Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Land of Enchantment- NM state flag - My Home State

Today's theme for Dixie's Wordless Wednesday is Flags.You can click on the link to see what others have posted for this theme.


Florida Sue said...

I need to catch up a little here. Firstly welcome to Ethelhood. It sounds like you have had some practice! I loved reading all of the things about you. We have a lot in common, but then I knew that when I first started reading your blog. I got rid of all my roosters when I moved to Florida, but I have a couple of nice pictures in the garage..I do want to be a proper blogger. Your wallpaper is beautiful. My colors exactly. I also want to say that I appreciate all of your kind and supportive comments. Ethel, you're the best!

Lucy/Sue XO

dana said...

I'm glad you gave a hint as to what that flag represents!!! I would not have known--see how educational blogging can be!! :) Happy WW!! Dana

Dixie said...

Not very many people posted their state flags... of course most of the Texas gals... you... and Molly in Mississippi... I had no idea this was the NM flag... I love it!

happy WW!

Cathy said...

This one is new to me...I am so glad that you shared it!!!

I love your blog pretty!!!

Have a wonderful WW!!

Aimee said...

Hey, a state flag that isn't Texas!

Happy WW!

Liberty said...

Absolutely beautiful blog! Happy WW and Flag day!

The Stylish House said...

I knew instantly this was New Mexico’s state flag! I grew up in Colorado and lived in Tucson for awhile, so have driven through many times. Santa Fe and Taos are two of my favorite places. New Mexico has the most beautiful sweeping sunsets.

Terry said...

Howdy Sue
Happy Wordless Wednesday to you sweetie.
What a beautiful Flag.
I am so glad you chose to share this one today.
Have a wonderful week.
Your State is certainly
the land of enchantment.
Have spent several mini vacations there for that reason.
Thank you fort he happy memories today.

bj said...

Thanks for stopping by today. It's been fun seeing all the flags.
O, and I see you are a SITS girl, too..:)
xo bj

southern queen bee said...

Wow that flag brought back memories. My grandparents lived there and I would go visit in the summers. Two of my brothers live there now. One in Silver City and one in Albq. So beautiful there...sure do miss it.

Liberty said...

What drew me to read your blog and visit was the Irish homestead at the beginning. How wonderful to have that! Our ancestors had lived on the Shannon river, not sure where. Great great grandparents landed in Nova Scotia on an old Irish ship in the early 1800's. That is about all I know at this point. We are from a long line of Shannon's. My great grandparents settled in northern Wisconsin in the late 1800's or early 1900's. Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Hope to see more of you...

The Muse said...

Yes, indeed the prides of our states...easy to see the American Indian influence here! :)

Florida Sue said...

ETHEL? Where is your "Treat Yourself Thursday" post at the other Lucy's blog? You have some 'splainin to do!

just kidding, really...


Brenda said...

Just wanted to pop in and say hi, and hope you have a wonderfully nice day!

Kathleen said...

You are from New Mexico? I never knew anyone from NM. I have cousins there now though.