Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Charming Place to Shop

While we were out junking for treasures a couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend and I discovered a precious little store in the the historic town of Tipp City, Ohio. Feather Your Nest Antiques and Decorative Arts is a quaint little shop featuring cottage, French, primitive, Victorian, and eclectic decor and furnishings.

Dishwares, glasswares, statuaries, and linens abound in displays throughout the store.

There is an abundance of furniture waiting to be purchased.

The building once housed a dusty, old antique store where I never seemed to locate much of anything interesting, but I was willing to take another chance at finding something to be used in my crafting. Lo and behold, when I opened the front door, I was greeted with the charming atmosphere of a shop straight out of the late 19th century.

Do you see that old black typewriter behind the screen? I am coveting it! I took Mr. Sullivan on a shopping trip with me last week and he offered to buy it for me right then and there. I told him to surprise me with it on a special occasion. Don't know why I said that- it is a long drive from home just to go shopping for one item. He may never want to go on his own. He's kinda attached at the hip when it comes to junking and antique shopping. May have to
re-think this and plan another trip....

The store has a balcony area just like the shops of old always did. I almost half expected to see the ghosts of an old timey bookkeeper and an owner sitting at their desks, overlooking the customers.

This was certainly not the ratty old antique store I remembered being here in the past. When I asked Amy, the owner, how long she had owned this new shop, she said two years! I realized that I hadn't been shopping in the right places for a long time. I had made the 40-plus mile trip from where I live in Washington Township to Tipp City last Christmas, but I only made it into the historic hotel shops. I sure missed the boat on that shopping foray!

There are a lot of vintage clothing items for sale.

I will be posting pictures of my purchases tomorrow. I think I got some really cool things for a reasonable amount of money. If you live in the southwest Ohio area, by all means plan a field trip to this store. Amy is a sweetheart and is a pleasure to shop with.

The town of Tipp City has a little slogan that certainly applies when planning a trip to Feather Your Nest.

It goes like this.....

"It's worth the trip to Tipp."

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Country Romantic said...

Oh looks like a wonderful shop you visited....what fun. Wish I could have gone with ya. :) It's a good thing you gave it one more try. ;)

You took some wonderful photos. Good job!! Hope to hear from ya again real soon.

Hugs & Blessings,


Melissa Miller said...

Hello again Sue, :)

Well my goodness what a coincidence! I left you a recent comment telling you my husband was from Dayton but where I really meant was Tipp City. I just didn't say "Tipp" because I figured it was too small to even mention it. Too funny!

I'm not familiar with this shop but I will certainly show my husband this post. It looks like they have some very beautiful items.

Are you in Tipp?
I wonder if you know my in-laws?
They have just recently moved to Florida but lived in Ohio since childhood.

I am really enjoying your kind visits to my blog.
I sure do appreciate it very much.

Please know you are welcome anytime and to follow me. I really do use that feature frequently to keep up with new postings.
It's so convenient.

Have a wonderful day.
~Warmly, Melissa :)

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Good Morning Sue!

Great post! That shop sounds awesome and looks the part! I love places like that, something wonderful around every corner. Oh how I wish I had my parents old black typewriter! I had to learn to type on it!! Yikes, how did I do that? You had to use a lot of finger power to push those keys down. And have you seen the jewelry made from type writer keys? Adorable!

There's an antique mall in Lancaster also! We can make a day of it!!

Hugs, Sherry

Feather Your Nest said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments about the "Nest". I really appreciate the kind words and enjoy seeing what you have done with your 'finds'. I love what you did with the ironing board. Why didn't I think of that? LOL
Anyway, You are a real sweetheart and I appreciate your compliments and your business.
Amy (owner Feather Your Nest)