Monday, May 11, 2009

Dog Night at the Ice Cream Shoppe

Last week I was invited to attend Ritter’s Ice Cream Shoppe’s “Dog’s Night Out” with my friend Susie Q , her husband, Bill, her daughter, Grace, AND, of course, the dog of the hour, Kipper! I was able to retrieve a few photos from the now dead camera that will need to be replaced when I get back from California. So here are some pictures of a few dogs that were enjoying a nice spring evening of canine socialization.

While the dogs were busy romping through the patio area, the humans in our party enjoyed soft custard ice cream treats. I had a fabulous turtle sundae, as did Susie Q. Grace had some strange concoction that looked like crumbly dirt and some colorful worms. I think Bill was the only one that had a simple serving of ice cream. Even Kip partook of HIS treat- a small dish of vanilla custard and a miniature dog bone.

kipper Kipper, anxiously awaiting his serving of ice cream.




big guy

This guy was HUGE…. He looked like a miniature pony as he lumbered behind his master!



blue eyes

This fellow had GORGEOUS blue eyes.






And this little ball of fluff struck a pose, as if to say, “I want ice cream, too, please….”




don't eat the daisies

Do you remember the big shaggy sheep dog on the show, “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies?” Or how about the dog on “Flubber” or Tramp on “My Three Sons?” This dog would give me fits if I had to groom him!



lift the leg

I wanted to say, “Oh please don’t lift that back leg on me, buster!”





Suave dog, taking a deserved rest from socializing…..



sad eyes

Such sad little eyes on this beagle…




sniff my hiney

Remember the lab that looked like he was getting ready to lift his leg? Well, he had a penchant for sniffing other dogs’ hind quarters, too! LOL



The dalmation is thoroughly enjoying his dish of ice cream! And the big guy is getting a nice ear rub from an admirer.




You will undoubtedly get to see some professional looking photos when Kip and his Mom, Susie Q post theirs. But I hope you enjoyed viewing a few of the furry friends I got to see last Monday!

OH! This cracked me up- there was even an open invitation for anyone to witness the upcoming nuptials of 2 dogs on May 16.

wedding The happy couple is shown here modeling their formal attire for the wedding.

Owain, a corgi, and Meeka, a shiba inu, met in doggie daycare as puppies and developed a close relationship that matured beyond puppy love. The wedding event is being sponsored by Club K-9 Doggie Daycare and the owners are hoping to raise funds for SICSA and the Humane Society through a bridal gift registry for the couple. Wedding cakes for both canines and humans will be served at the event. The couple will enjoy a complimentary 2-night honeymoon stay at the daycare center.

Love is definitely in the spring air!!!


Mrs. G said...

We have a mall near us that invites folks to parade their puppies too. So much fun, it makes me want to get a pet for a minute.
Thanks for visiting this morning. Any friend of Susie Q is a friend of mine.

Jo said...

How funny ~ Bozley would have loved to attend! :)


Mumzie said...

All these pupsters are so cute. What a grand time! Thanks for sharing.

Brenda said...

Oh, I am such a doggy lover! Animal lover for that matter. They are not just man's best friend, I've discovered. They make a really good woman's best friend as well! Love the narrative.

blondiensc said...

oh my so many cute pups!! I could only imagine how my dog would act at an outing like that...I hope you are enjoying your vacation in Cali..I love Monterety and once I read that I thought to myself I need to get back up there soon!

Florida Sue said...

I have just been catching up on my reading, and was delighted to see these sweet dog photos. I guess you are still on the road. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Susie Q said...

Wow Mrs. Sue! You did good. I am glad you gots a pic of me in there dude. An I see lots of my peeps here too. I was so gad you cam too an I gots to meet ya. Will you come wif us agin? I wood like that dude!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I've seen this fun event on Suzie Q's blog over the year but I never saw so many of the other guests! Love the cute "wedding"!

Dawn Gahan said...


Thanks so much for visiting me! I face a long holiday weekend of cleaning and re-arranging. I suppose it could be worse. Have to put it all into perspective. Just as I sit back and read blogs, including yours, I am comforted.

I turn to yours and see this post. Yes, I am one of those who has a "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" dog. You'll see our wonderfully snuggly (yet oh so high-maintenance-when-it-comes-to-grooming) boy Gideon who has many posts to his name on my blog.

And then the music on your blog starts and it's Breathe Me and it brings back such memories. When my daughter, Harleigh, was on color guard at her high school they did a whole routine to this song.

So, you see, it was soooooo fun to visit you. And I'll definitely be back again. You seem to "connect" me with things.

I pray that you see dustless days soon!