Monday, April 27, 2009

Found Treasures

I am always amazed at bloggers who find  a myriad of goodies while on their Goodwill Stores shopping trips.  And I’m even more amazed at the very reasonable prices they pay!  The GW stores in the Dayton area never seem to have much in the way of “finds” or the best of prices when I do see something worth buying.  So when I see something that I think is a good buy, I scoop it up immediately. In the past, I’ve let things get away from me while I pondered whether or not I wanted the merchandise.  But now I either hold onto what I want or I put it in my cart and guard it with my life.  My hand grip never leaves that cart because I’ve seen what other shoppers do. I’ve seen someone pick from someone else’s full cart while the “cart owner” left her cart unattended while she went around another aisle shopping for something else!  And I’ve  seen the fight that ensued when the theft was discovered!  Two screaming women flailing their purses at one another and each one threatening to call the police was not a pretty site.

So it was with a little trepidation that I ventured out to our local GW early last Saturday morning looking for nothing in particular. And nothing was what I got after checking out the home area.  I was on my way out the door when I spotted something shiny in the locked case by the cash register in the clothing area. I made the assumption that they must be expensive. After all-  they were in a locked case.  But I asked the sales associate to take them out, anyway.  This is what  I found….

Two silver plated bowls.



The small bowl is  6 inches wide.







The larger bowl is 10 inches wide.




They need some  spit and polish to make them shine bright and beautiful, but even in this state, I like them.  And at $10 for the both of them, they didn’t break the bank.



In the same case, I spotted a small blue and white floral bowl. It will  be perfect for dropping odds and ends into it, and I’ll put it into the second guest room.  It was $3.99.


I left GW feeling as if I had done okay.  But I wanted more….   You know that feeling that you get when you just have to find a bargain like no other? Well I had that feeling. So I drove down the street to the Salvation Army Store. Now I have NEVER been able to find anything here. It is stocked mostly with clothing, a few ancient kitchen appliances like a broken Jack La Lanne juicer or a Sunbeam mixer missing its beaters, and torn scruffy sofas that even a college student wouldn’t want in his apartment.  After a brief ~make that a very brief ~ walk through the store, I decided to leave. But out of the corner of my eye I spotted the cutest little table sitting on top of an old desk.

                                                        IMG_0015 Photo004

It has been “aged” with streaky, white paint and the drop-down latch needs to be re-attached, but it called to me!  New hardware and a better paint job would turn it into a nice piece for the mudroom.  How could I resist?  It was only $4.99.

Now I have to admit that I’ve only painted a few things in my lifetime.  I will even confess that on several occasions I’ve bought old chairs and parceled them off to the  re-finisher that works at the family furniture store.  Yup…  I seem to have been born with out the “painting gene.”  My talents obviously lie elsewhere and I am not ashamed to admit it.  You see, Saturday afternoon, I attempted to paint the shelf that I mentioned in an earlier post, and it was futile. I had issues with the sanding. It needed much more wood filler in a job that was more than I was qualified to perform. I failed miserably at my attempt.  So the shelf and my new purchase will be be going off to visit Al and I will gladly wait for him to finish them whenever he can. 

And in meantime,  I will continue my little forays to the Goodwill. But you better believe I will take my big purse, just in case…..


SouthernHospThriftyTreasures copy_thumb

I’ve linked this post to Southern Hospitality’s Today’s Thrifty Treasures post. Click on the picture to see what others have found on their shopping adventures. 


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Sue, thank you for joining in. I enjoyed your description of your visit to GW. I hardly ever find much at mine around here either & do MUCH better at the yardsales.

Oh, the button isn't linked, so you might want to fix that. Thanks a bunch!

TB said...

Hi Sue,
Thanks for the comment on my new Adventures in Decorating. I actually started a "family" blog in January as an "online scrapbook" and I just LOVE blogging!!! I thought it would be better to have a new blog just for my projects & decorating stuff!
I love these silver bowls. I was actually shopping for a silver platter that I want to do a cute project with, wish me luck on finding a good one!!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sue,
Great finds at Goodwill! Sometimes I never find anything and sometimes I get lucky. Like you I was leaving the store until I walked by the "locked' cabinet and found a soup tureen of Haviland china with the pink roses that I collect. It had a minor flaw but for $4 it was mine! I will do a post on it soon.

Rue said...

Sue, if you take off that hardware I will do you bodily harm! .... no I won't, but don't do it anyway ;)

How can you mess up that painting with my stellar directions woman?? Are you trying to make it too perfect?


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Fun stuff!!!

Susie Q said...

Ooh..lookie at what you got! I have yet to begin thrifting and I so wanna...I guess I just need to start! Uh, Susie Q...yeah...that is where you begin! Okay, so you did great! I love it all and not bad prices! Not bad at all...I giggled when I saw Rue's comment...she is the pro!


kathi said...

Love this little table! If you're not planning to restore it, SPRAY PAINT it!
Just rough it up with some sand paper and go for it! I would take off the hardware first and the PUT IT BACK ON! You got a great find here! Spray painting is easy and fast too!
Just be sure to do several light coats of paint so you don't get drips...

Helen said...

I should make a trip cross country to Dayton! Our GW never, I mean never, has anything that cries out to me 'buy me!'

thestonerabbit said...

Our local thrift shops don't have great items these days. I used to be able to find tons of good stuff, but either the 'good stuff' doesn't make it to the shelves or folks aren't donating as much. It doesn't stop me from stopping once in awhile---it's so much fun when something good pops up! Dana