  Wait, I KNOW I deserve it!! 

I slave hard ALL DAY   ( in-between my DVR’d  television shows,  the blogging,  and the crafting )  in order to make my house a home for Mr. Sullivan and son. 

Nutritious and appetizing meals, clean and fresh smelling laundry,  lemon-scented polished furniture, and  bright shiny windows are all the result of my everyday chores.   Why shouldn’t  I indulge myself with one of these little treats?   Don’t I work hard enough throughout the day in order to justify my having such a treat?

Uh oh… now I’ve really got myself thinking about the calorie count of one of these little boogers.  I wonder how many minutes I’ll have to spend  in aerobics class  in order to burn this baby off?   30?   60?   more?   I wish I knew how to cut a few  calories.

hmmmmmmm……          I think I know!!!!





I’ll  take off the cherry!



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Lori E said...

It is always the cherry that gets the calorie count right up there. I always pick them off my pizza too. Thanks for playing along. Maybe you could share your sundae with someone to cut the impact. Nah, that is crazy talk.

Ali said...

Take off the cherry! Outstanding! Nice to meet you Sue. It's Lori's fault I'm here stalking...I mean, reading your blog. She's got me doing that Treat Yourself Thursday thing too. ;)

I absolutely LOVE that photo in Ireland! Have you actually been there to see the house?

Ali @ A Second Age

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hey Sue....Enjoy it for me too, ok? I am doing Weight Watchers.

Brenda said...

Of course you deserve it! Isn't it unfortunate that it's hard to let ourselves enjoy a delectable dessert without feeling guilt? I absolutely forgot about Treat Yourself Thursday. Oh well, I have enough going today. I loved your ideas. Hadn't thought of those myself. Sheet music sounds lovely and I shall do some deep pondering on that one. Thanks! Lord knows when I'll get around to doing something with it.

Florida Sue said...

I would like to eat one of these every day, but then I wouldn't enjoy the anticipation would I? Plus I would be too large to get into the car to go and get one. I think that you deserve every bite without a bit of worry about calories today. If I could, I would join you Ethel.


Susan S. said... gotta leave the cherry..that's the healthy FRUIT in the whole mix. Go ahead and enjoy the WHOLE's too short! :)

Hugs from Houston!

Blondie's Journal said...

Ice cream sounds like the perfect treat today now that our temps have reached the 80's. I'm ready to start complaining. Somehow I think I would feel better in the heat if I were thinner! LOL!

I do think we deserve ice cream~anything after all that cleaning and polishing and laundry that we do in an incredible 5 minutes before everyone gets home, after a hard day of blogging!!! ;-)

Have a great weekend, Sue!!


Sharing with Sherri said...

You've earned that cherry girlfriend, go ahead and eat it I say!!!

Thanks for the smile and chuckle!!


Dawn said...

Oh, that sounds so good. I'm afraid I treat myself a little too often. Maybe just once a week would be ok now that I can share it with blogging buddies!

What Jane from Blondie's Journal said is so true. I'll be zipping through the housework in half an hour as my hubby starts to head home from work. I'm so addicted...

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Cute post, but it sure made me hungry! laurie