Saturday, May 9, 2009

Project Update and Upcoming Trip…

My “simple” re-painting and remodeling job has me wishing I had never started it until later in the summer when I didn’t have a deadline. I’m flying out to California in 3 days so Dan and I can bring his car back to Ohio; and the house is still no closer to being finished than in my last post. I haven’t left the house in days except to make a quick grocery store run…

plywood There are sheets of plywood in the openings where doors once opened up my life to the world outside. Furniture is still piled in the middle of the great room; lamps and accessories are still on the floor in the dining room, bedroom, and kitchen; and ultra-fine drywall dust just keeps settling on everything throughout the house, not just in the rooms we are working on.


I’ve always prided myself in keeping a clean and organized home a la June Cleaver, except without the apron, LOL, so this chaos is really testing me. I’ve opted not to have workmen in the house while I am gone, so the contractor won’t be back until May 21, two days after I get back from our expected 4-day long driving foray.

Mr. Sullivan won’t be making the trip- someone has stay home to work and earn the money to pay for this little remodeling job of mine! I’m sure he’ll miss his nightly home-cooked dinners and the packed lunches that I send in with him to work.  You can just call me Susie Homemaker tee hee hee.  But not having these things for a week will surely make him appreciate me all the more, don’t you think?


I’ll be buying a cheapie little camera to document my 2600-mile driving trip because my Canon conked out on me Monday night while I was taking pictures of cute little doggies with SusieQ @Rabbit Run Cottage. She offered her husband Bill’s services to help me select a new camera when I get back, Thanks, Bill.

I know you will all be busy with your own projects and endeavors for the next week, so I’m taking my laptop with me so I can keep up with you. Have a great week and don’t forget me okay?  Hugs, Sue


Susie Q said...

You just have a safe trip and will all pass and you will have a gorgeous home...okay. Even MORE gorgeous home. I hated thyat the camera conked out when you were with us! Am I bad luck?? *grin* But we will find the perfect camera for you when you return...we were just so happy you went with us! Kip was too! : )

Have a great time wit Dan...see the sights..will you pass the giant ball if twine??...and know that all will be fine!!

See you soon...HUGS!


Lou Cinda said...

Take a breath, have fun, relaaaaax! This too shall pass and it will be so worth all this aggravation!! Trus me!

Have a great trip!

Lou Cinda

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Sue!

Your home is going to look so nice when it's all done and all the present disorganization will be forgotten.

Enjoy the new car and be safe driving it home!

Happy Mother's Day!

Beverly said...

So, no apron, but pearls and heels? lol