Monday, May 4, 2009

Coping with the Mess…

I’m trying to keep sane, what with painters and carpenters traipsing through my house leaving my house in such disarray. I don’t even want to take a picture for anyone to see, it is that disconcerting to me.

What bothers me the most is that there is STUFF everywhere- I have 2 rooms of furniture pulled away from the walls and sitting of the floor; accessories are in boxes on the floor and on tables in other rooms; and there is drywall dust EVERYWHERE!!  I’ve vacuumed the floors and tried to organize what I can, but I am just flustered as to how I am going to get through this.

How do people go through a major renovation? This is a minor remodeling job and it seems very chaotic to me. One day last week I sat and waited for one guy to show up and he didn’t. Turns out he said he did show up around 9 AM, but apparently we didn’t hear him knocking on the door. I had taken down the doorbell for the painters and hadn’t put it back up yet. My question for him should have been, “Why didn’t you use your cell phone to call me and let me know you were at the front door?”  I am used to a lot more structure and order, so this situation has me wishing that I could just twitch my nose like Samantha on Bewitched and make it all go away? Or better  yet- never to have seen workmen and just twitch it all done myself!   Wouldn’t that be fun? No cost, no  mess, no fuss.  180px-Elizabeth_Montgomery_edited

When I was a kid, I believed in the tooth fairy. I must have been about 5 years old the time that I left her a note and asked her to bring me something besides money for my lost tooth. I asked for a magic wand just like hers!!   I was convinced that she would leave one for me underneath my  pillow and then I could have everything I could possibly wish for when I swished it through the air.  Gee , Mom and Dad must have had a good laugh over that note when they sneaked into my bedroom that night!  When I woke up the next morning I can remember being clearly disappointed that all I had under my pillow was a  couple of coins, but guess what?  I got over it.

And so it is with my house in its current state of disarray and turmoil- I will get over it and it will get done. Except  without the magic!   


~ Okay, I had just finished writing this post when I got a phone call from the painters. They will be coming back in the morning to re-paint all the rooms!  The paint is not holding up well and it has to be replaced with a different kind of product!!   AAAHHHHH….

Where’s my magic wand  or Samantha’s twitchy nose when I need them?????


Mumzie said...

I so understand about everything you are going through with the contractors, etc. Two years ago we upgraded to granite in the kitchen, and what a huge mess...I just wanted it over and done with. I had to cook out of an electric skillet for two weeks! Plus, contractors never, never, show up on time and then say they did. So familiar! Good luck to you and I hope all is back in place soon. I'm sure the final product will be well worth the disarray. Hugs, Mumzie

Lou Cinda said...

Sue: I can SO relate to this and the sheetrock dust is THE worst!! I tried to vacuum it up with a shop vac. I don't recommend it....the dust is so fine it just shoots out the other side and makes and even BIGGER mess! Just keep telling yourself...this too shall pass...this too shall pass!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I am now a follower!

Lou Cinda :)

Florida Sue said...

I went through it all a few months ago,with contractors who had every excuse in the book. I didn't think it would ever be done, but here I am. My lung capacity is probably a little diminished from dust and fumes, but it was worth every hair pulling moment in the end! Here was the post...

My frustrations

Helen said...

....... you forgot to twitch your nose!

Helen said...

... you thought about it ~ but didn't actually DO it! (sorry I hit enter before I typed this part.)

Susie Q said... are not saying there is NO Tooth Fairy are you?? Aw geeeee.....
But it is all gonna look so, so purty. It will, I promise. This too sahll pass and all that other stuff people say when things are chaotic. : )
It was SO good to see you and have you go with us to Dog Night!! I hope we didn't bore you too much! : )

You met with Grace's seal of approval!! *laugh*

Grace has Season 1-5 on DVD of Bewitched. She is always talking about how cool it would be to twitch and poof! I twitch and poof all the time but nothing gets done. I wonder what I am doing wrong??


Kimberly said...

Hoping a magic wand is waved today to make all of your stress AND mess go away!! Can't wait to see the sparkly and beautiful redo!!!

Hang in there kiddo!


Kimberly said...

that's me, Kim (Daisy Cottage) above... I can't leave a comment unless I go through my Google account.


Vivienne said...

Nothing is worse than being at the mercy of someone ele's schedule. I hate to even wait for the cable guy.

Good luck! It'll all be worth it in the end.