Monday, April 20, 2009

The Continuing Saga of our Mole Infestation

The moles are still tunneling and our bumpy yard is looking more and more like a war zone. So in another effort to solve our infestation problem, I went to Home Depot to find what Mr. Sullivan said was going to be the solution to ridding our property of the little buggers. Seems that one of his employees had experienced the same problem with moles a few years back, and he told Boss Man that he had placed sulphur sticks into the tunnels on his property and had gotten rid of all of his moles.


“Sulphur sticks?” I asked. “Are the moles supposed to dine on them, get sick, then die?” Mr. Sullivan shook his head no, then laughed at me. Mr. Employee had told him that you pop the sticks into the holes in the ground and light them. Apparently, the poisonous fumes from the burning sulphur should be lethal enough so as to kill the moles. That or get them stoned and cause them to wander off in a stupor to the next door neighbors’ yards. (did you read my last post?)

So I bought three packages of these sulphur bombs and set out to see what havoc and destruction they could wreak on the moles. Mr. Sullivan inserted them into four main burrow holes in the front yard and lit them. According to Mr. Employee, the smoke and fumes from them would travel through the moles’ connecting underground tunnels. Puffs of SMELLY smoke did indeed start emanating from ALL of the mole holes. But I was laughing so hard when I saw them that I couldn’t run into the house fast enough for a camera to capture the moment.

If you want a mental picture of what my yard looked like, think Yellowstone Park and steamy smoke coming out of the ground- except on a much smaller basis…. but out of MORE holes! yellowstone

Now, you know the neighbors were peeking out from behind their curtains and blinds to see what the Sullivan Family was doing NOW! They’ve seen me enough times chasing flying birds and scampering squirrels out of my front door (that is another varmint saga to relate to you at another time), so I was really glad that the sight of my yard seemingly on fire didn’t cause enough alarm for anyone to call the fire department.

Once the smoke finally cleared, we picked up the debris of the bombs and retreated into the house. It is going to become a “Wait and See” game to find out who is going to come out ahead in this little war of ours.

So now, every time I venture outside into the yard, I will be on the look-out for new raised tunnels and dirt clods. I’m hoping that we have begun eradicating our unwanted visitors, but if we haven’t, as many of you have said, “The big guns are coming out!”


Susie Q said...

Oh you silly you. I must say that YOUR yard, WITH Moles, looks better than MY yard without them. *pooh*
But how I would love to come over and watch the smokin'. Whoo hoo. We could sell tickets. I could sell lemonade. is too chilly right now for that. I will sell hot chocolate.

And I am lucky enought to know the *chasing the squirrel out of the door* story and it IS a hoot.
You are in for a belly laugh or tow with that one.

I think you soudl go out and hold an umbrella over the heads of your little mole is so rainy and we don't want them to catch a chill. Mole colds are terrible things.




Rue said...

LOL..... You have issues my friend ;)

That last video was HILARIOUS!!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I can only imagine what that smoke smelled like! Sulfur ..ugh! I hope it did the trick and they moved away for good.

I use mothballs to keep feral cats away from using my front yard as a litterbox ...think that filling the holes with them would help too? If strong odors keep them away it might be worth a try.

The video below is so funny!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sue.

I'm a reasearcher at a TV company based over in London UK. I am currently researching extreme infestations of houses and environments for a TV project we are working up for a US broadcaster. During our research we came across your blog and your mole issue!
I wondered - would you be happy to talk with me more about this, what the latest is on the situation (have they returned?) and for me to tell you a little about our project? My email is

Many thanks, and I hope your festive plans are shaping up.