Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bette’s Garden

Bette is my sister-in-law and she has a green thumb, as opposed to my brown thumb which borders on being black! She took the Master Gardener course a few years back, but she has always had the knack for putting plantings and garden accessories together to make everything look spectacular. I’m sure you will agree once you see the following pictures of the garden path that leads to the lower level of her home. Do ya think it's fair to take just a smidgen of credit for this garden because I gave her a few pieces of garden art?


path to back yard The path begins at the side of her home and descends to the lower level brick patio. She used stepping stones and partially filled them in with ground cover. The little rabbit is the first one to welcome you into her yard.


path 3

After meeting Mr. Rabbit, you walk under an arbor to get to the back yard. Here you see the arbor looking up from a lower part of her path.



Sitting under the arbor are some architectural pieces and a wire trellis.


bee skep

A metal bee skep sits under a tree surrounded by hostas.


bird , cloche

On the other side of the tree she featured more rocks and concrete pieces, along with a chicken-wire cloche protecting one of her plants from garden intruders.


close-up 1

This is the same area viewed from another perspective.


path 4 Farther down the path, looking up to the arbor, ivy lines the sides of the rock stairway.


bird bath frogA birdbath makes the perfect perch for this little metal frog.


iron fence

An old piece of iron fencing sets the backdrop for her impatiens and another little frog.


frog on path


side view of path

This is the side wall of the path taken from her patio door in the lower level.


view from patio

From the brick patio outside the lower level, you can see her side yard.



This funny little gargoyle lives on the wall outside her patio door.



To the right of the gargoyle is a pedestal featuring an urn of ivy.


Bette, thanks for letting me show your peaceful retreat. It’s always a pleasure to visit.

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skoots1mom said...

this is a dreamy yard and i know the owners must love spending time working in it and then relaxing there with friends.

Jo said...

What a pretty yard!.So peaceful.......Jo

Deborah said...

Oh sorry, I was hyperventilating! GOOOOOOODNESSSSSS! De-Lovely! She certainly is a Master Gardener! **bows** Deborah

Kate said...

really pretty garden. I love the bee hive and the gargoil.

Lori E said...

I have a pretty nice garden but I really love the extra pieces she puts in hers. The cloche, the frog, the pieces of stone. Very nice.

Brenda said...

Sue, you changed your blog up a bit, just as I did yesterday! Must be the stifling hot weather making us stay indoors! I love her yard. Such a woodland feel to it. I wish I could find a metal bee skep. I had a regular wicker-type one once and it fell apart. Thanks for sharing this, as you know my side yard is in the process of being redone.

imjacobsmom said...

Sue, Bette's yard is spectacular. I love her touches, the yard art, her can tell she's a master gardener - she's got the knack. ~ Robyn

Bellamere Cottage said...

YOW-ZA!!!! Isn't that just toooo darn spectacular? OH MY.....she DOES have a green thumb! How peaceful and lovely.


Carrie said...

It was my pleasure to go along for the visit you so graciously provided. This garden is delightful...I enjoy seeing garden ornaments and hers are wonderful!

Stacey said...

What a beautiful yard! Thanks for sharing those pictures.

ChrisC and JonJ said...

When I pick myself up off of the floor(I just fainted from the the beauty of that garden),I shall post.
But I did notice some yard-art.I LOVE yard-art!!!!

jerseygirl211 said...


What a lovely yard, every plant and piece of yard art so well placed. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.


Housewife Savant said...

Tell you sister "Ooo La La," and drool while you say it, for me.

What? No fat bottomed tomato-picker cut out? No shadow-of-a-leaning-cowboy?

A real garden. Beautiful. So serene, I LOVE it!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sue....your sis-in-law's garden is so looks like it would be cool and relaxing. I like the look of your blog today...looks like you did some "tweaking"!

niartist said...

This is just so beautiful. I see gardens like this one Sue, and it makes me want to start all over again! Tell your SIL that she has done a fantastic job, and I appreciate you sharing it here with us at Share a Garden Sunday! Please, come back! You're welcome every time! :) Oooo, and one last thing - if she ever wants to get rid of that grecian/roman column base/capital - I know where she can send it ... to ME! :)

~~Rhonda said...

Tell your SIL that I so enjoyed touring her garden! It's beautiful. Lots of love there, I can tell. ~~Rhonda

KBeau said...

Okay, now I got your blog to open, but what happened to the post on the red watering can?

Kathy said...

Sue - what lovely garden spots your sister-in-law has! It looks so peaceful and just the right amount of garden art... My favorites are the wire cloche (I've never seen one before - what a great idea!!), and the metal bee skep is very cool!

Thanks for the tour! Kathy

P.S. Stop by my blog and pick up your FABULOUS award!