Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What’s on my wall?

 New paint!!

The contractor came and took off the existing window casings and baseboards, and the painters took over by painting the walls in the great room with a new color to replace the off-white that was there before. What a change that made! It is so cozy and warm.  I can’t wait for the wider width woodwork to be installed. It will give a more substantial look to this large room that has 18 foot high ceilings.



Of course,the project brought chaos with it! Existing furniture is placed in several other rooms throughout the house. Artwork is in closets and propped up against walls. Ladders and drop cloths abound!

And as always, one thing leads to another! I’m having two other rooms re-painted while the painters are still here. I’m going into our furniture store to order new sofas,  tables, and lamps.  And I’m going NUTS!  I work best under pressure and a deadline; but this deadline includes a houseguest in a couple of weeks. Dan’s California girlfriend will be coming to visit! She is a sweet girl and I think she’ll understand that the house might not be thoroughly complete and that there might be a few obstacles in the house.  I just hope that those obstacles don’t include tripping over boards, paint buckets, and workmen in her room! 


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Barb @ GritsandGlamour said...

Sue - you sound like me. I only start major projects just a few days/weeks before a major event (like re-doing my kitchen 3 weeks before I hosted a wedding party!) or when company is company. I agree with you - I do work better under pressure. But the contractors don't always agree with MY agenda! grrrr.... LOL

I can't wait to see it all back together. Thanks so much for sharing in this week's WOYWW.

Good luck with everything, Barb

Kim @ Manning Family Tree said...

I wish I had painters coming to my house, then maybe I'd get some color on my walls. I'm sure your house will look spetacular once everything is painted & the new furniture arrives. I am so jealous! Hope you get it done in time for your company. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment. It really means a lot to me.

Housewife Savant said...

Do I know chaos? Glad you asked.
What do you mean; You didn't ask?
It's NOT all about me, then?

Don't you lurve when it's done, all nice and fresh, flawless and ready to be decorated/accessorized, then some klutz bangs a chair leg and [cursing ensues]

Crystal said...

Beautiful new paint! I can't wait to see more of that beautiful fireplace, and that gorgeous dining room in the background..hint, hint! Thanks for sharing. I thought I had read that Dan was your husband, and then I saw that about his girlfriend visiting, so I double-checked! I've been having some really blonde days here lately. I thought, "She's a better woman than me.! Take care.

Helen said...

I am - SOOOO - glad I read your post today. I also have 18' ceilings in my living and dining rooms and a loft as well. I have windows flanking my living room fireplace that extend almost up to the ceiling. My baseboards have always 'bothered' me in that they look out of scale with the dimensions of the rooms. I have been motivated to have them ripped out and replaced (by you!) I don't need to repaint the walls which is a good thing.

Destiny said...

Mrs. Sullivan,
I finally have the perfect excuse to leave a comment. :) You are too kind! There is absolutely no need to worry about your home for my visit. As you know, I unequivocally adore your house and admire your taste for design. I am looking forward to finally making it out to Ohio; I am very excited! I truly appreciate your welcoming, and I can't wait to see you all. You're so wonderful! :)


P.S. I love your blog! ;)

Christina said...


So glad to meet you. I love the little table in your post below. It's funny, even though I found some really good deals at Goodwill in the past few weeks, I feel the same as you do about our Goodwill more often than not. The prices are often extreme, esp. for something that we have to re-hab anyway.

We have tall ceiling too, so I always have a painter come and paint. My hubby doesn't paint and I just can't handle the ceilings. Victoria (my sister who I blog with) is having painting and kitchen remodel going on right now and she is in chaos mode too. Look forward to seeing what you do. The color does look very cozy.

Thanks for your great idea for my giant soup ladle. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do. Your idea also made me think of putting a hens and chicks plant in it and hanging it out on my patio.

thestonerabbit said...

I envy folks like you who have a decorating flair! We moved in here four years ago and I still don't have pictures in the bedrooms or baths. I just can't make decisions!!! I still need to order area rugs for our family room and don't want to look, cuz it makes me nuts!! Wish you lived near!!

Happy Thursday. Dana

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Sue!
It's like a snowball effect isn't it? One thing always leads to another when you have a big project going on! It's going to look so fresh and warm when it's all done. And as for your visitor, you can always tell what stock a gal is from if she can overlook a bit of chaos!!
You most certainly can grow lilacs. They just grow on their own! Most of the plants and things I have are items that can withstand neglect. It has to be hearty to make it in this clay soil around here. There are so many kinds of lilacs to chose from. I have some of the common light colored bushes and a dark colored bush. I love them all but the dark lilac is the most dramatic looking, the blooms are so spectacular!

Big hugs, Sherry

Susie Q said...

Wow...woulda look at the windows you have! I am impressed! Aw...chos is okay when you know you are gonna have somthing gorgeous at the end of it all! I havehad chaos and got nothing from it but a headache! *grin*
The new colors are so pretty and the new woodwork will be awesome. I am betting the girlfriend will not care a whit...she will just be so happy to be with you all.

Did you get my email?? I got home at 10 again tonight! What IS it with me this week? I am so tired that I can barely see...phooey. And my poor house needs a good cleaning. Poor neglected NOT ask about the yard! But Bill DID agree to hire a guy to take out all the bushes in front. Now I have to move some of the flowering plants over and go look for more plants to plant...: ) Argh...

Talk to you soon...


FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a fun post! Don't we all just do these things? {to make ourselves crazy?}Last minute stuff.:) The girlfriend won't care, she'll just have fun with you.
xo Lidy